Monday, September 3, 2012

France Hits Ten Percent Unemployment

On Monday, the number of unemployed in France reached three million.

Unemployment has not been that high since 1999.

The three million mark is huge in the country, as it means that they've reached ten percent.

President Francois Hollande has promised that he will lower unemployment.

Hitting the big mark will increase pressure, on the administration that is not even in it's fourth month.

First Twitter Wedding

On Sunday, Twitter saw it's first wedding.

Candan Canik and Cengizhan Celik we literally married on Twitter.

Their entire ceremony took place via it.

Uskudar Mayor Mustafa Kara performed the ceremony on the social network, retweeting when the couple said "I do".

Four Striking Miners Injured in Riot

Security guards at the Gold One mine, in Johannesburg, wounded four people with rubber bullets, on Monday.

The guards fired into a mob of strikers who were attacking miners who were trying to get to work.

Police joined the guards with rubber bullets and tear gas.

All four of the injured strikers were later released from the hospital.

It was only three weeks ago that thirty-four striking miners were killed at another mine, when they attacked police.

Riots Continue in Belfast

Over the last two days forty-seven police officers have been injured in Belfast, several of whom are hospitalized.

Rioters have been assaulting them with bricks, stones, petrol bombs, fireworks, and bottles.

The officers had been present to keep Protestant protesters apart from a Catholic parade, but both sides turned on them.

Police have been forced to use water cannons and plastic bullets in self defense.

A section of the city has been shut down, in hopes of maintaining order.

So far, only one arrest has been made, but police are reviewing various security cameras, in the area, with the aim of prosecuting those responsible for injuring officers and causing the disturbance.

Barack Obama 2008 vs 2012

Some have accused President Obama of not getting anywhere with his Presidency.

One commercial put out by the Republican Party takes a look at how much candidate Obama has in common with the Presidential version.

There isn't much of a difference, still pretty much the same message.

Just a worse economy in the back ground.

Michael Clarke Duncan; Dead at 54

Michael Clarke Duncan died on September 3 of complications from a heart attack, which occurred on July 13.

Born December 10, 1957 in Chicago acting was always his dream, but life got in the way.

He found work wherever he could, mostly physical labor or as a bouncer.

It wasn't til 1995 that he received his first credited spot.

From then on there was always acting spots for him, especially for his Oscar nominated performance as John Coffey, in the Green Mile.

He was always a fan favorite, even when he played bad guys, which was common due to his stature.

Duncan will be missed by many for his huge smile, and bright outlook on life.