Sunday, September 2, 2012

Colorado Apartments Difficult to Find

Something I know very personally is how difficult finding an apartment in the Denver metro area is. And I'm by far not the only one who's struggling to find a place.

Many people throughout the area have been forced to move back in with the parents or get a roommate, just so that they can afford to live. More and more houses are coming up for rent, but for that you need either more money or several other people to go in on it with you.

The Colorado Division of Housing listed the average vacancy across the state as only being 5.2%. Here in Denver it's 4.8%. In the Fort Collins and Loveland area it's at 3.5%. Affordable housing is in such a demand that listings are lasting only hours before disappearing again.

Because of this shortage of space, renters have raised their prices. Yup good ole supply and demand at work. How we hate you right now, but love you when you work in our favor. The statewide average rent is now at $942 a month, with Denver facing $980. Those are simply amounts that most people just can't afford. 

The recession and the poor lending atmosphere caused a halt in construction of new apartments, yet people kept moving here. Demand has caused building to begin again, but most won't be opening for twelve to eighteen months. Til then the search must continue, fruitless as it may seem.

Wildfires Given New Breath by Isaac

Wildfires in northwest Nebraska and southern South Dakota grew all the greater as winds from the remnants of Isaac reached them.

Residents along Nebraska's Highway 385 are being evacuated, as if the fire jumps the highway, they would only have minutes of warning.

At the same time as Isaac hampered efforts, it aided them by lowering temperatures and bringing some humidity to the area.

The fires have already combined to burn over 182,000 acres, with over a thousand firefighters battling them.

Focus is on protecting Chadron, Nebraska and Rushville, South Dakota.

Jurickson Profar Makes History

Jurickson Profar put his name in to the books, Sunday afternoon.

At his first at bat, in the major leagues, he launched his first home run.

In doing so he became the first Texas Ranger to hit a home during their first at bat.

He also became the second youngest player to hit a home run in the majors.

The nineteen year old, back up second baseman, will sure to be watched a lot more, for the next while.

First Preview: Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan is hardly a new character to fans of Tom Clancy's novels.

Nor is he a new idea for movie screens as Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Alec Baldwin have all previously played him.

But now it's Chris Pine's turn.

Yes, Captain Kirk is also Jack Ryan.

This latest movie installment, simply titled Jack Ryan, is set to be the first in a trilogy of prequels to the books and movies.

Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley join Pine in the movie, and Knightley is contracted for the trilogy.

The movie is due out December 25, 2013 and we'll have more for you, once the first trailer is released.

Murder Suspect Has To Turn Himself in Twice to be Arrested

On Saturday a man, in Detroit, Michigan, reportedly shot four people during an argument at a party.

Two of those people died, and police began a search for the suspect.

Within two hours, the man turned himself in, at a fire station.

Firefighters called police to come pick the suspect up, but no one came.

Eventually the man gave up, and went to a police station where officers present there arrested him.

Police Chief Ralph Godbee has ordered an investigation, but due to recent personnel cuts it is quite possible that no officers were actually available.

70 Egyptian Generals Being Retired

Sisi and Morsi
Defence Minister Abdul Fattah al-Sisi announced that seventy Egyptian generals will be retiring.

Six of them will retain their positions on Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, but in advisory roles.

Just three weeks ago, President Morsi announced changes in Egypt's military structure, one of which was the appointment of Sisi to his post.

The moves are a clear mark by Morsi that he is in charge of the country, and that the military is definitely not.

Sun Myung Moon, Dead at 92

Sun Myung Moon died in South Korea, from complications of pneumonia, at the age of ninety-two. He had been in the hospital since Tuesday.

Moon was the founder of the Unification Church. The church is most well known for the mass weddings which they started decades ago. Some accuse the church of being a cult, as some of the partakers of the mass weddings have never met til the ceremony.

He was also extremely anti Communist. Mostly that was based on his imprisonment, by North Koreans, during the Korean War.

At one time he was taken to court, by the US government, for tax evasion. He was convicted and served time in a federal prison.

