Monday, October 15, 2012

Cameron and Salmond Agree on Referendum Terms

Salmond, left, Cameron, right
British Prime Minister David Cameron and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond spent Monday in heavy discussion

By the end, the two came to an agreement on terms for the Scottish independence referendum.

Under the agreement, Scotland will hold a simple yes or no vote, in 2014.

Scots from sixteen on up will be allowed to vote when the time comes.

Scotland has been part of the United Kingdom for three hundred and five years.

Ft. Collins Police Seeking Help Identifying Body

Police in Fort Collins, Colorado are asking the public's help identifying a body that was found Sunday.

It was found in the Cottonwood Hollow Natural Area, by the bank of a pond.

Estimates place it there for a couple of weeks, due to the decomposition level.

He appears to have been white, about five foot seven, between fifty to seventy years old.

The only identifying marks were two tattoos: an animal with fangs and flames on his left shoulder and an unidentifiable design on his right shoulder.

Anyone with information should call Sgt. Paul Wood at 970-224-6132.

Elderly Couple Missing From Loveland

Police in Loveland, Colorado have issued a missing senior citizen alert, as of Monday aftenoon.

Stanley Jones, eighty-four, suffers from dementia and his wife Carolyn, seventy-four, has Alzheimer's.

The couple was last seen at 4:35am MDT, and it is thought they might be heading for Estes Park.

With both of them suffering from memory loss, authorities are extremely worried.

They may or may not be driving a 2009 dark blue Honda with Colorado plates: 001TSB.

Stanley Jones is five foot eight, one hundred and seventy pounds with gray hair and brown eyes.

Carolyn Jones is five foot seven, one hundred and fifty pounds with gray hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Loveland Police Department at 970-667-2151.

Boko Haram Brings New Offensive in Nigeria

Reports out of Maiduguri, Nigeria have at least fifteen explosions going off today.

One of them was at the post office, at least ten people died there alone.

Another explosion hit a grade school, scorching the building, but there was no word of injuries there.

At a busy intersection, a gun wielding man walked up to a traffic officer and shot him.

The violence has caused the military to block streets and install checkpoints.

Boko Haram, an Islamist group that wishes to see the entire country under Shariah law, has claimed responsibility for the attacks, as part of a new offensive.

 Nigerian police are bragging that in Minna they were able to stop and defuse an IED attack.

Florida Eye Identified

A giant eye, which was found on a Florida beach, last Wednesday, has been identified.

Researchers at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were able to confirm that it belonged to a swordfish.

The news has disappointed many, who hoped that it belonged to some new species.

What is unclear is why the eye had been removed from the rest of the body.

Pennsylvania Becomes Fifteenth State With Meningitis

Pennsylvania became the fifteenth state with a confirmed case of meningitis, on Monday.

The number of cases is now 214, with the death toll staying at fifteen.

Massachusetts based New England Compounding Center produced the tainted anti inflammation steroid vials.

Once the outbreak was known of NECC quickly turned in their operation licenses, recalled all of their other products, and assisted investigators in every way possible.

The CDC has now announced that two other drugs made by NECC may have been contaminated with meningitis, as well.

That means that well more than the fourteen thousand, who took the steroid injections, could be at risk of meningitis.

Malala Yousufzai Transferred to England

Malala Yousufzai was flown from Pakistan to the United Kingdom, on Monday, she will finish her treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England. QEH has treated every single British military casualty since 2001, and so is uniquely qualified to treat the activist.

The fourteen year old was shot in the head and neck during an assassination attempt, by the Taliban, last Tuesday. She was targeted because she had been a heavily vocal opponent of the Taliban's attempts to block girls from going to school.

It was decided to move her, due to the better care possible in England, and the move was made as soon as they felt she was stable enough to survive it. According to the hospital she is under going MRIs, CT scans, and other tests as seventeen different specialists prepare to for reconstruction of her skull.

For the Taliban, the attack was one of the single most unpopular things they've ever done, and national reaction to them in Pakistan has been highly unfavorable, with most of the country now turning on them.

Blue to Gold: NAVY Cmdr. Joel Del Mundo Tiu

NAVY Cmdr. Joel Del Mundo Tiu, forty-nine, of Manila, Philippines died October 12 in Manama, Bahrain.

Cmdr. Joel del Mundo Tiu died October 12 as a result of non-combat related injuries while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, the Defense Department announced Sunday.

The forty-eight year old, who served in the Navy Supply Corps, had been assigned to Naval Forces Central Command in Manama, Bahrain, since January 2011. The native of Manila, Philippines, enlisted in 1984 and rose to the rank of chief before he was commissioned as an officer in 1995.

Tiu had previously served aboard six ships, including the frigate Crommelin, amphibious assault ship Essex and destroyer tender Acadia, according to Navy personnel records. Before reporting to Bahrain, he was assigned to Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center Forward in Norfolk, Virginia. He also served in Saudi Arabia, Germany and Guam during his twenty-eight year career.