Friday, August 17, 2012

Cantaloupes Might be Causing Salmonella Outbreak

The deaths of two people, and sickness of at least one hundred and fifty more, has caused health officials to tell people to throw out any cantaloupes they may have, that are from Indiana.

Hardest hit have been the states of Kentucky, Minnesota, Indiana, and Illinois.

Health officials say that while salmonella outbreaks are a regular part of the year, this year has seen double the amount of normal.

Watermelons are also being looked into as a possible source.

This comes just three days after cantaloupes and honey dew melons were recalled for possible E. Coli contamination.

Thirty-Four Rioting Miners Killed by Police

South African President Jacob Zuma has announced an investigation of the shooting of thirty-four striking miners, by police.

On Thursday it was reported that twelve had been killed, after they attacked police.

But on Friday the number was raised as video of the shooting taking place was released to the world.

At least seventy-eight more of the strikers were injured by the gunfire.

Police commissioner Mangwashi Victoria Phiyega said that the five hundred police attempted to use rubber bullets, water cannons, and stun grenades in order to stop the mob coming their way.

When those failed, police were faced with the imminent threat of a riot that was armed with clubs, machetes, and other weapons.

Monday had seen two police officers killed by the miners, and so the police were not willing to take casualties again.

Moscow Bans Gay Parades for 100 Years

The top court of Moscow has put a ban on gay pride parades for the next one hundred years.

Moscow's city council had voted through the ban, but it had been challenged by Nikolay Alexeyev, a top campaigner for gay rights in Russia.

The European Court of Human Rights has previously ordered Russia to pay Alexeyev damages, after he challenged St. Petersburg's ruling that banned "homosexual propaganda".

Alexeyev now plans to take his challenge against Moscow, to the European Court.

The Council of Europe, Europe's biggest human right's watcher, is already planning to investigate Russia on it's treatment of homosexuals.

German Troops Could be Called on in a Crisis

Germany's Federal Constitution Court has announced that the German military could be called onto German streets, in a crisis.

Troops would only be called out, if the federal government decided that it was an emergency of "catastrophic proportions".

A primary example was that of a terrorist attack, if it was believed that a military presence could save lives.

Til now, the German constitution had banned troops from being armed on the streets, ever since WWII.

It wasn't until the Afghanistan war that German troops were involved in combat situations, and allowed to fire back.

Machine Gun Social

Asheville, North Carolina's Tea Party has come up with a new way to raise money, for the candidates they support.

They are holding the first ever Machine Gun Social, on September 29 at Bear Arms Indoor Range on Rosman Highway in Brevard.

For various amount of money, supporters can shoot off a clip from various guns; they also get pizza and sodas for the price.

How much per weapon; well an Uzi is twenty-five dollars, an M16 are thirty-five, and an AK47 for fifty.

The event is expected to be a huge success, with people from other states planning to attend.

Band Gets Two Years For Anti Putin Message

Punk rock band, Pussy Riot, has been sentenced to two years in jail, after a judge declared them guilty.

Judge Marina Syrova decreed that the band were guilty of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred".

In March, the band performed an anti Putin prayer, inside Christ the Savior Cathedral.

 They claimed the did so, in protest of the Russian Orthodox Church's support of Putin; a claim the judge threw out.

After the sentence was announced, the crowd outside of the court, which was made up of hundreds of protesters, began chanting "down with the police state".

Police arrested at least fifty of the protesters, including Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion.

Prominent musicians, activists, and politicians around the world have condemned the guilty verdict and sentence as being criminal and a strike against human rights and free speech.

Russia Claims London Embassy Was Attacked

Russia is claiming that it's embassy in London was attacked over Thursday night.

According to a spokesperson for the embassy a group protesting Russia's support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad threw stones at the building, breaking windows.

The embassy is accusing British police of doing nothing to stop the attack.

So far the British government, nor police, have had any comment regarding the incident.

The embassy is currently surrounded by other protests groups as well, specifically supporters of the punk band Pussy Riot, which was sentenced on Friday for performing an anti Putin message.