Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fisker Recalling Karmas

Fisker has announced a recall of their Karma sports sedan.

An investigation of a Karma catching on fire found that the cooling fan failed, causing overheating that eventually led to flames.

The company stated that the recall had nothing to do with it's lithium ion battery.

Completely dependent upon government funding, the company is struggling, with this second recall of their hundred thousand dollar car.

Earlier this year they were recalled due to an issue with coolant leaking, which could also start a fire.

A hybrid car, Karmas are capable of thirty to forty miles on battery power.

Only about a thousand of the cars have been sold, since they came out last fall.

Philadelphia Police Officer Murdered

Forty year old Moses Walker Jr. was walking home from work just before six EDT, this morning, when he was shot multiple times and killed.

Walker was nineteen year veteran of the Philadelphia Police, who had clocked out just minutes before.

He was headed towards a bus stop, wearing civilian clothes and carrying a back pack.

Police are considering the option that it was a robbery gone bad.

Walker's gun was found under his body, but no word was released on whether it had been fired.

A total reward of thirty thousand dollars has been offered for information leading to an arrest.

Over the last four years, seven Philadelphia Police have been gunned down.

DC Protesters Want Gun Rights

Protesters in Washington DC marched in front of city hall, for over two hours.

Nothing unusual there, but what they were protesting for is something rarely seen in the city.

At least forty people were demanding that the city begin to allow gun ownership.

They say that doing so would reduce crime in the US capital, and pointed out that it is their constitutional right to bear arms.

A spokesman for the mayor said that the current gun laws are working.

Tanimura & Antle Romaine Lettuce Being Recalled

Tanimura & Antle romaine lettuce is being recalled in Canada and the US.

Packages with the UPC 0 27918 20314 9, sold between August 8-17 are the ones recalled.

They are being recalled due to a possible E. coli contamination.

No sicknesses have been reported at this point.

Four Injured When Egyptian Convy Attacked

An Egyptian soldier and three policemen were injured when their convoy was attacked, and a rocket hit their vehicle.

They were returning to al-Arish after arresting two suspected militants in Rafah.

Their attackers were able to get away without being identified.

Egypt's police and military have been conducting raids in the Sinai, near Gaza, ever since sixteen Egyptian soldiers were killed on August 5.

The Salafi Jihadi Group, an Islamist militant group in the Sinai, has warned Egypt to stop being active in their area.

Kim Jong Un Tells Troops to Prepare for Sacred War

Kim Jong Un told his troops to be ready for a "sacred war" against the United States and South Korea.

The North Korean leader was visiting Mu Island and artillery troops who had shelled South Korea, in November 2010.

South Korea and the US are about to hold war games near the border with the North.

The Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercises will be held from August 20-31.

A group of nations selected by the UN, known as the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission, will be overseeing the exercises, partially to ensure that nothing is done to provoke the North, and also to ensure that the North doesn't start something.

Philippines Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo Missing After Plane Crash

Philippines Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo is missing after a plane crash.

He, an aide, and two pilots were flying to Naga City, for a political event, when the pilots called a mayday.

The plane crashed into Masbate Bay, and only the aide has been found.

Reports at one time said that Robredo had been unable to escape the plane, but those were taken down by the Philippines Department of Interior and Local Government.
Robredo was one of people's favorite politicians.

Pickled Chinese Cabbage Kills Six in Japan

Six people have died in Japan, and more than a hundred others have become ill due to E. coli.

All of the people had eaten pickled Chinese cabbage, made in the Hokkaido prefecture.

For Japan it is highly unusual for vegetables to cause sickness, most come from meat or seafood.

No cause has been given, but it is expected to most likely be from problems in the sterilization of the jars.

Japanese health officials are advising the public to not eat pickled cabbage, if it's from Hokkaido, and to return any jars they may still have.

Eight Stabbed in Subway Attack

Uijeongbu, South Korea is just outside of Seoul, and home to US and South Korean military bases.

Normally it's a quiet, peaceful place, but that definitely wasn't the case Saturday, at a subway station.

A thirty-nine year old man, named Yoo, was confronted by several people for spitting on the train.

Yoo apparently took affront to that, pulled out a box cutter, and began stabbing people on the train, and then on the station's platform.

He was arrested whilst trying to run away.

Luckily none of the injuries were serious, none of the victims were even hospitalized.

AP's Preseason NCAA Football Poll

AP's first NCAA Football poll come out today, sixteen days after the first coaches poll came out.

Members of the press ranked the University of Southern California, in first place. A move up from the third spot in the coaches poll.

Alabama stayed in the second spot, and Louisiana State University fell to third. The recently announced absence of Tyrann Mathieu from LSU was the main reason for that.

Oklahoma and Oregon filled out the top five. They were followed by Georgia, Florida State, Michigan, South Carolina, and Arkansas. Which made it an exact copy of the coaches poll.

The South Eastern Conference maintained it's status with having two of the top five, and half of the top ten teams. The Pacific Athletic Conference has two of the top five as well.