Sunday, October 7, 2012

Preview: Seven Pschopaths

What happens when professional dognappers accidentally take a gangster's beloved Shih Tzu?

Well it would seem hilarity, violence, and lots of language as they manage to entangle their friends in their plot as well.

Starring Collin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Tom Waits, Abbie Cornish, and Olga Kurylenko the movie seems to be trying to remind us of Bruges.

If you can take the coarseness of the profuse language combined with gratuitous violence, then you'll likely greatly enjoy the hilarity of the film.

Seven Psycopaths hits theaters Friday, October 12.

Starbucks Begins Testing New Baked Goods Line

Starbucks has finally begun testing their new line of bakery goods, in nine San Fransisco locations.

Among the new options being tested are: a various flavors of croissants, a blueberry yogurt muffin, raspberry passion fruit loaf cake, lemon vanilla loaf cake (planned to replace the current lemon loaf), various cookies, and a warm chocolate cake that are served warm.

All of the new products are being made at the La Boulange bakeries, which Starbucks purchased in June.

Corporate will be studying how each new item does, and based on week by week decisions will slowly spread them out to the rest of the US, and then internationally.

Chipotle's Boorito Celebration

Chipotle is ready to celebrate Halloween, with their Boorito Celebration.

Anyone, in costume, who goes to a Chipotle location on October 31, from four pm to close, can receive a burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos for just two dollars.

They are also holding a costume contest, for those who take a picture of themselves, in costume, inside or in front of a Chipotle location.

Prizes for the contest include a grand prize of $2,500, five thousand dollar prizes, and twenty people will win burrito parties for ten, at their favorite Chipotle.

The first million dollars in proceeds will go to Chipotle's Cultivate Foundation, their foundation which aims to create a more sustainable and healthful food supply.

California Gas Prices Skyrocket

Gas prices have been increasing across the US, but none so fast as California. Between Saturday night and Sunday morning, prices rose twenty cents in some places.

Over the last week the state average has gone up fifty-two cents, to $4.65. Some places in the state are now well over five dollars a gallon, which the average could very well hit.

Production issues have aided the rise. An Exxon Mobil plant, in Torrance, was shut down for most of Monday, due to a power outage. That plant alone normally produces 150 million barrels a day. Chevron's plant in Richmond, the largest in the state, is still at reduced capacity since a fire in August.

But hurting production the most are government restrictions, which require the more highly refined "summer blend" to be sold til October 31. Most plants have already switched to the "winter blend", and are running out of the summer. Both Valero Energy and Exxon Mobil have begun rationing the shipments they send to the west coast.

The combination of those factors has greatly increased the wholesale cost of gas, and retail prices will rise for awhile longer, just to catch up. Some gas stations have had to stop selling gas, as they are running out of fuel, because they either can't afford it or can't get it. Long lines have formed at cheaper stations and people are beginning to stockpile gas, as fears of shortages rise.

Israeli Air Strike Into Gaza Injures Ten

Israel launched an air strike into Gaza injured ten, Sunday.

Jihadists Talat Jarbi and Mohammed Makawi, the targets of the strike, were riding a motor cycle when the missile struck.

Normally, Israeli air strikes kill their targets, without other injuries.

It is unclear why this strike was deemed important enough to take the risk, or why it was rushed enough to apparently miss being deadly.

Hamas, nor any of the other organizations that run the Gaza strip, have made any comment on the strike, yet.

Shagur Forced to Step Down

Mustafa Abu Shagur has been forced to step down as Prime Minister elect of Libya.

The General National Congress rejected the second proposal he gave for his cabinet.

After the rejection, the GNC then passed a vote of no confidence in Shagur's ability to lead the government.

They now have til the end of the month to name a elect a new Prime Minister.

Shagur was elected in September, in an extremely close vote, to become the first Prime Minister after the removal of Muammar Gaddafi.

South Korea to Build Longer Range Missiles

South Korea has gained permission, from the US, to build missiles with a range of eight hundred miles.

They had previously been limited to three hundred mile range, as part of the alliance agreement with the US.

The new range would allow for missiles anywhere in South Korea to strike anywhere in North Korea.

It would also put Beijing, a strong supporter of the North, in range of South Korean weapons.

North Korea is thought to have missiles that could reach nearly two thousand miles, giving them a definite advantage should they decide to make the war active, once again.

Cat Used For Target Practice

Ozzy the cat went missing from his Langford, British Columbia home, on September 30.

Friday he was found with blue duct tape binding his paws together and his tail to his neck.

Worst of all he had a crossbow quarrel sticking out of his neck.

Apparently the cat was bound and then used for target practice.

Vets were able to perform surgery and safely remove the arrow from Ozzy, who is now home recovering.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the West Shore RCMP at 250-474-2264.

If an arrest is made, the police and SPCA plan to charge the suspect with animal cruelty and fine them for the cost of Ozzy's medical bills.

French Police Aiming at Homegrown Terrorists

French police killed one and arrested ten others during an anti terror sweep on Saturday.

was killed opened fire upon police when they came to arrest him.

None of the officers involved were injured.

Police had linked the suspects to being part of a terrorist cell which had launched an attack in September.

