Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boy Scout Trailer Stolen From Church Parking Lot

Colorado Boy Scout Troop 457 will be missing their planned camping trip after someone stole their trailer, filled with all their gear.

The trailer was stolen out of the Greenwood Village Community Church's parking lot.

It's worth about five thousand dollars and was filled with thousands of dollars worth of camping gear.

The troop is asking for help in getting the trailer, and the equipment, back.

Anyone with information about the trailer and equipment can contact the Greenwood Village Police at 303-773-2525.

258,000 SUVs Being Recalled

After twenty-eight fires due to short circuits in power window and door lock switches, a recall has been issued for 258,000 SUVs.

Chevrolet Trail Blazer, GMC Envoy, Buick Rainier, Isuzu Ascender and Saab 97-X SUVs from 2006 and 2007 are all listed in the recall.

They were sold in or registered in twenty states, DC, and Canada.

The recall only affects areas where salt and or chemicals are used to clear winter roads, as the corrosive materials can get inside the driver's door and cause the short circuits which can start a fire.

Dealers will be replacing the circuitry and switches for free.

Owners can expect to receive letters informing them of when appointments can be set up.

Twenty-Nine Killed by Typhoon in Vietnam and China

At least twenty-seven people have been killed as Typhoon Kai-Tak strikes northern Vietnam.

It made landfall on Friday and has drowned the country in torrential downpours.

The rain has caused flooding of nearly sixty thousand acres, damaged an estimated twelve thousand houses, and strewn mud slides around the countryside.

State media said that twenty thousand soldiers were working on rescue operations, but actual reports show it to be a far lower number.

In China, two people were killed and two were missing as the typhoon destroyed around four thousand homes.

Health Forces Willie Nelson to Cancel Show

Willie Nelson was forced to cancel a show in Castle Pines Village, Colorado, on Saturday.

When the seventy-nine year old singer woke, on Saturday, he was having difficulties breathing and was taken to a hospital.

The show was a fund-raiser called Lulu's Barkin' BBQ, with the charity being the Dumb Friends League.

No further word has been released on the singer's state.

ADHD Linked to Increased Self Injury in Girls

A recent study, released in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, found that girls with a subtype of ADHD have higher rates of self injury and suicide attempts.

Girls with the subtype of ADHD that includes hyperactivity or impulsiveness were much more likely to have at some point cut or burned themselves, pulled their own hair out, or attempted suicide.

Those without that subtype had no higher rates, than those without ADHD.

Researchers added that many think this is a male only disorder, but that their research shows the importance of checking girls for it as well.

Psychologists say that this shows it to be all the more important for parents to be active in their children's lives, not just when they are young, but through their twenties.

Fires Continue Throughout Western US

Dozens of fires continue to burn throughout the western US, burning thousands of acres daily.

Hundreds of houses, and other structures, have been burned down by the flames.

In some places firefighters are gaining ground, and evacuees are being allowed home.

Elsewhere fires are burning more land and forcing hundreds of people to evacuate.

And in yet more locations new fires began, mostly caused by lightning.

Thousands of firefighters are joined by helicopters and aircraft in what to some seems an unending battle, with just changes of location depicting the progress.

Anti Japan Protests in China

China has seen a rush of anti Japan protests over the last few days.

They are in response to Japan detaining and then deporting activists from Hong Kong, Macau and China; as well as the planting of a Japanese flag on disputed islands, by Japanese activists.

State media has attempted to downplay the protests, but pictures clearly show them as being much larger than the two hundred max claimed.

In some places, protesters turned violent overturning cars made by Japanese automakers and attacking businesses that they perceived to have any link to Japan, such as sushi restaurants.

Outside of Japanese consulates flags were burned, as crowds shouted death to Japan.

Major General Luo Yuansaidd, "If necessary, we could make the Diaoyu Islands a target range for China’s air force and plant mines around them."

Others called for the seizure of any Japanese ships that come near Chinese waters.

Blogs, in China, have been seen to say that the Chinese government isn't taking a strong enough stance on this issue; they come down almost as soon as they're put up.

The Chinese are also in a conflict over several other island chains, with various other countries on the Pacific coast.

Seven Russian Police Killed by Suicide Bomber

Seven Russian policemen were killed, by a suicide bomber, as they were attending a funeral.

Twelve other people were injured when the bomb went off.

The funeral was for an officer who had been shot dead by militants, the night before.

It is suspected that the shooting of the officer was part of a plan, to group many officers together, and allow for a more successful suicide bombing.

32 Die When Sudanese Helicopter Crashes

Thirty-two people were killed when their helicopter went down in Sudan.

Among the dead were the six crew, the Minister of Endowment Ghadi al-Sadeq, former presidential adviser Makki Balayel, two generals, and a crew from the national TV.

They were headed to South Kordofan to give prayers on the first day of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan.

Harsh weather conditions, including heavy rains, caused the helicopter to crash into a mountainside.

Hurricane Gordon Aiming for Azores

Hurricane Gordon is headed for the Azores islands, and the Portuguese government has maintained a hurricane warning for the eastern islands.

Previously they had released one for the entire island chain.

Gordon is currently a category two hurricane, with sustained winds over one hundred miles per hour.

It is expected to lose some of it's power by the time it hit's the islands, but latest readings have it showing off wind gusts as high as one hundred and twenty-five miles per hour.

The western and central islands will still see high surf, winds, and heavy rains.

Landfall should happen around ten pm local time.