Monday, October 8, 2012

BBC Discovers Saudi Weapons in Syria

BBC reporters spotted Saudi Arabian weapons crates in Syrian rebel camps.

Three crates, manufactured in Ukraine and addressed to Saudi Arabia, were found in a rebel base inside Aleppo, by BBC reporters.

They were not allowed to look into the crates, so it is not known what they contained, but the manufacturer specializes in missiles and naval weapons.

Both the manufacturer and Saudi Arabia have refused to comment on the crates.

Various other countries have been accused of sending arms to aid one side or the other, but no evidence has truly been found, til now.

Border Patrol Agent Was Killed by Friendly Fire

A border patrol agent, who was killed last Tuesday, was apparently the victim of friendly fire.

National Border Patrol Council president George McCubbin released information stating that the shooting which killed Nicholas Ivie, and injured another agent, took place between two groups of agents.

Both groups had been dispatched to check on an activated sensor, near Bisbee, Arizona. When the two groups got close, they apparently drew weapons on each other in the dark.

Accounts suggest that Ivie fired first, striking an agent in the other group. That agent and his partner then fired and killed Ivie, who was apparently alone.

The FBI and other government groups are continuing to investigate the incident, but it does seem to be a tragic case of mistaken identity.

Chavez Reelected

Hugo Chavez maintained his presidency, after Venezuela went to the voting polls on Sunday.

His narrowest margin of victory gave him only fifty-four percent of the vote.

Chavez, who has been president since 1999, will now hold the post until 2019, giving him a twenty year reign.

Accusations of corruption and his continued moves to further socialism galvanized the opposition and saw them unite behind one candidate, for the first time.

Despite his popularity, Governor Henrique Capriles only managed forty-five percent of the vote.

Capriles stated that he will continue his attempts to keep the country from going totally socialist.

8 Dead, 105 Hospitalized Due to Meningitis

Meningitis has now claimed eight lives, and put another one hundred and five people in the hospital. That marks a large jump in the number of cases, since Sunday.

As many as thirteen thousand people may have been infected by the fungal meningitis that was accidentally spread in spinal steroid injections.

So far, all the ill are in nine states, but the steroid was shipped to ninety-six facilities in twenty-three states.

New England Compounding Center, which manufactured the injections, is doing everything it can to aid the government in it's investigation. They've handed over their operation licenses and voluntarily recalled all of their other products as well.

Local police agencies have been tasked with checking in on people, who received injections, that the CDC has not been able to reach.

Littleton Police Cautioning Bicyclists

The city of Littleton, Colorado has issued an advisory to the public, through the press.

On Thursday evening, a bicyclist was injured when he rode into a strand of barbed wire that had been placed across Mary Carter Greenway Trail.

Police are seeking those responsible, with the intent of pressing criminal charges.

65 Dead in Last 2 Days in Nigerian Violence

An explosion struck a military convoy, as it was traveling through Maiduguri, Nigeria, wounding two soldiers.
Villagers say that the military just started shooting, after the explosion, leaving at least thirty-five dead.

The local hospital said at least four of the dead were in rebel uniforms.

Nigeria's government has pledged an investigation, and will issue a further statement, on Wednesday.

Sunday evening, troops engaged in a firefight with Boko Haram militants, near Damaturu.

Thirty members of the Islamist terrorist group were reported dead, with ten more arrested.

Various weapons, ammunition, and home made bombs were confiscated by the government troops.

Since the group began attacks, in 2010, they have been responsible for the deaths of over one thousand people.

Russians Protest Putin on His Birthday

Thousands of Russians marched and protested against Putin on his birthday, Sunday.

The President, then Prime Minister, now once again President celebrated his sixtieth birthday with mass celebrations in Moscow and across the country.

Many of the protesters held signs or dressed in ways showing their support of the jailed members of punk band, Pussy Riot.

At least six protesters, in Moscow, were arrested for their enthusiasm in protesting the long term leader.

Two hundred people held a rally demanding justice for Anna Politkovskaya, a critic of Putin's who was killed in 2006.

Jessica Ridgeway Still Missing

Ten year old Jessica Ridgeway is still missing. She was originally reported missing, Friday afternoon, but had disappeared sometime just after 8:15am that day, after leaving her Westminster home, as she headed to school. Hundreds of people, multiple teams of dogs, and even divers, have helped police search for her since then.

On Sunday, her backpack and a water bottle, with her name on in it, were found in Superior, Colorado, six miles from her home. That led to a major search effort there, but nothing else turned up. Police are continuing to search in both areas, for Jessica.

The Westminster Police Department is asking for people to print out and share a flyer, to aid in the search. Anyone with information regarding the case should call the Westminster Police at 303-658-4336 or email.

Must See: The Uninvited (1944)

If you have a basic knowledge of classic film then you must know Ray Milland as the husband plotting against Grace Kelly from Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder, or as the alcoholic from The Lost Weekend. Now catch the talented actor and (those two previous movies notwithstanding) movie gentleman, in this great ghost story.

It was one of the first more dramatic, adult treatments of the poltergeist subject during a time when the horror genre was in danger of getting tired and cliched, depending on sequels and heavily made up monsters.

Milland plays a composer and writer who falls in love with an abandoned house on the English seaside, and moves there with his sister hoping for some productive peace and quiet. From the moment they notice the flowers wilt, and that neither dog nor cat will go up the stairs, the siblings soon discover the place is haunted and dangerous; no wonder they got it for practically nothing.

The Uninvited also gives you the chance to watch the gorgeous and tragic actress Gail Russell; she made her mark in noir and westerns, but her career derailed due to alcoholism and she died aged thirty-six. Her look and acting made her compelling in any movie, but she's especially gripping here, as a fragile, disturbed woman whose mother’s strange death is causing the creeps in the house, and who may be the next victim.

Standard disclaimer applies to modern audiences used to graphic gore and conditioned to expect drastic scares; you might find Uninvited pretty mild, but basic thrills like these, set to amazing music with good acting and atmosphere is often more effective than expensive FX, operating on the often more effective theory that what you don’t see, what's created by your imagination, can be scarier than anything conjured up on screen.

See it Wednesday, October 10 at 10:00 PM on TCM.
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