Thursday, September 27, 2012

$25,000 Reward for Missing Nortwestern Student

Eighteen year old Harsha Maddula is still missing, and now the family has offered a twenty-five thousand dollar reward.

A premed student at Northwestern University, he has been missing since he left an off campus party, Saturday.

Over twenty police organizations and hundreds of students have been involved in the search that has combed Evanston, Illinois and sent divers into nearby Lake Michigan.

Maddula is describes as being of Indian descent, five foot eight and one hundred and eighty pounds.

He was last seen wearing black framed glasses, a grey sweater with black and white stitching, dark grey pants and brown shoes.

It is unclear if he left alone or with others, and police are investigating that further in hopes of finding more information.

Thirty Yard Behind The Back Touchdown Throw

Purdue's intramural men's flag football was the scene for an amazing touchdown throw.

The quarterback for the Sour Lemons threw thirty yard touchdown throw, nothing spectacular there, but how he threw it was.

In a spinning move, he threw it behind his back, almost in a reverse discus throw.

Apparently he is capable of making this throw, eight out of ten times.

Yes, you will have to see this for yourself.

France Refuses to Help Britain Find Missing Girl

France has announced that it will not aid the British in searching for a missing fifteen year old girl. Megan Stammers disappeared from Sussex, England with her teacher Jeremy Forrest, thirty, last Thursday.

The two were spotted on security cameras boarding a ferry from Dover to Calais. They had return tickets, but did not show up on Sunday, to use them.

French authorities will not search for the two, as fifteen is the legal age of consent, in France, and so therefore the two have not broken any French laws.

English authorities have asked the entire European Union to be on the lookout for the two, but EU authorities have hundreds of people on their missing persons' list, and will not be making any active search. Forrest drives a black Ford Fiesta with the license plate GJ08 RJO. Chief Inspector Jason Tingley of Sussex Police asks that anyone with information contact British authorities.

Meanwhile, the school Stammers attended, and where Forrest taught, is under hot water of it's own. Information has come out that the school has been aware of a relationship, between the two, for at least eight months.

The school also has a past of student teacher relationships. In 2009, Robert Healy, then twenty-seven, was arrested for having sexual relations with two of his students, one who was fifteen, the other sixteen. He was sent to jail for seven years.

Canada Attacks Cheese Smuggling

Canadian authorities arrested three men for smuggling cheese into Ontario, from the United States.

Over two hundred thousand dollars worth of cheese had been smuggled since the investigation began in January.

Once they had it over the border, they sold it to restaurants, making at least one hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars in profit.

Strict regulations from the Canadian dairy board combined with limited importation from other countries, cause high cheese prices for the country.

The three men can face jail time, as well as fines of up to 245.5% the value of the product.

Mexican Marines Capture Zetas Leader

Mexican marines had a big day, on Thursday, when they successfully captured Ivan Velazquez Caballero, one of the leaders of the Zetas.

He was one of Mexico's thirty-seven most wanted.

According to some sources he and another Zetas leader, Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, had been in a power struggle.

The Zetas are one of the most powerful and violent drug cartels in Mexico.

President Felipe Calderon has put a lot of resources into ending the drug cartels' power.

The drug war in Mexico has left more than ten thousand dead, mostly due to violence between cartels.

Amber Alert: Three Week Old Kidnapped in Illinois

An amber alert has been issued for three week old Mia Graci Thompson.

Mia was kidnapped from in front of a post office, in Toulon, Illinois, just after 8am Thursday morning.

The baby weighs just eight pounds, is twenty-one inches long, and is white with blue eyes.

At the time of the kidnapping she was "wearing a yellow onesie with a flower on the left shoulder and blue jeans with pink flowers on the cuffs", according to the amber alert.

She was taken by a white female with brown hair, who was driving a driving a gold or tan Buick or Pontiac.

Anyone with information should call the Stark County Sheriff's Office at 309-286-2541 or the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678.

Two Dead at Office Shooting in Minneapolis

At least two people are dead after a shooting in Minneapolis.

The shooting occurred at Accent Signage Systems Inc.

Three critically injured victims were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, with a fourth at an undisclosed hospital.

