Sunday, September 30, 2012

Clinton Provides $45 Million Additional Taxpayer Dollars to Syrian Rebels

Last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced forty-five million dollars in additional aid for Syrian opposition activists in the latest US push for influence in the civil war. Clinton announced the new aid package prior to meeting with visiting Syrian dissidents at the gathering of the United Nations General Assembly.

Clinton has admitted that groups on the US terror list are aiding and supporting the  Syrian rebels: "We have a very dangerous set of actors in the region, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and those who are on our terrorist list, to be sure, supporting claiming to support the opposition."

As US Solicitor General, Elena Kagan, currently a Supreme Court Justice, agreed with  the Supreme Court's upholding the broad sweep of the federal law banning "material support" for foreign terrorist organizations and with permitting the prosecution of anyone who gives any support to a terrorist group. She also discounted the "supposed First Amendment claims" raised by human rights advocates. Justice Antonin has also said that he sees no constitutional problems with the antiterrorism law. "If you provide any aid" to them, it "furthers their terrorist activity,"the Justice said.

In addition to that, Obama is allowing a US Syrian group to arm rebels, including al Qaeda:

"Administration officials say that outsourcing the supply of money and arms to the rebels maintains a crucial distinction that keeps American military fingerprints off a conflict that has already turned into a bloody civil war. 'It's not for us to determine what the donations are used for,' said one official, who requested anonymity to discuss administration thinking, describing a plausible deniability that might not be plausible to all. 'It could be for medical supplies.'"

The addition of forty five million dollars will bring the grand total of U.S. humanitarian aid for Syria to more than one hundred and thirty two million, this year alone.

Two Dead, One Injured, After Shooting in Florida

Two people are dead, and another was injured, after a shooting at a Florida Veterans of Foreign Wars post.

A charity motorcycle ride was set to leave from the Winter Springs post, Sunday morning.

Witnesses say a fight broke out, one or more people then left.

But then they came back with a group who opened fire on the crowd as they ate breakfast.

It is unclear if fire was returned.

When police arrived, they detained several people and confiscated some weapons, but never made any arrests.

Review: Looper

Looper looked great from the first preview, and it did not fail.

Joseph Gordon Levitt stars as Joe, who works for the mob in 2044, as a looper. Each looper has a location, they are given times, when that time comes a person from the future is sent back in time to their spot. As they appear the loopers shoot and kill them, that's their job.

But one day Joe's target is himself, a thirty year older version played by Bruce Willis. Can he kill his older self and stop him from ending the system? Or will they manage to work together to do it?

Time travel fans will love this movie, especially with it's two very subtle Terminator references. Action fans will not be disappointed either, the movie definitely gives it's all.

Levitt gives an amazing performance. Aided by some prosthetic help and makeup he truly does become the younger form of Willis.

Woman Shot and Killed After She Ran Into Border Patrol Agent

Valeria Alvarado was shot and killed, Friday, in San Diego, when she struck a border patrol agent.

Border patrol agents were attempting serve a warrant, on someone else, when Alvarado hit an agent with her vehicle and kept driving.

The agent ended up on top of her hood, but she would not stop.

After riding the hood for several hundred yards, the agent fired into the vehicle, several times, striking Alavarado and eventually killing her.

Witnesses say that the agents were in plain clothes, and not distinguishable as federal officers.

Alvarado's family says they want justice, for what they consider to be her murder.

Typhoon Jelawat Injures More Than a Hundred in Japan

Central Japan is reeling from being struck by Typhoon Jelawat, as it headed for Tokyo, Sunday.

Nearly one hundred and fifty people have been reported injured, from the storm, half of which occurred on Okinawa.

Ishinomaki evacuated ten thousand people while Nagoya advised fifty thousand people to evacuate low lying areas of the city.

Jelawat is moving at nearly eighty miles per hour, as it crosses Japan, on it's way to the Pacific Ocean.

The Mouth of Matuszak: Are Terrorists Trying to Meet End of Month Quota?

The morning news on September 30, 2012 brought some disturbing information.

The US death toll in Afghanistan passed the two thousand mark. This is not a statistic to be celebrated. It is a warning that the war there is far from over. The latest casualty comes from yet another infiltrator attacking US and Afghan Soldiers at a checkpoint. These attacks are designed to hamper relations and rot away at the already tenuous trust between the indigenous forces and the US military. They are planned and deliberate, many times with a target already selected.

Meanwhile, in the wake of Tariq al-Hashami's in absentia sentencing for using Iraqi forces and a private militia to run death squads against Shia'a political opposition, Iraq was again pock marked with attacks targeting Iraqi security forces and Shia'a pilgrims. Three VBIEDs detonated in the city of Taji. They targeted the homes of prominent Shia'a politicians and police checkpoints. Another VBIED detonated in the Iraqi town of Mada'in, targeting a bus loaded with Shia'a pilgrims from Iran. (Of note, other Iranian Shia'a pilgrims have been kidnapped in Syria recently). Another car bomb attacked pilgrims and Iraqi Security Forces in the town of al-Kut. There were also attacks in the former Al Q'aeda stronghold near Mosul as well as the town of Baqubah, where former al-Q'aeda Iraq leader Abu Musa'ab al-Zarqawi was killed by a US airstrike. The violence in Iraq killed a total of thirty-three people.

