Monday, August 27, 2012

US Sets Records With 2011 Arms Deals

A new study was released by the US Congress on Monday.

The study details out weapons sales throughout the world, in 2011.

With a total of $66.3 billion, the US led the world by far, with Russia coming in second with only $4.8 billion.

Most of the US's sales went to Middle Eastern countries who are worried about Iran.

It was a most dramatic increase, as in 2010 the US only made $21.4 billion in arms deals, with the largest previous year being 2009 with almost $31 billion.

Study Finds Smoking Cannabis Lowers Intelligence

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences announced that smoking cannabis permanently lowers intelliegence.

The lowering greatly increased if the person started smoking at a younger age, especially during their teens.

A thousand people from Dunedin, New Zealand took part in the study, over the last twenty-five years.

The study was carried out by researchers at King’s College in London and Duke University.

Protesting Miners Lock Themselves in Mine With Explosives

Miners in Italy have stolen nearly eight hundred pounds of explosives and locked themselves deep down in their mine, near Cagliari.

As many as a hundred miners are staging their protest around thirteen hundred feet under ground.

They began the protest on Sunday night as an attempt to keep the government from closing the mine.

Some of the miners have been working there for over twenty-five years, and do not want to become unemployed.

They are asking the government to try to find a different use for it, even suggesting it be turned into a storage for pollutants.

The Carbosulcis mine has seen protests before, in 1995 miners stayed there for a hundred days to win their point.

Israel Develops New Grenade Technology

Israel Military Industries announced the development of a new grenade.

Whilst they would not go into detail on how it works, they let it be known that the grenade will not explode if struck by a bullet, hit by shrapnel, or put in a fire.

The new model has already been in field use with Israeli forces for a few months.

It is expected that the new technology will save lives, as it will cut down the number of accidental explosions.

Israel will sell the technology to friendly states.

Seventeen Beheaded for Holding Coed Party

Seventeen people were beheaded in the town of Musa Oala, Afghanistan.

Their crime was throwing a coed party, with dancing and music.

The fifteen men and two women were killed by members of the Taliban.

To the Taliban a party involving men and women, who are not related, is one of the worst possible crimes.

The Taliban is also against women voting, showing their faces, or being in public with out a male relative or husband present.

In 2001, the US and their allies officially ended Taliban rule in the country, but insurgents have been a problem ever since.

Snakes on a Plane, Almost

Mateus Del Maso Jr was arrested earlier this month for attempting to smuggle snakes onto a plane.

Del Maso was trying to leave Florida through Orlando International Airport, on his way home to Brazil.

A TSA agent who was suspicious of the speakers the man checked in, searched them and made a slithering discovery.

Inside the speakers were twenty-seven snakes that had been wrapped in pantyhose, before being stuffed into the speakers.

The snakes had a value of about ten thousand dollars, and Del Maso planned to begin a breeding operation once he got home.

Luckily for the people he was to share the plane with, they never made it aboard.
After pleading guilty, Del Maso served two days in prison, was served a six thousand dollar fine, will have to undergo a year of supervised release, and be required to announce himself to a probation officer if he ever returns to the US.

Will.I.Am's New Song to Debut From Mars

Will.I.Am's new single will become the first debut from Mars.

The song called "Reach for the Stars" will be released via the Curiosity rover, and then transmitted back to earth.

It will take place at the end of a presentation at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

During the event a new science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics initiative featuring NASA will be announced.

Reach for the Stars details the singer's passion for science, technology, and space exploration.

Counselor Stopped Shooting at Maryland High School

It was the first day of the school year at Perry Hall High School, near Baltimore, Maryland.

About 10:45 EDT a fifteen year old student walked into the cafeteria, and pulled a gun.

He managed to get off two shots before being subdued and disarmed by teachers and staff.

One of the bullets struck a seventeen year old male, who is expected to recover.

Guidance counselor Jesse Wasmer is being credited as having pinned the shooter against a vending machine, until other faculty were able to take the gun away from him.

Wasmer without a doubt saved lives.

Hertz Buying Dollar Thrifty for $2.3 Billion

After a couple years of attempting to Hertz will be buying Dollar Thrifty in a deal worth about $2.3 billion.

As part of the deal Hertz will have to sell their sub company Advantage.

This will very much emphasize Hertz's position as the number two car renter, in the US.

The number three group, Avis, had been bidding on Dollar Thrifty, but withdrew their attempts after buying into the European market.

Enterprise Holdings, which owns Enterprise, National, and Alamo, never did seek to expand their number one spot, by adding Dollar Thrifty.

Franchise Services of North America and Macquarie Capital will be acquiring Advantage, for an as of yet undisclosed amount.

Lion Hunting in England

Police have been joined by military helicopters with heat seeking equipment as a search for a lion takes place in England.

Outside the village of St. Osyth a resident reported seeing a lion hanging around in a field.

No lions are missing from the zoos, nor from the circus, but authorities aren't taking any chances.

Zoo experts are assisting in the search, as hundreds check everywhere around the area for a large feline presence.

For England it's almost a yearly experience, the search for a sighted big cat of one type or another.

They never find anything, but always go with better safe than sorry.