Friday, August 24, 2012

Ab Circle Pro Buyers to be Refunded

Fitness Brands, the manufacturers of Ab Circle Pro, have agreed to pay twenty-five million dollars in refunds to consumers.

Their decision came after the Federal Trade Commission found them guilty of deceptive advertising.

In infomercials the company said that just three minutes of using the Ab Circle Pro was the same as thirty minute ab workout.

The payout would be the largest in history for an exercise machine.

Bat Visits Ravens Game

Baltimore Ravens fans, who sat in section five hundred for last Friday's game, may need to contact their doctor.

One fan reported that a bat landed on them.

Officials believe that other people may have come into contact with the bat, before it flew away.

Because they were unable to catch the bat, officials were unable to test it for rabies or other diseases.

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is advising anyone who did or may have come into contact with the bat to get tested.

US Embassy Employees Attacked in Mexico

Two employees of the US government were injured when their vehicle was attacked south of Mexico City.

Both are expected to survive their wounds.

No motive is known in the attack, but the vehicle was clearly marked as being from the US embassy.

The armored vehicle was riddled with bullets, with most aimed at the passenger window, suggesting professionals.

Officials have said that the two were not DEA or FBI.

A Mexican navy captain was also in the vehicle, but he was not injured.

This story was updated with a lot of new information.

Would be Purse Snatcher Trapped by Witnesses

Thursday afternoon a juvenile took advantage of a woman setting her purse down, in Colorado Springs.

When she did, he grabbed it and took off running.

The woman screamed for help, and bystanders chased after the youth.

They cornered him and he pulled a knife on them.

Despite that, they kept him there until police came and arrested him.

Norway Shooter Deemed Sane and Sentenced

The man who killed seventy-seven people at a youth camp in Norway was deemed sane by his judges.

Judge Wenche Elizabeth Artzen quickly followed that decision by announcing his sentence.

The court gave the shooter the maximum sentence of twenty-one years, minus 445 days served.

If he is deemed to be a danger to society, the sentence can later be extended.

He smiled as his sentence was read out, stating that he was sorry he hadn't killed more, and has already refused an appeal.

Some say that his three room prison cell is much too luxurious; it includes a bedroom, a study with laptop, and a personal gym.

Chicago Drive By Sends Six to Hospital

At least eight people were injured Thursday night, in a Chicago drive by shooting.

Six of the eight ended up in the hospital due to their wounds, one of them is in critical condition, the rest stable.

Police chased the vehicle to a motel, and waited for SWAT before entering the room the suspects were in.

SWAT found the room empty, except for a few guns.

Officials believe that the shooting was gang related, especially as the victims are refusing to cooperate.

Due to bullet holes and blood in the car, police believe at least one of the suspects, they are seeking, is wounded.

Two Dead and Nine Wounded After NYC Shooting

Just after 9 am, in New York City, a man went into the offices where had formerly worked, and shot a former coworker three times, killing him.

The shooter then went out onto the street, putting his gun in a bag, trying to get away.

When he was confronted by police, in front of the Empire State Building, he pulled out his gun, then he and two officers had a short shoot out.

When the bullets stopped, the shooter was dead and nine bystanders had been shot. Four of the injured are in serious condition, and five are minor condition, according to Mayor Bloomberg. The victims were taken to Bellevue Hospital and New York Presbyterian, all of them are expected to recover.

It is unclear if the victims were hit by the shooter, or struck by the police officer's bullets, and an investigation is underway. Everything was caught on surveillance footage.