Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Body Found in Arvada, Colorado

In an extremely short press briefing, Westminster Police announced the discovery of a body in Arvada, Colorado.

The only other information they released was that it was found in the Partridge Park Open Space.

They gave no information to a gender or age of the body, nor the condition, other than calling it a "body".

A crime scene is active at the open space, where the body was found, as they investigate the area.

They made no comment on whether it might be connected to the disappearance of missing ten year old, Jessica Ridgeway, despite that their original announcement of the briefing used the hashtag related to that search.

Further information will be released at 6:30am MDT, by the Westminster Police Department.

One Member of Pussy Riot Freed

A Moscow judge freed one of the three members of Pussy Riot, on Wednesday.

Thirty year old Yekaterina Samutsevich was freed from jail, after new evidence showed she had not participated in the protest, that she was jailed for.

Samutsevich had apparently been thrown out of the Orthodox cathedral, where the protest took place, before it began.

Fellow band members, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, twenty-two, and Maria Alyokhina, twenty-four, will still have to serve out the rest of their two year terms.

NHTSA Warns of Counterfeit Airbags

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released information that over the last three years many counterfeit airbags have been installed.

Testing showed many failing to fully inflate or inflate at all, with one firing plastic shrapnel when triggered.

No injuries or deaths have been linked to the counterfeit bags, but criminal charges could be pressed.

Consumers are being asked to check or call their manufacturer or local dealership to find out if their car is one of the models known to have the fake bags.

No new vehicles have had the issue, only ones which had their bags replaced, over the last three years, did.

Independent auto body shops were the victims of the counterfeit airbags being placed in their supply chain, as they do not get theirs directly from auto makers.

The counterfeits were made by Guangzhou Auto Parts, out of China, who sold them for sometimes as low as half the regular price.

Panetta Confirms US Troops Are in Jordan

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta confirmed that US troops are active in Jordan, on Wednesday.

One hundred and fifty Army special operations troops are working out of a base near Amman, keeping an eye on the border with Syria.

Their primary job is to monitor Syria's chemical and biological weapons, and ensure that the US has warning of their being moved or used.

The troops have also been working with Jordanian soldiers to improve their readiness in case the Syrian war spreads, as well as helping them figure out how to deal with the large numbers of refugees that have crossed the border.

Refugees, in Syria alone, are estimated at around three hundred thousand.

It is unclear how long they have been in Jordan, Panetta only said that they've been there, "for a period of time".

Yemen Arrests American Working With Al Qaeda

Yemen announced the arrest of an American citizen, in the city of Shabwa.

The man was caught with two different US passports, as well as a German one, and is being charged with aiding Al Qaeda.

Security forces had been watching him for a few weeks, as he traveled from mosque to mosque around the country.

Before that, they say he was in Saudi Arabia spreading "religious awareness".

He has not, yet, been identified, but the US State Department says they are aware of the situation.

Fern Lake Fire Grows to 400 Acres

A fire which started, Tuesday afternoon, in Rocky Mountain National Park, was spread by winds, all day Wednesday.

The Fern Lake Fire has now reached over four hundred acres and is feeding off beetle killed trees.

Sixty-five firefighters battled the blaze, on Wednesday, with double the number expected Thursday.

Hopes are that winds will calm down, allowing for an aerial front.

No preevacuation notices have been given for Estes Park, which is only eight miles away.

Moraine Park Campground, Bear Lake Road, and Upper Beaver Meadows Road are still closed, and all trails west of Bear Lake Road and south of Trail Ridge Road have been added to the closures.

Turkey Holds Syrian Plane for 8 Hours

A Syrian plane, on it's way back from Moscow, was forced to land in Turkey, on Wednesday.

Turkey used military jets to escort it to Ankara's Esenboga Airport, where it sat for eight hours.

During it's stay, Turkish officials say that they removed "objectionable cargo" from the plane.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that, "There is illegal cargo on the plane that should have been reported".

The Turkish government had received intel that there was non civilian cargo onboard.

While the plane was still on the ground, the Turkish government announced that Turkish aircraft would not be allowed over Syrian airspace, until further notice, declaring it to be "unsafe".

Once they felt all unsafe cargo had been removed, they allowed the plane to resume it's journey.

Relations between the two countries have grown quite chilly, over the last few months, and especially over the last week, as they have exchanged shell fire.

King Abdullah Appoints New PM to Hold Elections

Abdullah Ensour
King Abdullah of Jordan appointed Abdullah Ensour to be Prime Minister, of the country, and to oversee elections for parliament, that are due within the next four months.

Last week the king disbanded the sitting parliament, as they were blocking his planned reforms, that would actually take some power away from the monarchy.

Ensour is known for not just supporting the reforms, but pushing for them.

Some of the king's proposed changes include the establishment of an independent electoral commission and constitutional court.

The reforms are also expected to end the days of prime ministers being hand picked by the king, once they're in place the prime minister would be elected out of parliament.

2 Killed, 1 Trapped, 10 Injured in Parking Garage Collapse

A five story parking garage collapsed Wednesday morning, in Doral, Florida.

Located on the Miami-Dade College West, the parking garage was under construction, when the top level fell onto the next, collapsing each section in order.

Two construction workers were killed and ten more injured in the collapse, which trapped several.

Emergency workers have spent the day getting to trapped workers, rescuing two who had been trapped, and continuing to work to free a third.

The remaining worker is apparently stuck in a vehicle, which was buried in the rubble, and rescuers are working to excavate him.

They had to give him an IV, to keep him alive, but any further details on his injuries have not yet been released.

Full rescue could take hours, or possibly even a day or two, due to the instability of the site.

At this time it is not clear what caused the collapse.

7.43 Million Toyotas Recalled Worldwide

7.43 million Toyota vehicles are being recalled, all over the world, but mostly in North America, Europe, and Japan.

The recall effects almost all models from 2005 through 2010.

Grease was not applied evenly, during production, to the power window switch, on the driver's side, causing friction in the switch and sometimes smoke.

Around two hundred and fifty cases, mostly in the US and Japan, were reported, none of them caused injuries or crashes.

Dealers will be handling the checking of cars for the correct grease, as well as making replacements if necessary.

Ridgeway Search Goes International

Westminster, Colorado police are still searching for missing ten year old Jessica Ridgeway.

She never made it to school, Friday morning, after last being seen around 8:15am MDT.

Police say that they've received tips from other states, across the country, of possible sightings.

The media picked up on one of her being seen in a car in Maine, that had Colorado plates.

That one prompted not just Maine police to being looking, but also Canadian police, along the border, to be asked to keep an eye out.

Officials are being very careful to look into each and every lead, hoping one of them will pan out.

Florida Records Meningitis Death

Florida has become the fifth state to see a death from the meningitis outbreak.

A seventy year old man, who had died in July, was confirmed as the twelfth death.

One hundred and nineteen people are currently sick, in nine states.

As many as thirteen thousand people, in twenty-three states, may have been infected by the disease.

Doctors, health officials, and emergency responders are continuing their lookout for people who may have gotten the disease, from steroid injections they received.

New England Compounding Center, which manufactured the injections, is doing everything it can to aid the government in it's investigation.

They handed over their operation licenses and voluntarily recalled all of their other products as well, last week.