Saturday, September 1, 2012

Islamists Capture Douentza

Islamist rebels in Mali have captured the important town of Douentza, in Mali.

It is located about five hundred miles from the capital of Bamako, and marks a huge show of strength by the rebels.

MUJAO, an Islamist group, confirmed they had taken the town from the local militia.

The northern half of the country had been lost to the Malian government since April, but til now much of it had been controlled by local militias.

It appears that now the Islamists are moving to conquer the non alined areas, that have stayed secular.

Venezuela's Amuay Reopened

Venezuela's Amuay oil refinery has started production again, a week after an explosion and massive fire, crippled it.

Forty-two people were killed and around one hundred injured in the blast and fires.

Seventeen of the dead were national guard troops, whose job it was to protect the facility.

Despite President Chavez's denials, it is widely thought that poor maintenance was the cause of the explosion.

Cleanup has cost an estimated twenty-four million dollars.

At this point it is not known when the refinery will be back up to full output.

Wyoming Wolves no Longer Protected

Wyoming wolves will no longer being protected by the federal government, after having been nearly extinct, twenty years ago.

The US Fish and Wildlife feels that they have recovered to an extent that there's no longer a threat to the species.

Wolves in certain areas, such as Yellowstone National Park, shall still be protected, but wolves in nonprotected zones can be shot on sight.

Current statistics show two hundred and seventy outside of Yellowstone, and other protected areas the Wind River Indian Reservation and Grand Teton National Park.

The three areas make up about ten percent of the land area of Wyoming. 

Ranchers and hunters have been complaining for years over the number of cattle and game that wolves have been killing.

On October 1, the Wyoming Game Commission will open unlimited hunting licenses, but will close the season after fifty-two wolves have been killed.

Car Wheels Being Stolen

In Jefferson, Douglas, and Arapahoe Counties people have been finding their cars on blocks with the wheels stolen, all over the summer.

The thieves haven't even been partial on whether the rims are custom made or stock, just making off with whatever they can grab.

Some of the stolen rims have been worth up to two thousand dollars a piece.

Police are advising people to use busy, well lit parking lots.

The three counties contain much of the Denver metro area, in Colorado.

Remembering: Germany Invades Poland

On September 1, 1939 at 4:45 am 1.5 million German troops cross over the border into Poland. As they did the Luftwaffe and navy launched attacks against the Polish fleet and airfields.

Hitler attempted to claim the invasion as a defensive action, but England and France would not believe him. He had thought and hoped that they would sit back and let Germany swallow up Poland, just as they had Austria in 1938 and Czechoslovakia in 1939. But they finally realized that he would just keep going if they didn't stop him, and on September 3 declared war. Australia, New Zealand, and India quickly joined in announcing they had joined England and France.

The Germans quickly moved through Poland, using a new form of warfare known as blitzkrieg. The extremely well disciplined combined forces of air, armor, and infantry was hugely successful. Poland was not helped by how over matched their forces were, technologically. In infamous instances Polish cavalry bravely, but suicidally charged German panzers.

The only hope for Poland was that France and England would mobilize fast enough to force the Germans to focus on the west. French troops there outnumbered German ones by about four to one, but they did little more than raid the border. Then all hopes were dashed when the USSR invaded Poland from the east, on September 17. Russia did so in part of a secret agreement with Germany, to split Poland. Polish forces quickly fell apart, and on September 28, the besieged forces in Warsaw surrendered.

World War II had truly begun.