Monday, August 20, 2012

Clemens Making a Return to Baseball

Former Major League pitcher Roger Clemens will be returning to baseball August 25.

The seven time Cy Young award winner will return to the mound with the AAA Sugar Land Skeeters.

He signed a one game contract with the Houston based team, and they have the option to then sign the fifty year old for future games.

Currently, the Skeeters are ranked third in the Freedom Division of the Atlantic League.

Clemens retired after the 2007 season, after playing for twenty-four years.

Since then he's dealt with accusations of steroid abuse, a count of obstructing Congress, and three of making false statements to congressional investigators.

Stretch of Mississippi River Closed

An eleven mile stretch of the Mississippi River is still closed due to low water.

Since a boat ran aground on August 11, the stretch near Greenville, Mississippi has been shut down.

The Coast Guard is looking at how to best dredge the river, to make it passable again.

At this point there is no timetable for the reopening of the river.

Nearly a hundred boats, ships, and barges are currently stuck by the closure; fifty-seven south bound and forty headed north.

More than half of the United States is experiencing the worst drought in around sixty years, causing dry conditions everywhere that are effecting crops and producing large numbers of fires.

First Trailer and Preview: The Last Stand

The first trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand came out Friday. It will be his first real return to the movies, as he is the lead, not sharing the spot light, as he is in The Expendables 2.

Schwarzenegger plays the sheriff of a tiny border town called Sommerton Junction. His character, Owens, left the LAPD after some sort of major incident left his partner crippled.

Meanwhile, the FBI's most wanted masters an escape from a prisoner convoy. His only goal is to escape into Mexico, with his men taking out whatever is in the way.

Naturally Sommerton Junction is the crossing the bad guys have picked, so it ends up left to Owens to handle the job.

The Last Stand will hit theaters on January 18, 2013 and looks to do so with an intense rush.