Friday, October 12, 2012

Police Confirm That Body is Jessica Ridgeway's

Friday afternoon police, in Westminster, Colorado, announced that the body found Wednesday, was that of missing ten year old Jessica Ridgeway.

It took DNA testing to confirm that the dismembered body, found in Arvada, was that of the girl, who never made it to school, last Friday.

Police are focusing all possible resources on finding her killer.

The FBI is warning people to keep a close eye on their children, as it is very possible that the killer could strike again, in the same area.

At this point authorities have not revealed any descriptive information for a suspect, and as no one witnessed anything, none is likely forthcoming.

Hopes are focused that tests of her back pack, which was found a few miles north of her house, will turn up some clue to an identity of her murderer.

Up to 184 Cases of Meningitis

Meningitis cases have gone up to one hundred and eighty-four, as of Friday morning.

Fourteen people have died, in the eleven states stricken with the disease.

As many as fourteen thousand people, in twenty-three states, could have been infected.

The fungal disease was spread in spinal anti inflammation shots, made by New England Compounding Center.

Once the outbreak was known of NECC quickly turned in their operation licenses, recalled all of their other products, and assisted investigators in every way possible.

In Minnesota, a woman, who received the injections, is now suing the company for possibly exposing her to the deadly virus.

Her suit will likely be joined by others, who were affected.

Did The Feds Try and Alter Unemployment Numbers?

Glee from Democrats was the reaction when this week's jobless claims were dramatically lower, than expected. According to the report they actually dropped thirty thousand, which would signify a noticeable improvement. But no one could find where the hiring had occured.

Some economists came under fire when they suggested that the numbers have been fixed, and were not actually factual. Both Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal suggested that maybe a state had been left out, as the numbers just felt wrong. And in fact they were right, California had been left out of the numbers.

Now accusations are flying that the federal government purposefully left out the state, as Obama needed to gain some popularity back, after his failure at the Presidential debate. Obama supporters are torn between saying it must have been an accident or that Canada failed to get their numbers in, on time.

Whilst an accident seems very possible, it should have been pretty obvious that something was missing. The drop was a significant percentage. This government has tried to cover up it's failures in Fast and Furious and in Libya, it would not be beneath them to try and mess with employment numbers, either.

Germany Protects the Right to Circumcise Boys

On Wednesday, Germany's cabinet approved a law which protects the right of parents to have their baby boys circumcised.

In June, a Cologne district court judge had ruled that circumcision was child abuse.

The judge made the decision to list it as "bodily harm" after one incident of medical complications, after a circumcision.

After the decision, the German Medical Association ordered all German doctors to stop performing circumcisions.

That move was attacked by a united front of Jews and Muslims, to whom doing so is part of their religious beliefs.

Chancellor Angela Merkel defended circumcision as part of religious freedom, in July.

With the new law, male circumcision is now a protected right, under the constitution.

Astronomers Find a Planet of Diamond

55 Cancri e orbits a star, which is visible to the naked eye, but is too close to it's sun, to support human life.

However, recent discoveries made by astronomers may make it one of humanity's first destinations.

What makes it exciting is that a third of it's mass appears to be made up of diamond.

Yes, a third of an entire planet that's made out of a material considered to be one of the most valuable, to humans.

The planet is about twice the size of earth, and a whole year, for it, lasts about eighteen of our hours.

How soon will we be there? Well it's about forty light years away, or two hundred thirty trillion miles distant.

Remembering: The USS Cole

On October 12, 2000 a small boat approached the USS Cole, which was refueling at Aden, Yemen.

The boat was loaded with explosives and driven by two suicidal terrorists.

Upon reaching the Cole, the men blew up their boat, causing a forty by forty hole in the side of the ship.

The blast killed seventeen sailors and wounded another thirty-eight as it flooded parts of the ship. Eventually the crew was able to save the ship.

It then joined the rest of the US Persian Gulf fleet in leaving harbors, due to fears of more attacks.

Later, six people, with links to Al Qaeda, would be arrested in Yemen, for helping plan the attack.

Pakistan Arrests Suspects in Yousufzai Assassination Attempt

Pakistan has announced that they've made several arrests in the attempted assassination of Malala Yousufzai.

The fourteen year old activist was shot in the head and neck by Taliban members, who had been sent to kill her for speaking out for women's rights, especially education.

One of the bullets entered her head and went into her neck toward her spine, but doctor's say it's too soon to tell the extent of trauma.

Yousufzai is being treated at a military hospital in Rawalpindi, the other two other girls, who were injured in the shooting, are both recovering at the local hospital in Mingora.

For months the Taliban had apparently warned the family to quiet their daughter, but they ignored the warnings.

Giant Eye Found on Florida Beach

A man walking Pompano Beach, in Florida, found an unusual sight, Wednesday.

The man found an eyeball, big enough to fit in both his hands, with nothing else attached.

At this point no one is sure where or what the eye could have come from.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is looking over the eye, but says any identification could take awhile.

