Monday, September 17, 2012

Occupy Celebrates With Over 125 Arrests

Occupy Wall Street celebrated their one year anniversary by seeing over one hundred and twenty-five of their number arrested.

Thirty some cities had planned occupy marches, to mark the anniversary.

Witnesses in some cities said that police outnumbered the occupiers, not due to the number of police, but due to the lack of protesters.

Despite the poor turn out, Occupy states that they aren't disappearing and are stronger than ever.

Krispy Kreme and Talk Like a Pirate Day

Krispy Kreme is celebrating "Talk Like a Pirate Day" on Wednesday, September 19.

It's the tenth year of the day, and Krispy Kreme is joining in the fun.

For all those who enter their stores and issue a pirate line, will receive one free original glazed doughnut.

Anyone who comes dressed as a pirate, from head to toe, will be awarded a full dozen of the original glazed.

Japanese Close Shop in China

Japanese shops and factories all over China have closed their doors and boarded up the windows.

Many took the extra time to cover their shops in Chinese flags, in hopes that protesters won't attack their businesses.

Tens of thousands of Chinese have been protesting the Japanese purchase of islands, which China has also claimed.

Tuesday marks the eighty-first anniversary of the Japanese invasion of China, and protesters are using it as a focal point.

Shop owners hope to reopen in a couple of days.

2 Million i5s Sold Within 24 Hours

Apple sold over two million iPhone 5s in the first twenty-four hours during which they were available for preorder.

The sheer amount of sales forced Apple to end preordering.

Most phones will be available on September 21, but due to the over expected desire for the phones some won't be til October.

The US and most of Europe are expected to get them on time, and then on September 28 they'll be available to the rest of the world.

Strip Mall in Aurora Evacuated Due to Suspicious Package

Google Maps image of the strip mall
Monday afternoon, police evacuated three stores in a strip mall in Aurora, Colorado after a suspicious package was delivered to one of the businesses.

Apparently "the package is wrapped in newspaper, with electrical tape on two ends and a Comcast flag sticking out of it."

Arapahoe Counties bomb squad was called out and determined that it was not dangerous.

When the package was opened, it was found to be a toy gun and holster.

Police allowed the stores to reopen shortly after that, about two hours after they were first closed.

The shops are located a block from city hall, and just two blocks north of the movie theater where thirteen people were murdered, in July.