Thursday, October 11, 2012

Latest on the Arvada Body

Police released some information this evening, about the body found in Arvada, Colorado.

It seems fairly clear that the FBI has taken over the investigation, as well as the search for missing ten year old Jessica Ridgeway.

The body that was found had been dismembered, with pieces scattered around an area near abandoned coal mines.

They expect to have DNA identification, of the body, sometime Friday.

That they are waiting for DNA identification also tells us that there was no distinguishing marks, such as facial features, fingerprints, or teeth left to allow for a regular identification.

Whoever the body belongs to, they were killed by someone who went out of their way to try and keep identity from being discovered.

We also can surmise that, since they have not ruled out Ridgeway as the victim, the body was killed since she went missing and is about the right size to be her.

The Ridgeway family is hoping that it will turn out not to be their daughter, and that she will yet turn up safe.

People, in general, must wish that this didn't happen to anyone at all, for this was truly a monstrous act.

Idaho Makes 11 States With Meningitis

Idaho recorded their first case of meningitis, making it eleven states that are dealing with the disease.

They join Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia.

People in twelve other states were given the shots that contained the fungal disease, but no cases have been reported in them.

So far fourteen people have died out of the one hundred and seventy confirmed cases.

As many as fourteen thousand people could have been infected, and authorities say they have reached more than twelve thousand of those.

Blue to Gold: NAVY Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Milton W. Brown

NAVY Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Milton W. Brown, twenty-eight, of Dallas, Texas, died August 4, in Rota, Spain.

Navy Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Milton W. Brown, 28, died August 4th in Rota, Spain, according to the Department of Defense.

Navy spokesman Lt. Aaron Kakiel told the Fresno Bee Brown became ill while serving on the USS Abraham Lincoln on July 27. Brown was then airlifted by helicopter to a Navy hospital in Rota.

According to the Bee:
The Navy said news of the sailor's death was delayed while it verified Brown was serving in support of the war in Afghanistan when he became ill.
Brown was assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 137, in Lemoore, California. He was a native of Dallas, Texas.

Blue to Gold: ARMY Staff Sgt Justin C Marquez

ARMY Staff Sgt Justin C Marquez, twenty-five, of Aberdeen, North Carolina, died October 6 in Wardak Province, Afghanistan.
The Department of Defense says twenty-five year old Staff Sgt. Justin C. Marquez, of Aberdeen, was killed Saturday. He was on his first deployment.

Marquez was assigned to the 1st Special Forces Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg.

Friends and families said Marquez enjoyed skate boarding as a teenager before graduating from Pinecrest High School in Southern Pines and enlisting in the military. He shared his home with his parents and twin brother.

He and twnety-seven year old Warrant Officer Joseph L. Schiro of Coral Springs, Florida, were on patrol, in an area in Afghanistan's Wardak Province when the fatal shots were fired.

Reached by phone, Marquez's father praised his son. "He built his body up, built his mind up. He was clean and pure. He was a born warrior," said Dr. Mark Marquez. "He had that drive, determination, capacity to stick to something. He was tough, but had a real kind soul."

Marquez's parents are in Delaware to claim their son's body.

Blue to Gold: ARMY Warrant Officer Joseph L Schiro

ARMY Warrant Officer Joseph L Schiro, twenty-seven, of Coral Springs, Florida, died October 6 in Chak district, Wardak Province, Afghanistan.

When Army Warrant Officer Joseph L. Schiro, a married father of three, was at home he devoted himself to orchestrating family celebrations. No task was too little: He even hand drew little princess crowns for his daughter's birthday party.

In his military life, the twenty-seven year old South Florida native was a highly decorated soldier who was part of Special Forces, also known as Green Berets.

Schiro was on his fifth combat deployment Saturday, when he was one of two soldiers killed while on patrol in the Chak district of Wardak Province in Afghanistan, according to the US Department of Defense. Schiro and Staff Sgt. Justin C. Marquez, twenty-five, of Aberdeen, North Carolina, died from wounds received from small-arms fire.

"He loved his country. He used to tell us that he had the best job in the world," Schiro's aunt, Patricia Schiro, fifty-nine, of Pompano Beach. "He really was amazing."

