Saturday, September 8, 2012

College Footballer Fractures Spine

Tragedy struck a college football game, on Saturday.

While going in for a tackle, Dulane safety Devon Walker collided head to head with a team mate.

Walker went down, and never got back up.

Doctors say that he fractured his spine, and are preparing for surgery within the next couple days.

The senior is in stable condition and never did lose consciousness or stop breathing, as had been reported by some agencies.

Hong Kong Relents on Chinese Patriotism Classes

After enduring weeks of large mass protests, Hong Kong's government has relented to the demands of the people.

Hong Kong had been planning to have mandatory Chinese patriotism classes, for school children.

The classes will now be optional, though many schools say they will not offer them at all.

Opponents of the classes worried that they were attempts by Beijing to brainwash their children.

On Sunday, voters will be going to the polls to elect over half the legislative assembly.

Hong Kong's population has become and more unhappy with being only semi autonomous, and calls for independence have increased.

Nigria Retakes Cell Towers From Boko Haram

Nigeria says it's army was successful in killing seven members of the islamist terrorist group Boko Haram.

Thirteen more people were arrested after a gun fight with the Nigerian army.

The attack came after Boko Haram moved to capture a series of cell towers.

Army forces moved back in the area and were attacked by the militants.

Government troops suffered no casualties.

Man Steals 1200 Library Books

Mitsuka Suizu may have the highest library fine ever.

Suizu admitted to stealing nearly twelve hundred library books, from fifteen libraries, over a seven year period.

Japanese police arrested found books from every genre and on every subject, in his home.

It's estimated that the books value is over twenty-five thousand dollars.

San Cristobal Causes Evacuations

On Saturday, Nicaragua's San Cristobal volcano let loose smoke, ash, and gasses.

People reported three explosions were heard moments before the partial eruption occurred.

This caused Nicaragua to evacuate about three thousand people from nearly a dozen villages, in the area.

Three hundred federal troops were sent to aid in the evacuation.

Tornadoes Near NYC

Two tornadoes have been confirmed near New York City during Saturday.

Tornado warnings and watches have been going throughout the day, and the sightings have sent people scrambling for their cameras.

Luckily the twisters have only caused minor damage and no injuries.

They have been produced by the same storm system that killed four people in Oklahoma, on Friday.

Death Toll in China Rises to Eighty

Rain has added to the problems facing rescuers in southwestern China, as they attempt to find missing people after the quake that struck there Friday.

At least eighty people were killed by the original quake and it's series of aftershocks.

Landslides crushed houses, vehicles, and people, whilst covering roads and making them impassable for rescue vehicles.

Around a thousand people were injured and estimates have nearly 750,000 homeless.