Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lakewood Preparing for Soda and Candy Tax

Lakewood, Colorado is set to vote on Monday on a tax on candy and soda.

It is expected to pass, as it would bring in a lot of revenue for the city.

Also up for vote is a tax exemption for food for home consumption and all grocery foods.

The three percent tax would join a 3.75% tax already in place by Aurora.

Aurora's law set a definition of candy and sodas that Lakewood's law is expected to follow, if passed.

Two Separate Plane Crashes in Colorado

There have been two separate plane crashes in Colorado. Both involved single engine planes, with only one aboard each aircraft.

Saturday afternoon a sheep herder happened upon a crash in northwestern Colorado's Routt County. The pilot was dead in the plane. Authorities acknowledged that they are unsure when the plane actually crashed.

On Sunday morning, southeast of Aurora and east of Parker, a plane barely missed a subdivision of homes. It's pilot was taken to Parker Adventist Hospital in serious condition.

At this time it is unclear what caused either of the crashes. The National Transportation Safety Board is preparing to take over both investigations.

NYC Cops Hit Shooter Five Times in the Head

More information has come out regarding Friday's shooting in New York City.

Around 9am, a man walked into his former place of employment and shot a former coworker three times, killing him. He then left the scene, but pulled his gun when approached by police.

The two officers were forced to shoot him in self defense, and he died from his wounds. Unfortunately, in the gunfire nine other people were wounded in the gunfire, luckily they are all expected to recover fully.

A total of sixteen bullets were fired by the officers, nine by one, seven by the other. On Saturday, ballistics came out, showing that three of the nine bystanders were hit by bullets from the officers, whilst the other six were struck by fragments.

The medical examiner's report came out Sunday, stating that the shooter was struck five times in the head, and once to the chest. It was also revealed that the shooter's gun fit eight bullets, and he only had two at the end of the incident. Investigators are unsure if he only had five bullets in his gun, or where the other three bullets went if he was fully loaded.

Both officers are fifteen year veterans of the force, and neither of them had ever fired their weapons on patrol. For now the officers are suspended, during the investigation.

New York City and the NYPD are both likely to be sued over the incident. The officer's actions were by the book, and in self defense, making any judgment the more complicated.

Egypt Deploys in Sinai

Egypt has deployed at least twenty M-60A3 battle tanks into the Sinai peninsula, near the border with Israel and Gaza.

Avenger air defense systems and YPR-765 APCs have been sent along with the tanks, with F16s flying air cover.

Egypt says the move is part of a continued effort to protect the border from insurgents, who three weeks ago killed sixteen Egyptian border guards.

However the deployment is in direct violation of Egypt's 1979 peace treaty with Israel, which does not allow any Egyptian military forces inside the Sinai.

Israel was asked for permission for the troops to enter the region, but did not give it.

Accusations have been made that the brand new Islamist government of Egypt is plotting against Israel, and that the incidents at the border were staged.

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is involved in negotiations between Israel and Egypt, in hopes of keeping the situation in control.

Feeding off Puerto Rico's Iguana Problem

Iguanas have become so numerous in Puerto Rico that they now outnumber humans on the island.

An estimated four million of the lizards have become an actual problem, as the non native species doesn't really have any predators to control it's population.

The government has officially declared them a nuisance, as the animals began tearing up crops, roads, dikes, and have been the cause of several power outages.

For awhile now hunting has been allowed on the animals, but it has not helped much.

Now Puerto Rico has a new idea that is taking hold, adding jobs, and bringing in money for the economy.

Several meat factories have opened, which capture iguanas, kill them, process the meat, and then sell the meat to Central American countries which consider the meat a delicacy.

Even oil from the lizards is used in this growing industry, as it can treat arthritis and bruising.

The Spread of Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot should have remained a relatively unknown ban, except they pissed off the Russian government.

After five of the seven staged an anti Putin protest inside a Russian Orthodox church, three of them were identified and put on trial.

The trial gave them global attention, as the band became one of the faces of the international anger with government.

The three who were placed on trial ended up receiving two year jail terms.

Four days after that, the band released a brand new anti Putin protest song, which was sent straight to the whole world.

Now the other two members who took part in the protest have fled the country, as police seek them out.

The band stated that they are going to spread through Europe, spreading their message.

Floods in Niger Kill Sixty-Five

At least sixty-five people have lost their lives to the flooding in Niger.

More than 125,000 people have been displaced as the Niger River overflows it's banks.

Niger's government is pleading for international aid, saying it's the worst flooding in almost a hundred years.

An estimated seven thousand fields of crops have been destroyed by the waters.

Earlier in the year saw record drought, which had already hurt projected food crops.