Thursday, August 30, 2012

Taylor Swift's Never Ever Getting Back Together Video Debuts

Seventeen days after announcing her new album, Red, and debuting the first single from it, Taylor Swift has released the video for it.

The video for Never Ever Getting Back Together, debuted Thursday, on MTV.

Reportedly taped in a single take, Swift goes through a partially surreal world where her band is dressed as stuffed animals.

She herself had to undergo four costume changes, during the three and a half minute video.

The full album is set to be released, October 22. Unfortunately the video is not playable off the MTV site, til 8pm EDT, August 31.

Victor Airlines Creates Furs Class

UK based Victor Airline now allows for the family dog to fly in their own seat in the cabin.

The private charter jet company is calling the option "Furs Class".

Seats cost about a thousand dollars a piece, but it's the only way to fly the dog across the ocean, without sending them with the freight.

New Belgium Beer Under Threat

Better enjoy those remaining New Belgium beers.

The brewery is currently on emergency reserves of purified water.

Normally they use purified water from the Poudre River, however the High Park Fire has contaminated the river beyond the ability of filters to completely purify.

Fort Collins, Colorado is warning the company that their time using the reserve, is coming to an end.

New Belgium is trying to figure out a way to avoid being forced to use the Poudre water, which they say would ruin their flavor, if not be totally undrinkable.

Hookah Not Better Than Regular Tobacco

According to a recent study released by the Mashhad University of Medical Science, in Iran, and confirmed by the Israel Cancer Association shows that hookah may not be healthier than regular smoking.

In fact, it may actually be worse.

To start with, the tobacco used for hookah, is watered with sewage water, which contains human waste.

The vapor, which is breathed in, contains arsenic, lead, nicotine, coal tar, and other harmful substances.

Hookah's sweet odor and flavor are actually additives used to disguise the other substances.

Several of the ingredients have been known to cause mutations in lab animals, not to mention cancer and other health issues.

As a result, Israel has already increased taxes on hookah tobacco to be even with that of regular tobacco.

South African Miners Charged With Murder in Police Shooting

Two weeks after thirty-four striking miners were killed when police opened fire, some of their comrades are being charged with the deaths.

The miner's strike went violent, and police in self defense shot into the mob, which had previously killed other officers, and attacked miners that attempted to work.

After the massacre, two hundred and seventy miners were arrested and they now face the charge of murder.

Under South African law, they are being tried under "common purpose", which allows for suspects who were with those who died during an incident with police to be charged for their deaths, no matter who shot who.

At this time, no police are being charged, as the incident is still under investigation.

Echo Mountain Has a New Owner

Echo Mountain ski area has finally been sold, but things will be changing a lot there.

The mountain will still be open to the general public, but focus will be growing all the more on training for alpine racing.

World Cup skiers such as Sarah Schleper-Gaxiola, Petter Brenna, Patrik Järbyn, and Mike Farny have already been lined up as coaches.

The Colorado mountain already has a history of being a place where skiers would train, but it has also been successfully focusing on gaining more and more regular skiers.

Nora Pykkonen, the new owner, plans to have it opened in November.

Sharks Causing Massachusetts Beach Closures

Beaches along Massachusetts' Cape Cod are being closed.

Great white shark sightings have increased to such a number that local authorities are willing to lose any remaining tourist money, over the risk of an attack.

Researchers say the sharks are becoming more visible as the local seal population has continued to grow.

The population has greatly increased as they are protected by law.

Seals have actually become a nuisance to fishermen, as they are not even allowed to chase them away from their catches.

As the seals are a favorite meal of sharks, and sharks can easily confuse a human for a seal, people are being warned to stay more than three hundred feet from seals, no matter the location.

Mayor Killed by Donkey

According to police, Mayor William Bohlke was killed by one of his donkeys.

Bohlke, the mayor of Hollywood Park, Texas kept several donkeys on his ranch, and was apparently killed by a five hundred pound male.

Authorities have not released whether he was trampled, kick, or how exactly the donkey did it, but they say they have the proof.

The family will have to decide what to do with the donkey.

A twenty year Air Force veteran, Bohlke had been elected in May to the mayorship, his first public office.

US Marines Aiding Guatemala

Two hundred US Marines have joined Guatemalan forces in the drug war.

They will be patrolling the country's western coast in an effort to keep drug traffickers from using it.

It is part of Operation Martillo, a joint operation between the US, Belize, Britain, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama and Spain.

Operation Martillo aims to end drug trafficking throughout Central America.

Over the summer Operation Martillo has seen various successes that have nearly completely stopped drug traffickers from being able to use the air.

Now focus has moved to the oceans.

On July 16, Guatemala agreed to the presence of US forces, within their borders, and they arrived in early August.

After arriving, they spent two weeks training and rehearsing their mission, and then began operations earlier this week.

Accompanied by four UH-1 helicopters, the Marines are expected to be on station for about two months.