Various media outlets were founded by Moon, including the Washington Post and United Press International.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Announced

Square Enix has announced another installment to Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning Returns.

This addition will focus on Lightning, and it's supposed to take us to her final battle.

The battle system has been overhauled, with a greater focus on action, via button responses.

Rumors on the game, suggest that there will be some sort of mmo/social aspect to it.

Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will only be available for consoles.

No release date has been given yet.

Bats Close Cortez Middle School

In Colorado, Cortez Middle School has been forced to close after as many as five colonies of bats made their homes there.

The school made the decision to close after bats appeared in the hallways during school hours, and dead bats were being found each morning in and around the school.

No one has been bitten, and they wanted to ensure that no one was, so the decision to close whilst the bats could be removed was made.

As killing them is not allowed, the bats are being encouraged to leave in various manners.

Once they have all been chased out, the building will be fully sealed, and a netting which bat sonar will pick up will be placed to keep them away.

The school is expected to reopen on Tuesday.

Southwest Colorado has seen a large amount of bats this summer, and bat removal companies have come from other states to deal with the influx.

Remembering: VJ Day

On September 2, 1945 a Japanese delegation came aboard the USS Missouri.

The delegation was led by Japanese foreign minister Mamoru Shigemitsu and the chief of staff of the Japanese army Yoshijiro Umezu.

Aboard the ship they met with General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Chester Nimitz.

The four men would sign the "instrument of surrender" which formally ended World War II, as Japan surrendered unconditionally.

Fighting had ended August 15, but it took two weeks for all the formal arrangements to be made.

Pirates Kill Hostage to Send Message

Somalian pirates capture the MV Orna in December of 2010, and have had it ever since.

They have been demanding ransom for the ship, the cargo, and the crew ever since, but their demands have gone unanswered.

Now they have gone to a level that they had managed to not cross.

A pirate leader stated that they have killed one of the hostages, and wounded another, to show that they can no longer be taken for granted.

Til now they had avoided purposefully killing anyone, and stuck to being purely financial.

Often crews had been eventually released whether ransom was paid or not.

A European Union fleet, as well as Russian, US, and other country's forces patrol the area, seeking out the pirates.

The patrols have been partially successful, as pirate raids have been cut in half, and several times naval vessels have fought off attacks on ships or rescued the ships once they had been taken.

Best Beer Ad Ever?

Carlton Draught beer has been running an ad campaign of "Made From Beer". The Australian brewery's commercials have become increasingly acclaimed, but their latest has some calling it the best beer commercial ever.

Caltron's GM of marketing, Andrew Meldrum, said that, "At Carlton, we believe that beer ads should be fun. With the 'Made from beer' campaign we've always set out to remind us all not to take ourselves too seriously, and we try to do it in a way that puts a smile on people's faces."

In the "Beer Chase" four bank robbers go to the wrong bar for their celebration. From there it quickly turns into a classic 80's Hollywood car chase, though something is missing.

We found the commercial to be entertaining, though not necessarily the best beer commericial ever. What do you think?

Eleven Now Dead From Legionnaires in Quebec

An eleventh person has now died from legionnaires disease, in Quebec City, Quebec.

One hundred and sixty-nine people have come down with the illness since July.

Smokers, those with respiratory illness, and people with immune deficiency are at the highest risk from the disease.

Stagnant water in highrise cooling systems is believed to be the source of the bacteria.

Once there, the bacteria spreads via water droplets, through ventilation.

So far the city has inspected and cleaned one hundred and thirty cooling systems, throughout the city.

The public health department reports that owners of many buildings have refused or failed to respond to inspection requests.

Maurice Jones-Drew To End 38 Day Holdout

Maurice Jones-Drew, who has sat out the entire Jacksonville Jaguar training camp, is expected to return today after a thirty-eight day hiatus; according to ESPN's Adam Schefter:

Jones-Drew has been trying to renegotiate his five year, thirty-one million dollar contract. He has been paid twenty-one million in the first three years of his contract, but wants to be paid in line with the other top running backs in the league. Adrian Peterson was recently signed to a seven year, one hundred million dollar contract; and Chris Johnson, LeSean McCoy, Arian Foster, and Matt Forte all have received new contracts higher than that of Maurice's current contract.