Patricia Schiro's boyfriend, Nick Dazzeo, said, "His goal was to make America a better place to live for everyone. He definitely brought out the best in everyone. That's what made him a stellar person."

Joseph Schiro was assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and was deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Of the five deployments he served, it was his fourth to Afghanistan.

In North Carolina, Schiro lived with his wife of six years, Diana, and their three children, Joseph "J.T." Taylor, three, Caroline Grace, two, and their infant son, Nathaniel Lee, according to Patricia Schiro.

Joseph Schiro had a knack for planning family events, and it led to memorable moments, his aunt said that, "He was a very organized planner, always having everything in order".

Before Schiro deployed about a month ago, he and his family celebrated his daughter's birthday ahead of time. Instead of the classic "pin the tail on the donkey" children's party game, Schiro hand drew "all the little crowns to pin the crown on the princess," his aunt said.

In mid August, he organized his grandparents' sixtieth anniversary party at a Boca Raton Italian restaurant, she said. "He really believed in celebrating marriage," she said.

Born and raised in Broward County, Schiro enjoyed doing community work, she said. A 2002 Sun Sentinel article featured Schiro as one of many students from J.P. Taravella High in Coral Springs who participated in a coastal cleanup project.  He graduated from Taravella High and attended the University of Central Florida before enlisting in the Army in 2004, she said.

He met his wife that same year when they shared a flight from North Carolina to South Florida. He was returning from Fort Bragg to visit his parents; she was traveling from Duke University to visit her family in Wellington, Patricia Schiro said.

From The Mouth of Matuszak: Bus Driver Guilty Of Indoctrination

Mark Belling and Freedom Eden reported on a Bus Driver in the town of New Berlin, Wisconsin who made a rather distasteful political comment to one of her twelve year old passengers.

The child, who attends a parochial Catholic school, must ride a bus provided by the same company that services the local public school system. The driver, a seventy-eight year old woman with heavy socialist ideologies, started making political-based statements towards the young student because the driver noticed the student's parents placed a "Romney/Ryan 2012" sign on their private property.

When the child was asked how his parent's could support people such as Romney and Ryan, the boy stated that his parents oppose Obama because Obama and his cronies are proabortion. The seventy-eight yearold woman then berated the young lad with heated political speech that culminated with a comment to the effect of "your parents should have aborted you". Of course this was because the young Catholic boy hold the same values as his parents. Most likely, the bus driver couldn't contend with debating a twelve year old, especially if topics relating to economics had come up.

This is but another case of union thugs attempting to indoctrinate our youth. When the kids, just like the adults, demonstrate facts, knowledge, and a love of individual natural rights, then the union thugs have no basis to debate. They resort to their famous "new tone" of hate speech. The facts prove them wrong. However "everybody knows" that they "must be correct", right? (Wrong). So they resort to bullying. In this case, they bullied the wrong twelve year old boy.

His parents filed complaints with the Chicago based company. First, the company stated they would restrict the twenty year veteran driver to public school students' routes. Somehow, the company believed that indoctrinating government school inmates was tolerable. Eventually, however, the driver received her termination paperwork and was fired.

In other cases of indoctrination attempts this past year, we have seen teachers, such as the dude from JFK High School in San Antonio, Texas who falsely told his students what National Socialism believes when he accused the local TEA Party of ascribing to that ideology.

And this teacher refusing to answer a student's question about the differences between Romney and Obama because the answer would make Obama look bad. Instead she took to berating and insulting the student, who caught it on video.

We have seen school nurses prove they execute their duties based upon political ideology and policy rather than doing their actual jobs.

The head of some national collectivist group of public school principals and administrators was caught on video making statements that she thought parents are "too stupid" to teach their own kids or to have the right to make decisions regarding their own children.

We have had school administration bureaucrats ("lunch ladies") confiscate healthy lunches brought from home to replace them with less-nutritious and substandard processed garbage from the school lunch program, at the parents' expense.

The government-stooge, union-thug, socialist demagogue, indoctrination machine we call the "public school system" will do anything to program your kids. They want them to grow up to be slaves to government programs who kneel to tyrants. They do not want them to be educated in the founding principles of our great republic. They do not want them equipped to think for themselves and prosper as individuals.

