Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Body Found in West Aurora

Aurora, Colorado police were called about a body lying along the 1900 block of East Cornell Circle, Tuesday morning.

No details have been given out, but they are calling it a "suspicious" death.

A blood trail, leading away from the body, suggests that it was a violent act that ended the man's life.

Some witnesses say they over heard police discussing stab wounds.

Further details are supposed to be announced, Wednesday, after an autopsy is completed.

Smoked Salmon Recalled Due to Salmonella

At least three hundred people, in the Netherlands and the US, have become sickened with salmonella after consuming smoked salmon.

The salmon was distributed by Foppen and Kirkland, and sold in supermarkets all over the Netherlands, but only at Costco in the US.

It is not believed that tainted fish has been sold in any other countries.

Foppen is investigating their processing facilities.

Hezbollah Leader Killed in Syria

A top leader of Hezbollah was killed in a road side explosion, in Syria, according to the Free Syrian Army, and other sources in the country.

Hezbollah has long denied that they are in Syria, aiding the forces of President Assad.

The United States and other countries have repeatedly stated that they are active in the country though.

For awhile, obituaries for Hezbollah members have shown up in Lebanese papers, but they've not listed any locations for the deaths, and barely any reasons.

In August, a funeral was held for another top ranking Hezbollah member.

It is thought that Nassif had been the leader of the Hezbollah forces in Syria.

38 Dead After Chinese Boats Collide

At least thirty-eight people were killed, Monday night, when two boats collided in Hong Kong harbor.

Rescuers are continuing to search for dozens of missing people, and have rescued one hundred and twenty-three.

One of the boats involved was a passenger ferry, whilst the other was owned by the Hong Kong Electric Company and was carrying company employees and their families.

The electric company's boat flipped and began to sink, eventually resting with only the bow, and the front of the cabin, above water.

Seven crew members, of the two boats, have been arrested for suspicion of endangering lives.

Border Patrol Agent Killed by Drug Runners

Three US Border Patrol agents were responding to a ground sensor alarm, along the border when they came under fire.

One of the agents, Nicholas Avie, thirty, was shot and killed, and a second wounded, by suspected drug runners.

They were five miles inside the border, near Naco, Arizona, when the shooting started.

This marks the fourth Border Patrol death, in that area, along the Mexico/Arizona border, over the last two years.

Arizona's Governor Janet Brewer released a statement saying, "Flags will be lowered in honor of the slain agent. Elected officials will vow to find those responsible. Arizonans and Americans will grieve, and they should. But this ought not only be a day of tears. There should be anger, too. Righteous anger at the kind of evil that causes sorrow this deep, and at the federal failure and political stalemate that has left our border unsecured and our Border Patrol in harm's way."