Saturday, September 29, 2012

Austerity Protests Continue in Europe

Thousands massed in Spain and Portugal to protest austerity measures that their governments have announced.

For Spain it was the third day this week. Two were injured and dozens were arrested on Saturday.

In Portugal the union organized protests managed to stay peaceful.

Last week saw protests in Italy and Greece that turned violent.

The four countries have some of the worst economies in the developed world.

Some European Union members have suggested removing them to a lesser status in the organization.

Death in Wyoming Due to Flesh Eating Bacteria

Two cases of flesh eating bacteria have caused great concern in Wyoming, as they've not only happened in the same state, but same city.

The cases occurred in Gillette, and one of them has become fatal.

Both of them were admitted to Campbell County Memorial Hospital with strep infections.

It is a very common bacteria, that mostly causes strep throat, but if it get's into an infected wound can become necrotizing fasciitis.

Doctors are recommending that anyone experiencing amounts of pain, that seem higher than normal, from a wound, seek treatment immediately.

Libyan Militias Disarmed

A national call in Libya, to turn over privately owned weapons, was answered by the hundreds, in Libya Saturday.

Person by person the militia members came in, to turn over the weapons they had acquired either during the revolution, or since.

Some brought their rifles, others brought their personal tanks, armored personnel carriers, or anti aircraft guns.

The move came as militias have become extremely unpopular since the attack upon the American consulate, in Benghazi, earlier this month.

890,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled

A massive ground beef recall has been announced for the United States and Canada.

All meat produced, at Alberta's XL Foods, on August 24, 27, 28, 29, and September 5, is part of the recall.

890,000 pounds of beef were distributed across both countries, through many grocery chains.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has closed XL Foods, and suspended their license.

No sicknesses have yet been caused by the meat, but E. coli taints have been found.