23 Killed by US Drone Strikes

A US drone launched four missiles at a building in Buland Khel, on Thursday.

Inside were at least eighteen Afghan terrorists, furthering their training.

On Wednesday, five people were killed by another drone strike, in Miranshah.

Pakistan's Foreign Affairs Ministry condemned the strikes, calling them illegal, and lodging protests to the US government against them.

The US shows no sign of even considering halting their use of drones against terrorist targets.

Russia Says Turkey is Lying About Syrian Plane

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said that a Syrian plane that was accosted by Turkey was carrying "electric equipment for radars".

Turkish jets forced the plane, which had been traveling from Moscow on it's way to Syria, to land in Ankara, Wednesday, and kept it for eight hours as they inspected it.

On Thursday, Turkey made their statement, releasing the information of what they found.

Now Russia says, via Lavrov, that it was not carrying any weapons or ammunition, which is what Turkey stated was found on board.

This brings just one more level of heightened tensions surrounding the Syrian civil war, with Russia basically calling Turkey liars.

Violence Erupts in Tahrir Square

Supporters and opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi clashed Friday, in Tahrir Square.

Conflict started when members of the Muslim Brotherhood tore down a stage being used, by Morsi opponents, to lead anti Morsi slogans.

At least forty-one people were injured when the two groups then started throwing stones and sticks at each other.

Witnesses say that fighting is more intense on side streets, even going to the point of hand to hand combat, and more people are flooding into the area.

Tahrir Square was a focal point for protests against former President Mubarak, and has continued to be the scene of protests ever since.

Panetta Brags About US Cyber Counter Terrorism

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta bragged, on Thursday, that the US is now not only able to track any possible cyber threat, but that they could preempt them too.

SecDef made it clear that the US takes such a threat very seriously and put a lot of resources into ensuring that it will not be made a victim.

"Potential aggressors should be aware that the United States has the capacity to locate them and to hold them accountable for actions that may try to harm America. For these kinds of scenarios, the department has developed the capability to conduct effective operations to counter threats to our national interests in cyberspace."

Panetta was unclear on how the US would respond, whether it would be an attack using an equal level of force, or if they would simply throw missiles at any threat.

The Secretary is haranguing Congress to enact legislation that would allow the government to protect private networks as well.

 Many see such a move as invasive, as it would give the government access to everyone's information.

Denver International Airport's Trains Down

Denver International Airport's trains have gone down to a computer problem.

All trains, between the concourses, are currently on manual, leaving the airport transporting people by bus instead.

The lack of trains has also forced security down to only the one checkpoint, in Concourse A.
Friday morning's issues have combined to delay thousands of people, from getting to their planes on time.

Airport officials are unsure when they'll be back up, but every resource is going into it.

For now, travelers should give themselves extra time, to deal with the delays.

Syrian Rebels Work to Cut Off Aleppo

Syrian rebels have capture an air base east of Aleppo and are fighting near Maarat al-Nuaman to take the main highway from Damascus to Aleppo.

If they're successful in capturing the highway, they will have Aleppo all but cut off from the rest of the country.

Fighting continues all over the country, but the rebels seem to be becoming more organized, working together for joint goals.

Thursday's death toll came to a reported two hundred and sixty, including ninety-two government troops.

More than thirty thousand people have been killed, so far, in the civil war.

Turkey scrambled fighter jets along the border after a Syrian helicopter fired into the Syrian side of a border town.

Fern Lake Fire Nearing 700 Acres

The Fern Lake Fire, located near Estes Park, Colorado, which started Tuesday, is nearing seven hundred acres.

Difficult terrain has kept ground crews from getting near most of it, and gusty winds have often kept air crews grounded.

When winds allowed, two heavy helicopters were able to drop water, on Thursday.

Friday is expected to see a chance of rain, which could greatly aid the efforts.

No structures are threatened by the fire, but several roads, trails, and the Moraine Park Campground have been closed due to it's proximity.

Castle Rock Home Destroyed in Gas Explosion

A natural gas leak caused a Castle Rock, Colorado home to explode, Friday morning.

The Castle Rock Fire Department is reporting that five people, four of them children, were injured by the blast, which occurred just after 7am.

No word yet on the severity of the injuries, but all five were transported to the hospital.

Both neighboring houses were damaged, but no one was injured in either of them.

Democracy Protests Clash With Bahrani Police

Police and protesters clashed in Manama, Bahrain, on Friday.

Thousands of people calling for democratic reform marched through the streets, eventually being blocked by riot police.

Some members of the protest threw rocks, fire, and gas bombs at the police.

 Faced with the violence, police fired tear gas into the marchers and made dozens of arrests.

There have been no reports of injuries, but crowds are still holding outside of the range of police.

Missing Texas Plane Found

Laramie Peak
Late Thursday afternoon scattered remnants were found of a missing plane.

There were no survivors in the crash, which was discovered on the south face of Laramie Peak, in Wyoming.

Four people had been aboard the single engine plane, flying out of Texas on business.

Ground teams will be moving in to gather the debris, Friday.