Sidney's DNA had been found on the remnants of a grenade that had been used in the September attack.

The others are being questioned under suspicion of terrorism, but have not been fully charged yet.

Authorities are looking for a few more people, in relation to the cell, but feel they have shut it down by taking out all the key players.

President Hollande recently pledged to end all homegrown terrorist organizations and signed laws allowing police to do more towards locating such groups.

Turkey Ready For War With Syria if Necessary

Turkey fired artillery into Syria, for the fifth straight day, after yet another Syrian mortar strike crossed the border.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey does not wish for a war, but they will not hesitate to bring one if this continues.

Some Turkish military forces have been seen heading towards the border, and stationing in case of need.

On Thursday, the Turkish parliament overwhelmingly approved a decision that will allow Turkish military forces to cross the border, to safeguard the nation.

That decision came after five Turkish civilians were killed by errant Syrian fire, on Wednesday.

Lebanon Accuses Israel of Violating Airspace

Lebanon is accusing Israeli warplanes of breaking the sound barrier whilst staging fake raids over southern Lebanese towns.

Israel has not responded to requests for information or a response to the accusations.

The accusation comes after Israel shot down a drone which had crossed over it's borders.

It still is unclear where the drone came from, but Hezbollah is the leading suspect.

The drone was over Israel for at least twenty minutes, before it was shot down, and is thought to have been an unarmed surveillance drone.

268,000 Honda CRVs Recalled

268,000 Honda CRVs are being recalled, due to a fire risk.

Four fires were reported when rain was able to enter the driver's side window and gain access to the master power window switch, which caused a short in the electrical system.

The recall affects CRV models 2002-2006.

Affected owners should take their vehicle to a dealer, where their switch will be inspected and repaired or replaced for free.

Iran Withdrawing Troops From Syria

Iran will be withdrawing three hundred members of the Revolutionary Guard, from Syria.

They had been aiding President Bashar al-Assad, in the civil war which seeks to end his rule.

Recent economic turbulence at home has troubled the Iranian government enough that they apparently feel the troops are more needed there.

Officially, Iran has no presence in Syria, but it has long been clear that they actually do.

As many as two thousand of the Revolutionary Guard are thought to be in Syria, and Iran has been feeding weapons and supplies to national forces.

Remembering: The Start of Operation Enduring Freedom

On October 7, 2011, President George W. Bush announced that US troops were actively engaging in war in Afghanistan.

Troops were sent there to combat the Taliban, the terrorist organization that, combined with Al Qaeda, had led operations of 9-11.

More than forty nations participated in Operation Enduring Freedom, the goal of which was to end Taliban rule of Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan war is still ongoing, with fewer and fewer countries are participating in the war, with most of the rest planning and staging their withdrawals.

Whilst the Taliban has been removed from power, their remnants wage guerrilla and terror campaigns, that have been bolstered by Al Qaeda.

2,003 US troops have lost their lives in Afghanistan, over the eleven years, with thousands of others from around the world, losing theirs as well.

SNL's Denver Presidential Debate

Last night, Saturday Night Live opened with their version of the first Presidential debate.

They managed to make the debate look even more one sided than it was.

Romney they attacked a tiny bit on his policies, exaggerating his five step plan to forty-one, and calling him a liar and flip flopper.

Obama they went after his not seeming to be there and made him look a bit stupider and a lot more out of it than he was.

49 Police Injured in Tunisia Riot

Residents in Guellala, Tunisia rioted Saturday, as they protested the reopening of a trash dump, in their area.

Hundreds of rioters attacked police when they came to stop the riot.

Forty-nine officers were injured and six police vehicles were destroyed when the mob threw rocks and gas bombs at the arriving officers.

Police reinforcements showed up, launching tear gas as they came, dispersing the riot and rescuing their comrades.

Two civilians were reportedly injured when they attempted to block the path of police, who were attempting to gain entrance to the dump.

Venezuela Voting for President

Sunday sees Venezuelans out to vote, in what is considered the biggest challenge to thirteen year President Hugo Chavez.

This election will set the presidency through 2019.

Facing the socialist Chavez is centrist Henrique Capriles, who seeks to stop the nationalization of industries, and the opening of free markets.

On Saturday, Venezuelans went through the process of getting their National IDs, which are required for voting.

The country also saw one of it's biggest grocery buying days, as many stocked up on basic foods, fearing how Chavez could react to losing the election.

Meningitis Death Toll Up to 7

Blue states received contaminated shipments.
Meningitis has now killed seven people, in Maryland, Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia. Sixty-four people in nine states have been confirmed as having the deadly disease, with Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Ohio being the other five.

Everyone of those people received methylprednisolone acetate via a shot to their spine. The steroid, used to treat inflammation, had been contaminated with a fungus, that contained the meningitis.

Seventy-six facilities, in twenty-three states, had received shipments of the drug. They are California, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia.

New England Compounding Center, the pharmacy that made the injections, has voluntarily given up it's license, while the FDA investigates, and recalled all other products that they make, as a precaution.

The FDA is asking people who were given the injections to contact them by phone at 1-800-FDA-1088 or online.