The sad thing is that they do so because they believe themselves better. They believe that they are elite and entitled. Each student is another minion, another slave, more power, and more tax dollars in their pockets with which to feed the unions and buy their next chosen despot's office. 

Copyright 2012 by P-G Matuszak. This article produced exclusively for TORARADICALcom .

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Russia Further Delays Indian Carrier

Russia has announced further delays in the aircraft carrier they are refitting for India.

The Vikramaditya was supposed to have been delivered earlier this year, but now they do not expect to make delivery til nearly the end of 2013.

India has been hoping to add it to their fleet in order to balance against growing Chinese naval power.

They still are heavily dependent upon former Soviet weapons, but now only sixty percent of their supplies come from Russia.

These delays have convinced them to further drop their dependency on Russia, and by the time they finally get the carrier they'll very likely be buying most of their weapons from the rest of the world.

India has yet to build their own carrier, their only ones in the past have been bought from Britain, but one has been decommissioned and the is quickly nearing it's own time.

China has increased pressure on much of the Asian Pacific rim, demanding it's claims to various islands be recognized, and by declaring it's first carrier to be operational.

South African Striking Miners Resort to Violence Again

Police in South Africa were forced to fire on striking miners, Thursday.

They used tear gas and rubber bullets to stop the strikers from attacking miners who were still trying to work.

At least one worker was killed, after strikers set him on fire.

Others were injured in the violence, with several being hospitalized.

Vehicles and buildings were also set on fire, by the strikers who were attempting to shut down the Amplats' Bathopele mine.

Since August mining strikes have gripped and shut down much of South Africa.

Some miners have agreed to terms, ending their strikes, but most other mines have not yet been able to negotiate successfully.

Garage Collapse Claims Third Victim

Emergency crews in Doral, Florida have announced the death of a third person from the parking garage collapse that happened there Wednesday.

The man had been trapped for over thirteen hours before emergency workers were able to free him.

Sadly, he then later died at the hospital due to his injuries.

Officials say they expect to find another body, in the rubble.

Nine workers were injured when the garage, which was under construction collapsed.

Investigators have already begun looking into the cause of the collapse, but their abilities have so far been limited, due to the instability of the site.

Search Continues For Missing Plane

The search continues in Wyoming for a missing plane, and the four people it was carrying.

Flying out of Texas, the plane was due to land at Casper/Natrona County International Airport, Tuesday evening, but never arrived.

Wyoming Civil Air Patrol planes are leading the search, focusing on the Laramie Mountains between Casper and Cheyenne.

Neither ground or air searches revealed anything Wednesday, but searchers are hopeful Thursday will prove more fruitful.

Malala Yousufzai Moved to Military Hospital

After surviving an assassination attempt, by the Taliban, on Tuesday, Malala Yousufzai, fourteen, was moved to a military hospital, on Thursday.

Officials felt the move was necessary in order to ensure her protection, from any other possible attempts.

She is listed as back in critical condition, but doctors were able to remove a bullet from her, on Wednesday.

Her attackers have been identified and the government has put a ten million rupee reward for their capture.

The other two girls, who were wounded in the attack, are still in the hospital, with one of them still in critical condition.

At the age of eleven Yousufzai began secretly blogging against the Taliban, after they took over her part of the country, and closed schools for girls.

After the military recaptured her town, she began speaking against the Taliban, in public, focusing on women's rights, especially education.

Yousufzai had become a national hero for her stance against the terrorist organization, and the attack on here has garnered a huge outcry from the public.

Police Still Quiet on Arvada Body

Police have released no new information about the body found Wednesday, in Arvada, Colorado.

Their Thursday morning conference released no new information, only stating that investigations would continue throughout the day.

Whilst searching for missing ten year old Jessica Ridgeway, police found a body about seven miles from her house.

It was found near Pattridge Park Open Space, in an area of abandoned mines.

They have released no information other than that, though they are continuing to canvass the northwest part of Denver, for Ridgeway.

It seems possible that the two are not even connected and that sheer chance led to the discovery of this body, but the lack of confirmation or denial, by the police, is leading to confusion in the public.