Police closed off the area, as they searched for a shooter, but later ended their search after deciding that the shooter was one of the dead.

The shooter apparently shot and killed himself.

Spilling Day For I70 in Colorado

It's been a twenty-four hours full of spills, for Interstate 70 in Colorado.

Wednesday, about 6:30pm, a semi overturned near Edwards, spilling around a thousand pounds of paint.

It took til a lil after 4am, Thursday, for the cleanup to be finished.

Westbound traffic had to be diverted off the freeway, for the duration of the incident.

Just after noon on Thursday, another semi overturned in Wheat Ridge, the driver was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

This truck was carrying beer and spilled cans all over the on ramp, from CO 58.

Crews were finished cleaning that up, about two hours after it happened.

A Month of Classic DVD & Blu-ray

Five DVD/Blu-ray picks from those released through September worth adding to your collection.

In The Dark Mirror, Olivia DeHavilland plays that favorite role of actors; twins, one good, one evil. One Olivia has murdered her boyfriend, both have alibis, and when a shrink is called in to sort the thing out, both sisters fall in love with him, setting off a major struggle. These were the days they knew how to make the movies short (eighty-five minutes) yet packed with quality and story. DeHavilland does wonders in both roles opposite Lew Ayres, so good she easily overcomes the then trendy Freudian nonsense, in this tense psycho thriller by noted noir director Robert Siodmak.
A Double Life, art is life, talk about losing yourself in a character; Ronald Colman plays a talented thespian who lets Othello go to his head, and if you know your Shakespeare, there's a bit of murderous jealousy involved in that play. Though Colman made a lot of great movies playing a swashbuckler, distinguished gentleman, roguish thief and sophisticated romantic hero, this almost uncharacteristic role is his darkest, and the performance he won the Oscar for, and the movie's a must see not only for Colman but also for great work by Shelley Winters, Signe Hasso, and Edmond O'Brien.

Bond 50, meaning fifty years, twenty-two movies on Blu-ray, nine of them for the first time ever, plus one hundred and thirty hours of bonus features including never before seen footage, illustrations of the posters, and do I really have to tell you what it's about? No, didn’t think so.

Back in the 1950s when those newfangled televisions were hurting box office, and threatened to keep everyone home glued to the set and away from the cinemas, studios were desperate to offer something bigger, wider, grander, louder, more colorful and eye grabbing than your home screen. One of the many technologies was a seventy-five foot wide massive curved screen, the IMAX ancestor Cinerama. This is Cinerama is that introduction film fully and beautifully restored, the movie version of a world tour meant to capture and show you the grandest sights on the globe, on what was then the grandest of screens.

From sprawling screens, go back, back, back in time to smaller, silent time with Buster Keaton in The Navigator, in which Keaton and the girl he wants to marry are the only people on a giant yacht cut loose and drifting on the ocean. First they comically keep missing each other in board and then when they do discover they’re not alone, set to figuring out this navigation thing, run the vessel aground, perform underwater repair and have to fend off a cannibal attack. A must for fans of Keaton and near perfect comedy.

Find me at the Speakeasy for much more classic entertainment.

Missing Girl Found; Man Arrested For Kidnapping

Twelve year old Abigail Lefevers was found with captor Timothy Newman, in Miami, Florida, Wednesday night.

Lefevers had been reported missing from her home in Newport, North Carolina, Monday morning.

Newman, a convicted sex offender, was immediately the main suspect as he was missing from his nearby home, as well as his car.

The FBI was tipped off to their location, by someone who recognized them from the news, and moved in with the local police.

Abigail has been returned home to her father, reportedly unhurt, while Newman is in a Florida county jail awaiting transport to a North Carolina facility.

From The Mouth of Matuszak: Thoughts on the Latest Poll Numbers

Let's discuss political polling. There are allegations that the polls are biased. There are facts out there that indicate polling techniques and samplings lean in a way to skew the results in efforts to affect voting. That just might be true. It probably is true.

I worked market surveys in my younger days. It is true that the way survey and polling questions are worded can sway the answers received. It's a fact of human nature. Marketing polls are written in such a manner in order to gain attention to certain products. It is also true that pollsters will look at people, using profiling, in order to garner people to take the surveys that fit into a select demographic. I have two words about those facts:  so what?

