Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fake Violence Reports Causing Chaos and Panic in Mexico

Mexican police have been sent running in circles by a series of reports of violence, almost all of which have been fake.

Over the week thousands of fake reports have been called in to police, who can't risk not going, in case it's actually real.

Tweets and Facebook statuses have caused mass panic as they have purported more fake violence.

Mass media is often used in Mexico to allow Mexicans to know what areas to avoid, when actual violence is occurring.

Police have taken to Facebook, Twitter, TV, and even passed flyers out to try and end the panic.

Whoever is orchestrating this, is succeeding in causing chaos, especially in Mexico City.

Aleppo's Water Supply Cut as Syria Death Toll Nears 25,000

Aleppo has been the scene of some of the hardest fighting in the Syrian civil war, and now things have gotten worse for the city.

On Sunday, the city that was once the commercial center of the country, as well as the largest city, saw it's water supply cut off.

Rebel forces say that a government air strike took out the pipeline, whilst the government blames it on the rebels.

Either way the situation for the besieged city, is now much more dire.

The city is far from the only place where fighting is happening, as much of the country has seen violence.

Damascus, the capital, has been another focus of the conflict, and at times it has spilled into neighboring countries, such as Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq.

Death tolls throughout the country have been rising, with official numbers nearing twenty-five thousand since the uprising began.

Rebel forces are openly being aided by Al Qaeda and Libyan freedom fighters, whilst national forces are helped by Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Meanwhile Russia, with help from China, limits the amount of help coming from the UN.

The US, EU, and other nations have been strongly vocal about coming to the aid of the rebels, but have not officially committed any actions.

Accusations that the US is actively aiding the rebels have been made, but no proof has surfaced beyond the giving of medical supplies.

India's Space Program Reaches 100 Missions

India proudly celebrated their hundredth space mission, on Sunday.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called the Indian space program a "spectacular success" after the launch of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV-C21.

The satellite was carrying a French observation satellite and a Japanese microsatellite.

Singh stated that, "The launch of these satellites on board an Indian launch vehicle is testimony to the commercial competitiveness of the Indian space industry and is a tribute to Indian innovation and ingenuity".

Current planning has India working towards it's own Mars rover, as well as sending a rover to the moon in 2014.

Fresh Series of Bombings Across Iraq

At least a dozen explosions were part of a series of attacks which swept Iraq on Sunday.

All combined fifty-eight people were killed and two hundred injured.

In some places police stations and military were targets, as well as markets and shrines, but others seemed purely random.

As rescue workers in Kirkuk were responding to one a bombing there, another one went off, hurting and killing some of them.

A French consulate in Nasiriyah was slightly damaged by one of the bombings.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, yet.