Friday, August 31, 2012

Thousands Protest Peacefully in Bahrain

On Friday, thousands joined a peaceful anti government protest in Bahrain.

It was the first protest march that the government had authorized since June, and many were willing to make the two mile walk.

The ban over the last few months had not stopped protesters, but the numerical difference was rather clear.

A very key difference was the lack of violence, which had been the cause of the ban, and had plagued the unauthorized protests.

The Shiite majority population began protesting the Sunni run government in February 2011.

The US has pushed for peaceful talks, between the two sides, but is more on the government's side, as the country holds the base for the US Fifth Fleet.

Saudi Arabia has clearly backed the regime, at one point even sending troops to maintain peace and order.

Iran dodges accusations of aiding the opposition, whilst very much vocally supporting them.

Woman Induced Into Coma to Recover From Acid Attack

Tanya St Arnauld has been put into a medically induced coma in hopes that it will help her body recover after a man threw acid on her.

Seventy percent of her body suffered burns from the corrosive substance.

The Longueuil, Quebec woman, was attacked by her boyfriend, who had a history of throwing food and other liquids on her during arguments.

Nikolas Stefanatos also has an assault conviction from 2006.

A judge has continued to postpone his bail hearing.

Clint Eastwood at The RNC

Clint Eastwood's speech at the Republican National Convention, on Thursday night, has prompted a lot of discussion.

Many are confused by his use of an empty chair to portray President Obama, others were offended by it. Some criticize him for his speech's content, even saying he had things wrong, or that he rambled too much.

Granted, the line about lawyers was a little unfortunate as Romney does have a law degree, but he is a businessman, and that was Eastwood's point. O and as far as the unemployment numbers being wrong, so the man forgot to say unemployed and underemployed whilst giving an unscripted speech. Deal with it.

For me, it was something almost magically perfect. Eastwood grabbed your attention, made his points using humor and facts, and did what actors do, he entertained. And while he was doing so, he made you think, and proved his beliefs. What else could you have asked for?
Decide for yourself:

First US Death From H3N2v Strain of Swine Flu

A sixty-one year old woman became the first US victim of the H3N2v strain of swine flu.

H3N2v was first discovered in US pigs in 2010, and then in people in 2011.

Throughout 2011, twelve people were infected with the disease.

Already in 2012, there have bee 289 cases, in five states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.

The victim who lost her life was the oldest to contract it, whilst it has hit those as young as six months.

Symptoms for H3N2v are very similar to the regular flu, so more cases could easily have gone unreported.

In Minnesota, three people who were working at the state fair became ill with a different strain.

They are all recovering from the H1N2v.

Workers and visitors that attended the fair are being warned to be checked by a doctor, for the disease.

Walmart Tests iPhone Checkout App

Walmart moved a step closer to ending the age of cashiers.

On Tuesday and Wednesday a single store, in Rodgers, Arkansas, tested out a new app for the iPhone.

The app allows customers to scan their items for themselves, and even pay via the phone.

Walmart spends nearly twelve million dollars on cashier wages, every second, in the US alone.

They are hoping that the new app would help them become more cost efficient, and allow for faster checkouts.

Eventually it would be added to apps for other phone platforms.

Recently, the company has been greatly expanding their use of regular self checkout machines, which still require one cashier per two or four registers.

If the app is successful, it could put thousands of cashiers out of jobs, in the name of customer satisfaction.

Mimi The Elephant Heading for Hospice

Since 1961, Mimi the elephant has delighted visitors at the Denver Zoo.

Over the past few years she has been slower and generally had a sore body.

At fifty-three she's had a good long life, most captive elephants don't make it much past forty.

Sadly, Mimi has stopped eating, so zoo keepers and veterinarians have made the decision to move her to hospice.

They haven't given up on her and are continuing to try to get her to eat, but it's time to face that the end soon might be here.

Ten Thousand Could Have Been Exposed to Hantavirus

Hantavirus has already killed two people who visited Yosemite National Park.