Here's the flat out fact people ignore: Will the results of surveys that polled other people affect your vote? If your answer is yes, then pay attention to those numbers. They will not affect my vote. They will not affect any amount of campaign work I may do for any candidate other than to motivate me to work harder if my guy is behind. However, those results will not change my decision. They really should not affect yours.

If they affect your choice, you are an idiot. Electing an official who can and will do the job we are hiring him (or her) to fill is not a popularity contest. It isn't about who has better hair or a cuter smile. It is about which one will do the job. It is about which one will most comply with the rules, laws, and hard contract with the employers (citizens).

The pure facts remain that Obama has not upheld that contract. He believes it to be renegotiable on a second by second basis, and that we, the employers, have no say in how he changes it. If you doubt that fact, you may want to look at all of the executive orders he has signed. You may want to look at the executive regulatory policies enacted as though they are as valid as legislated law. You may then  want to take a look at those among those EOs and policies that have been decided upon by the court system. The vast majority that have been brought before the courts have been deemed invalid. However, that is after the EO, regulations, and policy in question has already done some level of damage.

If you want examples, research the light bulb fiasco. Take some time and research the way the socialists attempted to take over farms through excessive regulation of "farm dust" and cow flatulence. There are even cases where the EPA (which works for the president) has attempted to violate the fourth amendment and seize property from its lawful owners because of some bird or butterfly. Read that again. Notice I explicitly named the fourth amendment. The Constitution is the hard contract with the states and citizens that Obama seeks to bypass, violate, ignore, or alter at a whim. He believes that he has the right to seize private property acquired through the natural right of "the pursuit of happiness" without a warrant issued due to probable cause. He thinks he is king. He thinks he owns your property and is just lending it to you.

Whole books have already been written about violations such as these that Obama has committed. Whole books researching his upbringing and ideology are on the shelves at the book stores.

On top of it, you have idiots pointing fingers at Bush as some uncaring and heartless soul. Bush signed letters to our fallen. Bush still attends fundraisers for charities that assist veterans. Bush feels the weight of every life sacrificed during his administration and since. Obama calls them "bumps in the road". Brian Terry, killed by a weapon provided to a foreign criminal/terrorist organization by Obama's administration, is just a "bump in the road". Our ambassador to Libya along with the three others murdered by a terrorist group are just "bumps in the road". A US Citizen lawfully exercising his first amendment rights is, instead, criminalized. That citizen committed no crime, incited no violence, and called for nobody to be harmed. Yet, according to Obama, he is to be considered a criminal. Compare those two men.

Was Bush perfect? No he wasn't. He was far from the perfect president. He isn't even in my top ten (about twenty percent). However, he was far better than O-blamer. Yes, I am just saying that because I met the man. However, I met each president who held office while I was active in the military except Obama. Obama considers military members to be just "bumps in the road", much like Hitlery Clinton thought herself equal to royalty when she commanded US Soldiers to "turn [their] eyes away" because they were "not worthy of looking at [her]".

Do I think Romney is the best choice? No, I do not. However, he is the only viable candidate who can beat Obama. He is far from perfect. However, his platform and policies are far, far better than those we have suffered under the past approximately 4 years. At least Romney knows how to run a business and manage people. At least he knows how to lead. At least Mitt knows that a balanced budget is better than bankruptcy. At least Mitt doesn't want the citizens of this country subjugated under him and his cronies and dependent upon the efforts of somebody else in order to prosper individually.

Yes, Romney's campaign is currently a little soft cell. What does that mean to conservatives and libertarians who want nothing less than to evict Obama from our White House? Well, it falls upon us to do the "hard sell". It is up to us to openly tell people why we want Romney (or do not want Obama). It is up to us to get our friends to register to vote and actually show up at the election sites and vote. it is up to those of capable to get certified as polling officials to watch those election sites to make sure laws are followed (and help prevent/deter fraud).

So, if you don't like the current poll results, quit crying about their bias. Instead, go out and do something. Sitting there and crying about it makes you sound like the zombies who are voting for Obama. "You want me to learn how to fish instead of just stealing your fish? Waaaaaah! You're racists! That's unfair!"

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