Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romney Campaign Confident Enough to Begin Leaving North Carolina

North Carolina seems to be a sealed deal, at least the Romney campaign is acting that way.

They've announced that they have begun pulling out campaign staffers from the state, due to their growing lead in the polls.

It is unclear just how much of the staff will be sent elsewhere, but the moves have begun.

According to a spokesman, the "victory centers will remain open", so not all staff will be leaving.

The Obama campaign says that they still consider the state up for grabs.

Young Voter Enthusiasm for Romney High While Young Support for Obama Declines

Young US voters back President Obama by a slimmer margin than they did in the presidential election of 2008. At the same time, a surge in enthusiasm can be seen among young voters who support Republican challenger Mitt Romney. This is according to a poll conducted by the Institute of Politics at President Obama’s alma mater, Harvard University.

Among likely voters under the age of thirty, Obama leads Romney fifty-five percent to thirty-six percent. But, in the 2008 presidential election, young voters favored Obama over McCain fixty-eight percent to thirty-three percent.

In 2008, Obama surpassed his opponent in obtaining the youth vote by thirty-four percentage points.  

Currently, Obama leads Romney, among the young, by only twenty-five percentage points. The youth vote, in the 2008 election, was key to the president’s win.

Romney has the advantage when it comes to young voter enthusiasm. The Harvard poll demonstrates that enthusiam among these newest members of the electorate is higher for Romney than for Obama. Sixty-five percent of Romney’s young supporters said they will “definitely” vote in the November 6 election, compared with fifty-five percent of Obama’s supporters who said they would “definitely” show at the polls.

The poll encompassed voters ranging in age from eighteen to twenty-four and revealed that enthusiam overall is declining, within a group that has historically had a lower level of enthusiasm than the general electorate. “As enthusiasm for voting continues to slip among America’s eighteen to twenty-nine year olds, the IOP’s latest poll shows a clear sentiment by young adults that Washington is broken,” Trey Grayson, director of the Institute of Politics, explained in a statement.

Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate, however, had an adverse effect on the Republican ticket. According to the survey, nine percent of the young respondents said that Ryan’s addition to the ticket made them “much more likely” to vote for Romney, but forty percent said adding Ryan made them “much less likely” to lend their support to Romney.

Harvard’s poll was conducted by surveying 2,123 U.S. citizens between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine, was carried out between September 19 and October 3 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.1 percentage points.

North Dakota Town Wiped Off the Map

A small town in North Dakota was all but wiped off the map, Wednedsay.

Winds as high as sixty miles per hour sent a wildfire right through Bucyrus, burning down almost every building in town.

The raging winds drove the fire for nearly ten miles, mostly through farmland.

Luckily the people of the town were able to evacuate in time, so no one was killed or injured.

Residents of the surrounding area were able to put out the fire, using their personally owned water trucks to rush ahead of the blaze and spray it down.

The nearby town of Hettinger has opened up a shelter for the residents of Bucyrus.

Remodeling Begins on Aurora Theater

Remodeling work began on the Century 16 Theaters, in Aurora, Colorado, on Thursday.

The first step was the taking down the sixteen sign from on top of the building.

It is scheduled to open in early 2013, as a Cinemark XD theater.

Plans are for the theater to be turned into an "extreme digital" experience, with ceiling to floor screens.

Costs for the remodel will be near one million dollars.

The theater was the location of a mass shooting, in July, that saw thirteen killed.

There has been no word on whether there will be any kind of memorial at the site.

Colorado Keeping an Eye on 3 Fires

Efforts continue to put out two fires burning in Southwest Colorado. Sixty homes are being evacuated, between the two fires, that are both burning north of Durango.

The Vallecito fire is around two hundred fifty acres, and in inaccessible terrain, for ground based firefighters. High winds have kept air crews from having much luck either. It has forced the evacuation of twenty homes at the Vallecito Reservoir.

Near Mancos, the Little East Fire is threatening forty homes, as it grows to over a hundred acres. Firefighters are hoping winds die down, in both areas, to allow air power to attack the blazes.

Meanwhile, in Rocky Mountain National Park the Fern Lake Fire continues to burn. Now over six hundred acres, firefighters are keeping an eye on it, but for now letting it have it's way. A fire line has been placed, just in case it moves in a direction they don't like. The decision to let it burn was made due to the terrain which is too dangerous for firefighters to enter.

Newsweek Going Out of Print

Newsweek, which has been in print since 1933, announced on Wednesday, that it will be going fully digital.

The move will take place by the end of 2012.

Employees of the magazine were warned that there will be layoffs coming.

Plans are for the all digital version to be called Newsweek Global and a subscription will be required.

The company plans to save at least forty-two million dollars a year with the move.

Man Arrested For Attempted Terrorist Act

Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, twenty-one, was arrested by the FBI, Wednesday morning.

He is charged with plotting to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank, in New York City.

Nafis reportedly came to the US, from Bangladesh with the sole purpose of conducting terrorist organizations.