Four others are in critical condition from contracting the disease.

All six of the victims stayed at the Curry Village tent cabins.

Somewhere between seven and ten thousand people have visited the California park over the summer.

Three thousand of those have already been sent letters and emails, warning them of the possible danger.

Officials recommend that all who stayed at the village, be checked by a doctor for any signs of the virus.

Man Loses Leg After Crashing Stolen Police Car

Police had responded to a call for a robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, when someone uninvolved stole one of their cruisers.

Within minutes a 911 call came in about a crashed police cruiser, that had hit a light pole in front of Starbucks.

LAPD officers who responded found the car thief ejected from the vehicle, and his leg lying apart from him.

The twenty-five year old man is in the hospital in critical condition.

Andy Roddick Announces Retirement

On Thursday, during his thirtieth birthday, tennis pro Andy Roddick announced that he will retire after the US Open.

"I just feel like it's time,'' said Roddick.

He is currently the only Grand Slam winner on the men's circuit, from the US.

Roddick has a career win percentage of .742, with thirty-two titles.

Over the last few years he has begun battling injuries, and in February dropped to number twenty then thirty-four in March, the lowest he had been ranked since 1991.

Friday night he is set to play what could be his last match.

Spanish Fire Causes Thousands to Evacuate

Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate the Spanish towns Marbella, Monda, Coin, and Ojen, as a wildfire approaches.

The fire started near Coin, on Thursday, and quickly spread to neighboring areas.

At least one person is believed to have died from the fire, and several others have been hospitalized.

As of Friday afternoon, residents are being allowed back into parts of Marbella.

Firefighters are doing all they can to save the towns.

$30 Million Worth of Maple Syrup Stolen

Thirty million dollars worth of maple syrup was stolen from a warehouse in St-Louis-de-Blandford, Quebec.

The facility is part of Canada's strategic reserve of the syrup, and had held 3.4 million liters of it.

An inventory check, by the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, showed that the syrup was missing.

Officials are not saying exactly how much was taken, just what it was worth.

The warehouse, when full, contains about a quarter of the strategic reserve.

Maple syrup reserves are insured, so there will be no financial loss, but the news has caused some to stock up on extra quantities.

Mr. Coffee Brewers Recalled

Mr. Coffee Single Cup Brewing Systems are being recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Sunbeam Products Inc.

Models sold from September 2010 through August 2012 are included in the voluntary recall.

There have been 164 reports of steam forcing open the brewing chamber, splashing people with boiling liquid, causing sixty-one injuries.

The brewers were sold throughout the US and Canada, at most retailers.

All models were black with red, white, or silver, trim.

Plane Missing Near Pueblo

A single engine piper Piper Super Cruiser has disappeared near Pueblo, Colorado.

Pueblo County Sheriff's Department had apparently hired the plane out, for a law enforcement mission.

The pilot and one passenger were supposed to return near 10 am, but have not been heard from since take off.

A search is being made in the San Isabel National Forest, for a crash site.

Fourteen Dead in Flooded Cameroon

Floods in Cameroon are being blamed for the deaths of fourteen people.

State run media also reports that at least twenty-two thousand have fled from the flooded areas.

The Benoue River flooded it's banks after heavy rain fall forced water to be released from the Lagdo hydro electric dam.

Various food crops have been destroyed, and that with the possibility of disease is causing great worries.

Twenty-five hundred troops have been deployed to help the area.

Man Kills Two Then Himself in New Jersey

About 7:30 am EDT police responded to reports of shots fired at a supermarket in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

Upon arrival, officers found three bodies, one of whom was the gunman, in different parts of the store.

The twenty-three year old gunman was an employee of the store, who had worked the night shift, and then left.

He returned in camouflage, an AK47, and a handgun; shooting sixteen shots as he went through the store.

After killing his two coworkers, he apparently shot himself.

At least a dozen other employees were in the store at the time, but managed to hide from the shooter.

