Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reaction to Obama's Latest Flag

This flag is the newest thing you can buy on the Obama campaign's site.

I really had wanted to come up with some great piece on why it was wrong, but I'm totally and completely just filled with disgust at it.

The arrogance of the man, replacing the stars of the flag of the United States with his own symbol, is something I can't even contemplate without wanting to throw up.

How anyone can think that that individual is for anything other than himself, is beyond me.

Obama has shown himself to repeatedly not have the interests of the US in his heart, and through repeated actions shown that he seeks The Republic's destruction.

This flag is just yet the latest example of how he seeks to put himself before what America actually stands for, and but a small reminder of how important it is to get him out of office in November.

The Republic has but one flag, and that is definitely not it.

US Fires Continue

Fires continue to burn throughout the western and north central US, with thirty some fires currently burning hundreds of square miles.

In Washington, the Table Mountain and Wenatchee River fires have combined to be burning one hundred and eight square miles. Three thousand firefighters have been committed there to those two fires, alone. Some residents have been urged to evacuate. Chris Seelye of Darby, Montana, collapsed whilst fighting the Klone Fire, in Washington.

Wyoming has seen nearly a dozen fires popup in and around Yellowstone National Park, though none of them have grown very large. The biggest there is only four square miles. Parts of the park have been closed due to the extreme fire danger.

Focus on Idaho has turned on the Karney Fire, which has scorched nearly five hundred acres, and is nearing Boise. That fire is believed to have been deliberately set. Around two hundred firefighters, aided by aircraft, are battling the blaze there. The state is facing about a dozen other fires as well.

Efforts against the Sawtooth Fire, in Montana, have been aided by cooler weather and a drop in winds. The calmer settings have allowed for helicopters to join in the fight.

Anti America Protests Continue in Pakistan

Around five thousand protesters marched in Islamabad, Pakistan, as protests over an anti Muslim film, continue on Thursday.

Police and security forces blocked their routes as they aimed at the US, British, and French embassies.

The marchers responded by throwing stones, bottles, and other objects at the officers, who used tear gas in attempts to stop the assault.

As injuries on both sides occurred, the military was called in and their presence backed by tanks and helicopters was enough to make the mob withdraw.

Other protests were carried out throughout the country, though the capital's was by far the largest and most violent.

Remembering: JFK's Joint US Soviet Moon Proposal

On September 20, 1963 President John F. Kennedy shocked the world when he proposed a joint moon mission with the Soviet Union.

Hostilities were at one of the lowest points between the two countries and the interest in going to the moon was fading, as the price tag kept growing.

Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko met the proposal with gladness, but never committed to it.

In Washington the idea was met with hostility, the space race was one of the fore points of American policy.

The world would never find out what could have happened if the two powers had joined for the moon mission, as two months later, on November 22, JFK was assassinated.

His successor, Lyndon B Johnson would immediately scrap the idea, ensuring that the US went to the moon alone.

Tunisia Bans Protests Over French Cartoons

Interior Minister Ali Larayedh announced that the Tunisian government is banning protests over a satirical piece in a French publication.

The cartoons make fun of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and violence against French embassies is considered likely.

France has ordered all embassies and government buildings, throughout twenty countries, in the Middle East, North Africa, and southern Asia.

Both the French and Tunisian governments are worried about a repeat of what recently happened to American, German, and British buildings.