Meanwhile, in Nairobi, Kenya, children at a church based school were attacked by a grenade. The attack killed one child and wounded three others. This was most likely committed by the al-Q'aeda linked al-Shabab terrorist organization. Al-Shabab is one of the Islamic Terrorist groups that has seized control of southern Somalia. Earlier this week, the Kenyan military conducted a military operation to liberate the Somali town of Kismayo from the group, which maintained a stronghold in the city.

With the attacks over the past week, it almost appears as though terror groups are attempting to meet a monthly quota.

The attacks in Iraq come on the heels of a jailbreak near Tikrit that freed at least ninety criminals including several men described as "hardcore al-Q'aeda operatives". That jailbreak also involved the burning of evidential documentation and theft of source documentation identifying some detainees who were cooperating with intelligence investigations seeking insurgents and terrorists at large.

Taking other terrorist activities in the past few weeks into account, along with the UN's "general debate",  it should come as no surprise that these are not random. They are intentional and coordinated. It is as if a globally positioned subversive military group has mobilized into a world wide coordinated attack. Instead of a single, large scale, attention grabbing event, they are smaller-scale and designed towards a specific set of objectives. It almost appears as these are all military shaping operations in preparation for the next terrorist surge.

Original article at Mental Aikido.

41,000 GM Vehicles Being Recalled

Nearly forty-one thousand General Motors vehicles are being recalled.

A plastic part on the fuel pump could crack and leak fuel, which would cause a fire.

There have not been any reports of injuries or fires, the move is purely one of precaution.

The 2007-9 model of Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G5 and 2007 models of Chevrolet Equinox, Pontiac Torrent, and Saturn Ions are all effected by the recall.

It effects vehicles sold or registered in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Owners will be contacted by mail, and the part will be replaced, for free.

Grenade Thrown Into Kenyan Sunday School Class

One child was killed, and three others injured, when a grenade was thrown into a Sunday school class, in Nairobi.

The Somalian Al Qaeada wing, Al-Shabab, is being blamed for the attack.

A mob formed after the attack, armed with sticks and stones they moved into a Muslim neighborhood, injuring thirteen people.

Police arrived and separated the groups and calmed everyone down.

Thirty-three Dead in Iraq From Car Bombs

At least thirty-three people have been killed across Iraq, on Sunday.

Taji saw three car bombs go off, killing eleven and injuring dozens. Nearby buildings were destroyed in the blast.

One of Iraq's largest air force bases is located in Taji, but the attackers showed their terrorist nature, by instead going after residential areas.

In Baghdad, three more car bombs went off, killing eight and injuring eleven.

A bus carrying Iranian pilgrims, in Madaen, exploded killing seven of the passengers, two bystanders, and wounding ten.

Four police were killed in Kut when a suicide bomber blew himself up, outside their station.

Two more officers lost their lives to a car bomb in Balad Ruz.

Three bombs in Mosul combined to kill one and injure six.

At this point no one has claimed responsibility, for the attacks, by Al Qaeda is the likely suspect.

AU Troops Move Into Kismayo

Combined Kenyan and Somalian troops have announced that Kismayo, Somalia is theirs.

Al-Shabab withdrew from the city, over night, which was their last stronghold.

The terrorist group has apparently decided that cities and towns are not something they can or need to hold anymore, and are moving towards being completely guerrilla style.

Since 2007, the Al Qaeda linked group had been gaining more and more of the country, as it set out to impose sharia law.

Kenya and other members of the African Union joined the Somalian government, in October 2011, after Al-shabab began crossing into other countries to spread their rule.

Clashing Venezuelan Rallies Leave Two Dead

A mass rally, for presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, was blocked by supporters of sitting President Hugo Chavez, on Saturday.

As the two groups met it quickly became a clash, with injuries on both sides.

But it took a turn for the worse when a van drove by, unleashing bullets into the Capriles' supporters, leaving two dead.

Witnesses said that the van was a government vehicle.

In a statement, Chavez said that those guilty of the crime "will be brought to justice".

The election looks to be a close one, the closest the socialist Chavez has seen in his fourteen year rule.

Capriles, a centrist, seeks to model Venezuela after the model of Brazil's free market mixed with welfare system.

Firefighter Injured in Montbello House Fire

A fire in Montbello, Colorado, early Sunday morning, injured a firefighter.

When firefighters arrived on scene they were told someone was trapped inside, but never found anyone.

During the search, one firefighter was injured and sent to the hospital with cuts and burns, and released later Sunday.

The house was totaled, by the flames, and fire investigators are trying to determine a cause.

Dallas Shaken by Quakes

At 11:05 CDT, Dallas was shaken by a 3.4 earthquake.

It was centered two miles north of Irving, and was followed by 3.1 after shock a few miles away, at 11:09.

No major damage was reported, from either quake, but 911 saw about four hundred people call in with reports of cracked walls or ceilings, pictures and items being knocked down, light bulbs shattering, and a possible gas leak.

The nearby Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport never even stopped operations, despite being located near the epicenters.

Whilst the city is not a common place for quakes, they do happen from time to time, though never really any large ones.