His victims have been identified as eighteen year old Cristina LoBrutto and Bryan Breen, who was twenty-four.

No motive is known at this time, but police believe that those killed were not specifically targeted.

7.6 Quake Rattles Philippines

Friday night a 7.6 earthquake struck about a hundred miles off the east coast of the Philippines.

Tsunami alerts were issued for much of the western Pacific, though no where saw anything more than a couple inches.

A house in Cagayan de Oro collapsed, killing a fifty-four year old woman.

Some roads were buckled by the quake, and there were reports of landslides.

People were warned not to go back to sleep, in case of after shocks.

Electricity was knocked out in parts of the Philippines through much of the night.

Mango Recall Continues to Spread

A recall of Daniella Mangoes has now spread from Canada to the US.

PLU numbers 3114, 4051, 4311, 4584, and 4959 that were sold at Costco, Save Mart Supermarkets, Food 4 Less, Ralph's, Topco stores, El Super, Kroger, Giant-Eagle, Stop & Shop, Aldi, and Whole Foods are under the recall.

Seventy-three cases of salmonella poisoning have been linked to the fruit, in California alone.

The fruit came from Mexico, and was sold between June and August.

Two Million Baby Bathers Recalled

Summer Infant Deluxe and Mother's Touch Baby Bathers are being recalled.

Two million of the bathers are being considered defective after seven babies have been injured.

A side hinge can fail, causing the frame to collapse, and the baby to be dropped.

Models sold from September 2004 through November 2011 are included in the recall.

The following model numbers are part of the recall: 08020, 08050, 08054, 08070, 08401, 08409, 08404, 08405, 08650, 08655, 08659, 08754, 08940, 08944, 18004, 18040, 18049, 18050, 18120, 18125, 18129, 18254, 18360, 18375, 18379, 18390, 18394, 18440, 18445, 18449, 18470, 18475, 18479, 38510, 38515, 38750, 38755

Book Review: What The (Bleep) Just Happened?

While on my little twenty-six hour unplanned trip to Chicago to take care of some business, I filled the waiting hours and flight time with Monica Crowley's What The (Bleep) Just Happened? .

This book will infuriate the more deep ceded socialists, fascists, "progressives", and liberals. Blue Dog Democrats may find themselves cheering with some of Ms. Crowley's diction and rhetoric while nodding in assent at some of her indictments.

Monica's book chronicles the first three years of Obama's administration. This book is an indictment. Ms. Crowley juxtaposes Obama's promises with his actions. She sits Obama in front of the floodlight and interrogates him through this book. Armed with the facts from Obama's constant self contradiction and blatant anti American actions, Ms. Crowley executes this questioning utilizing both indisputable evidence and a challenge to Obama's narcissistic ego.

Her catchphrase from the book "What the @#$& just happened?" will leave your average Constitutional Moderate, Libertarian or Conservative Republican feeling like a teenager at their first college frat party.

This book is a must read prior to Election Day this November.

Full Article Originally Posted At Mental Aikido.

Book Review: The Amateur

During the course of my relocation to "places not Arizona", I read a great book entitled The Amateur by Edward Klein. The book grants an honest profile of Barack Obama, his closest advisers, his staff, his inner circle supporters, and his chief bureaucrats also known as "Czars". If you do an internet search on Mr. Klein, you will find numerous interviews. In many of them, he not only talks about some parts of the expose, he expounds upon information not included in the book.

The book delves deep into Obama's failures. It demonstrates not only his inexperience, but that of some key individuals. The book explores, in depth, the relationship between Valarie Jarrett and the Obamas, showing exactly how much she assumes the role of puppet master despite her complete lack of knowledge and experience on the majority of subjects she advises.

The book also contains information from interviews with other prominent liberals and so called blue dog democrats. When even the more extreme socialists refer to Obama by the book's title, all voting age Americans need to heed the warning.

Regardless which side of the aisle your political ideology may reside, this book is a must read before Election Day in November.

Full Article Originally Posted At Mental Aikido.