 Rashad Jennings, another Jaguar running back, confirmed ESPN's report of an MJD return on Twitter:

At a fine of up to thirty thousand dollars a day, and sixty thousand for a mandatory mini-camp, Jones-Drew could be fined up to $2.1 million for time missed in the off-season. If Maurice had chosen to sit out during the regular season he could have lost up to $261,765 per week, or the base salary of $4.45 million for the entire season. 

The Jaguars open the season this coming weekend at Minnesota. Jones-Drew is expected to play but will likely not be starting. Entering his seventh year as a Jaguar, Jones-Drew led the NFL in rushing in 2011 with 1,606 yards.

7 Year Old Girl Recovering From Bubonic Plague

A seven year old girl from Pagosa Springs, Colorado is recovering after contracting the bubonic plague.

Doctors expect that she will see a full recovery, as she was brought to them in time for treatment.

She is believed to have caught it near during a family camping trip to Cimarrona Campground.

It was the first case, of the deadly disease, in Colorado since 2006.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that on average there are seven occurrences every year.

Symptoms of the plague appear in humans two to six days after being bitten by an infected flea, rodent, or cat.

Officials say that it shows the importance of never touching dead or dying animals, and being careful with live ones.

Iran and North Korea Expanding Cooperation

Iran and North Korea have announced a renewed cooperation in science and technology.

According to Iranian state media they "will cooperate in research, student exchanges and joint laboratories, and in the fields of information technology, engineering, biotechnology, renewable energy, the environment, sustainable development of agriculture and food technology".
 Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran and North Korea have common enemies, because the arrogant powers do not accept independent states".

Both countries were marked by US President George W. Bush as being in the "axis of evil", and evidence of their secretly working together has come out from time to time.

South Africa Dropping Murder Charges Against Miners

South Africa's top prosecutor has announced that murder charges will be dropped against miners that had been striking.

Two hundred and seventy miners had been charged with the murder of thirty-four of their number, after police fired into their rioting mass.

The decision had been ridiculed by civil rights groups and governments from around the world.

Charges of attempted murder would also be dropped, but the charges of public violence and others will stay.

Thousands of miners are still striking, demanding that the government double their wages.

Miners who weren't striking, as well as police, had been killed by the strikers before the mass shooting, which police say was in self defense.

Teen Rescued Safely After Kidnapping

Saturday morning police in Las Vegas, Nevada teamed with officers from Henderson in the apprehension of two kidnappers.

On Friday morning, a seventeen year old girl responded to a knock on the door, only to be dragged out of it by the two men that were outside.

Neighbors and her family chased after the abductors, calling 911 as they went.

Within hours the family received a ransom call and an Amber alert was issued.

Tips from various people led the police to an apartment building in Las Vegas, where they came, warrants in hand, looking for the girl and her captors.

In three separate apartments they found the two suspects and the girl, who was unharmed.

Police arrested thirty year old Cesar Sanchez and Alejandro Manuel Sanchez-Sanchez, twenty five, on counts of kidnapping, extortion, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit extortion.

There will be no bail in their case.

Hobbit Trilogy Dates Released

To many fans it came as very disappointing news that The Hobbit would be split into three parts, instead of the planned two.

But at least some good news has come now as we find when each of the trilogy will be released.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will still be coming out December 14, 2012, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is due out December 13, 2013, and The Hobbit: There and Back Again has been announced for July 18, 2014.

Good news then that we'll not have to wait even two full years to see movie.

3D lovers are sure to be excited that the films will all be available in it, and traditionalists fear not regular 2D is still happening as well as IMAX.

For those who aren't aware The Hobbit was the book, by J. R. R. Tolkien, that takes place before The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

It contains the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, Frodo's uncle, the hobbit who turned 111 near the beginning of The Fellowship of The Ring, and who had been the previous owner of the ring.