Mango Recall Grows

A mango recall announced five days ago, has been greatly expanded.

Originally for just sections of Canada and one batch of mangoes, it is now for the whole country and six batches of the fruit.

Daniella mangoes with the PLU number 3114, 4051, 4312, 4584, 4959, and 4961 are all now under the recall.

Mangoes from all six groups have tested positive for salmonella, and twenty-one people have fallen ill from them.

The fruit were sold at multiple retailers from July 12 through August 30.

All of the melons were grown in Mexico.

Canon City Inmate Shot

An inmate at Canon City's Four Mile Correctional Facility felt a sudden pain in his leg on Tuesday, as he was walking around the track during recreational time.

When he looked down he found that he had been shot, which doctors confirmed on Thursday after finally getting the fragments out of his knee.

The prison reports that none of the guards fired the shot, and it is not clear where it came from.

Currently the minimum security prison is on lock down as Colorado Department of Corrections officers, from other prisons, search the facility for a weapon.

Buildings outside the prison are also being searched.

In efforts to look at all possibilities, officials are considering that he may have been shot from the nearby hills, with a high powered rifle.

Student Stops Bus After Driver Falls

Thursday morning while taking a turn a school bus driver fell out of his seat, into the stair well.

A quick reacting teenage student jumped up front and pulled the emergency brake, stopping the bus.

The incident happened near Platte Avenue and Chelton Road, according to Colorado Springs police.

Two Indian Military Helicopters Crash

Two military helicopters crashed in India, on Thursday.

All nine people aboard were killed.

The two Mi-17s were flying out of Jamnagar air base, in the state of Gujarat.

The air force is investigating the crashes.

A mid air collision is possible.

100 Year Old Man Injures 11 With Car

Wednesday afternoon a one hundred year old man lost control of his car and ended up hitting a group of people.

Eleven ended up sent to the hospital, including nine children, four of whom are still in serious condition.

The vehicle backed into and over the group of people standing on the sidewalk, with the driver saying his brakes failed.

Police are investigating the incident as an accident, and no arrest will be made.

The driver turns 101 on September 5.

Isaac Continues to Pound Gulf Coast

Hurricane Isaac may have dropped to tropical storm, but it is still pounding the gulf coast and parts inland.

Isaac has now caused a death in the United States, as high winds knocked a tree over killing a man in Pearl River County, Mississippi.

The storm is continuing to cause tornado warnings and flooding in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

Dozens have been injured in various incidents caused by the winds, tornadoes, and waters; and hundreds have been trapped or displaced by the storm, with thousands more evacuated.

Some places have seen as much as twenty-four inches of rain, in twenty-four hours, and some levees are no longer able to hold back all the water, even as predictions of as much as twenty-five more inches of rain are made.

Parts of Louisiana are being aided by National Guard efforts, and disaster areas have been declared in fifty-eight of the sixty-four parishes.

Nearly a million people are out of power, help is on the way from other states, but some routes are not currently passable.

Residents along the Tangipahoa River have just been given til 11:40 CDT to evacuate as the levee at Lake Tangipahoa is about to brake.

The state government is sending buses to aid in the mandatory evacuation of fifty to sixty thousand people.

Morris Brown College Failed Business: Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

In Atlanta, Georgia, one college is bankrupt and facing possible closure. Morris Brown College posted a notice on their website concerning these financial troubles that are plaguing the one hundred and thirty-one year old university. The school's financial problems are rooted in federal grants to students. The college was receiving up to eight million dollars a year in federal student aid.

With this "free government money" (taxpayer provided funding) coming in, a former president of the school and a former financial director were embezzling funds and defrauding taxpayers. The funding they stole was not intended for personal use, but to allay some of the college's financial woes. The college is currently over twenty-seven million dollars in debt, struggling, and taking on volunteer lecturers and professors in an effort to maintain its various curricula. Alumni are even volunteering hours to provide maintenance and janitorial services.

The embezzled taxes defrauded from the citizens of this great republic are even more indicative of the false narrative that somehow taxpayers should assume individuals' responsibilities. In the case of Morris Brown's scandal in the early 21st century, the president, financial director, and school administration believed that tax payers should pay the debts of a private university.

The financial troubles are further exacerbated by the school's rapidly declining enrollment rate. At the time of the fraud scandal, the school had approximately twenty-five hundred students, with eighty percent of them on federal scholarships and grants. The school is now struggling to keep over fifty students matriculated at the university.

Now, the school faces a very real possibility of closing due to foreclosure and bankruptcy. 

Faculty, staff, and students need to realize that colleges are businesses. They provide goods and services for appropriate compensation. If they want "free education", they will get one that is worth exactly what they paid for it.

Like other businesses, should the colleges mismanage their funds and fail to employ a working business model, they will fail. They should not seek government bailouts or taxpayer money to allay their failure, especially when their failure is, in part, due to defrauding taxpayers.

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