The FBI took notice of him when they received word that he was trying to recruit people to become part of terrorist cells.

He had a list of other targets that he wished to hit, including the New York Stock Exchange.

An undercover FBI agent pretended to be a member of Al Qaeda, and supplied Nafis with what he thought was one thousand pounds of explosives.

The agent allowed Nafis to build the bomb, plant it, and attempt several detonations before revealing himself and arresting the attempted terrorist.

Man Arrested After Gas Bomb Attempt in Virginia

Around noon EDT, a man threw a forty ounce bottle, with a fuse attached, into the crowded food court of the Ballston Common mall, in Arlington, Virginia.

Luckily, the bottle shattered without igniting, and caused no injuries.

Three more similar bombs were discovered on the upper level, after the incident.

Investigators say they were all filled with gasoline.

Police arrested a man a few hours later, and are preparing charges against him.

Tunisian Journalists on Strike

Journalists across Tunisia went on strike Wednesday, and have continued it through Thursday.

Headlines still streamed across TV and the radio, but no articles of further information was attached.

At least twelve hundred journalists have been protesting government attempts to further control the media.

The revolt, in the country, earlier this year, brought about an end to the government and it's state media.

Now the new government is accused of trying to regain it's hold on what is presented.

Denver Police Arrest 3 For Murder and Arson at Fero's

Denver police arrested three men, on Thursday, on charges of murder, robbery, and arson.

The three men are accused of robbing Fero's Bar and Grill, murdering five people, and then setting the place on fire afterwards, on Wednesday.

Police believe that the only motive was robbery, are not yet sure why it turned to murder, but remain convinced the arson was an attempt to cover up the murders.

It is believed that everyone, who was present at the bar at that time, was among the victims.

Two of the three suspects have previous histories, whilst the third is one of the other men's brother.

Twitter Bans German Group's Tweets

In cooperation with the police and government of Hanover, Germany, Twitter has blocked tweets from a specific group of people.

However, the tweets are still visible to the rest of the world.

They did this under their new Country Withheld Content feature, which allows for the removal of tweets that would be illegal, in that country.

In this situation the tweets were from a neonazi group that Germany banned from existing, on September 25.

Germany is thankful for Twitter's cooperation, in the matter.

Twitter feels that as the tweets are not blocked in the whole world, they have not infringed upon the freedom of speech or information.

It is the first time that Twitter has officially agreed to block or ban someone, though accusations have been leveled of them doing so before.

Greek Protesters Clash With Police

Around forty thousand protesters marched in Athens, on Thursday, barricading part of parliament square.

Their goal was to protest austerity measures, which are being brought down in hopes of reducing the national debt and restoring the economy.

Led by Communist parties and labor unions, the marchers clashed with heavily outnumbered police, and threw stones, bottles, and gas bombs at them.

Police responded with volleys of tear gas, in an effort to regain control and disperse the mob, before it became a full blown riot.

Three people were reported injured, due to the violence, and a sixty-five year old man died from a heart attack, whilst taking part in the protests.

Ski Season Has Begun

Ski season began on Wednesday, as Arapahoe Basin became the first to open it's slopes.

So far only the one run is open yet, for experience skiers, and none for beginners.

Arapahoe Basin is crediting their snow making teams for ensuring that there would be enough snow for an early opening.

The rest of Colorado's ski slopes plan on opening sometime over the next month.

4 Arrested For Tweets Defaming King of Bahrain

Four men in Bahrain have been arrested for posting Tweets that police say defamed King Hamad.

Security forces also confiscated all of their computers and electronic equipment.

Any form of insult towards the king or any of the royal family, Al Khalifa, is considered illegal, in the country.

Previous perceived insults or derogatory remarks towards the rulers have been met with jail sentences of as much as three months.

Human rights and freedom of speech activists, from around the world, have decried the arrests, as they have done for the previous ones.

New York Joins Meningitis Death List

New York became the sixteenth state to see a death from meningitis, on Thursday.

The national total rose to twenty dead and 254 hospitalized, with an additional three in hospitals due to related joint infections.

All of the meningitis cases came from contaminated anti inflammation shots that were put into the spine, the joint infections came from the same shots that were injected elsewhere.

Seventy-six locations, in twenty-three states, were sent the shots, which were given to as many as fourteen thousand people.

New England Compounding Center made the shots, and has complied completely with government officials who are conducting the investigation.

Investigators are worried that at least two other drugs, made by NECC, may have also been contaminated.

Woman Beheaded For Refusing to Become Prostitute

A woman in Afghanistan was killed for refusing to become a prostitute.

Twenty year old Mah Gul had refused orders, from her mother in law, to prostitute herself repeatedly over the last few months.

After the latest refusal Mah Gul's mother in law hired a man to behead her.

Najibullah took the job, but says he did so after being told that the young woman had been prostituting herself.

He, the mother in law, father in law, and husband have been arrested by the police.

The mother in law has confessed to having Najibullah kill her daughter in law.

It is unclear why the father in law or husband were arrested.