Sunday, September 16, 2012

NHL Lockout Has Begun

The latest sports lockout began at midnight EDT, Sunday morning.

Hockey is now in it's fourth lockout, since 1992, joining the NBA and NFL in holding lockouts within the last eighteen months.

Owners wish to reduce the amount of shared revenue that the players get, whilst the player's union is seeking to ensure that they maintain the same amount.

Currently players receive fifty-seven percent, and the owners had tried to cut it to forty-three percent, last word was the owners had come back up to forty-seven percent.

Training camps are supposed to open next week, but that now seems highly unlikely.

The season opening of October 11, could easily be in jeopardy due to the lockout.

In 2004-05, a NHL lockout was responsible for the entire season being cancelled.

Biggest Persian Gulf War Games Ever

Ships from the US and twenty-four other countries are taking part in the largest war games to ever be held in the Persian Gulf.

Three of the US's super carriers are going to be taking part in the games, with the fourth active carrier's location unknown.

Amongst the ships is Britain's brand new destroyer, the HMS Diamond, which cost over a billion pounds to make, and is considered to be the best ship in the world.

The twelve day mission is set to simulate a full out invasion of Iran.

Iran is countering by holding their own largest ever war games, next month, focusing on air and coastal defense.

One Dead in Pueblo Airport Crash

At least one person has been killed in Pueblo, Colorado when their airplane crashed.

The crash happened at about 8:45am MDT, Sunday morning.

So far the only description is that it is a small airplane.

There are no reports of on ground injuries.

Presidential candidate Romney had been scheduled to fly into the airport, Sunday afternoon, but the trip was canceled due to the crash.

This will be updated as more information becomes available.

SWAT Called Out in Wheat Ridge

West Metro SWAT has been called out, this morning, due to shots being fired.

Neighbors called about shots coming from a party at 7310 West 48th Street in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Police arrived and began to disperse the party and investigate, however that came to a halt when six armed people refused to leave.

SWAT was called in, and the residence was surrounded.

The six men surrendered to police, about an hour after they had shown up.

Tens of Thousands March Against Putin

Tens of thousands massed and marched in an anti Putin rally, in Moscow, on Saturday. It was the first major rally after a mostly quiet summer, which had followed a spring that saw hundreds of thousands march even through freezing temperatures.

The summer was taken up with the drama of a previously little known band and their arrest for a dramatic anti Putin protest. They were eventually sentenced to two years in prison for the act.

Many in Russia, and especially in Moscow, believe that Putin only gained his third term, through fraudulent means. With some districts showing 104% voting for Putin, it's hard not to believe there was at least some messing with ballots.

On Embassies and Consulates Being Unarmed

Burned remnants of US Consulate in Benghazi
It's become more and more apparent that the US Marines guarding the embassy in Cairo and the hired Libyan guards in Benghazi were, in fact, either completely unarmed or not allowed ammunition, which is effectively the same thing.

What good is a guard if they can't even defend what they are guarding? How many other embassies and consulates were, or all forbid, still are facing similar circumstances of not being equipped to defend themselves?

At best, this is a criminally negligent act on the parts of the State Department and the administration. Prosecution should take place. The officials who approved this should be brought to justice as willing accessories to murder. Just as those who put Fast and Furious into effect.

Granted things may not have gone better in Benghazi, their attackers were extremely well armed. However, in Cairo the only thing that saved the embassy's staff was that the crowd didn't push on. Had they gone further, nothing could have stopped them.

Marines and political staff should not have only luck to rely on. They should be equipped as best as is possible to defend themselves. This isn't something that should be debatable, it should be a natural part of having embassies abroad, especially ones in regions of turmoil.

South African Strike Becoming Peaceful

South African police, on Sunday, were able to peacefully halt a protest march, one that was aimed at their own station.

Police blocked the road and faced off five hundred miners, who were armed with sticks.

On Saturday, police fired rubber bullets and tear gas as they went through protesters confiscating machetes, clubs, and spears.

The move was part of the government's decision to disarm the protesters, in hopes that they'll stop striking and get back to work.

Strikes have shut down major mines, as demands are made for huge increases in pay.

Negotiators are attempting to reach a settlement, but there's a large gap between demands and what the government is willing to pay.

From the beginning of the strike there was deadly violence, culminating on August 16, when thirty-four were killed by police.