Thursday, August 16, 2012

Western US on Fire

Thirteen of the western states have fires burning, with California, Idaho, and Nevada combining for thirty-five of the seventy.

National Guard and Air Force Reserve units are active in most of the thirteen states, and North Carolina's has come west to aid them.

Near San Diego the Marines have been called out to join the fight against what has become a deadly enemy.

Weather conditions in most of the states are expected to get worse, with triple digits and dry winds expected to only enlarge the fires.

In Washington, the Taylor Bridge Fire has been thirty percent contained, after it destroyed more than sixty homes whilst burning nearly twenty-five thousand acres, in just a few days. Another fire near Cle Elum, Washington is nearly twenty-five percent contained.

The Trinity Ridge Fire in Idaho has burned nearly seventy-thousand fires. Residents of several towns are about to have to evacuate.

Along the Oregon California border, the Barry Point Fire has burned sixty thousand arces, whilst the Holloway Fire along the Nevada Oregon is well over 430,000 acres. The Rush Fire, in northern California is over a hundred thousand as well.

All totaled almost six and a half million acres have been burned, so far.

Dallas Begins Spraying

Thursday night, Dallas County, Texas began spraying a pesticide known as Duet, in hopes of ending the threat of West Nile Virus.

Just this year they city has seen over two hundred cases of the disease, ten of which have resulted in deaths.

Statewide there have been more than double the amount of cases, and seventeen deaths.

Nationally around seven hundred have been infected, with around thirty having died.

Seventeen hundred people signed a petition to keep the city from spraying, but nowhere near enough to stop the city from doing so.

Low flying twin engine planes will spray over 100,000 acres of the Dallas metro, by the end of the night.

As a precaution, residents have been advised to stay indoors, with windows closed, during the spraying.

UN Withdrawing Observers From Syria

On Thursday, the United Nations announced that they will be withdrawing it's observer mission, from Syria.

It's presence had been hoped to put an end to violence in the strife torn country, but the conflict has only gotten worse.

The mandate for the mission expires on Sunday, and all observers will start to leave the country then.

Some see the withdrawal as admittance by the UN that it can not control or handle the situation in Syria.

It is highly unusual for the international body to admit any form of weakness.

With the withdrawal, any hopes for a peaceful end to the conflict are gone as well.

Now just the questions of whether the international community will become involved, with their own armed forces, remains.

Huge Marijuana Bust in Colorado

Police in Pueblo County, Colorado made the third biggest drug bust in Colorado history.

They confiscated nearly nine thousand plants, worth around fifteen million dollars.

Police said that the land belonged to one of the Mexican drug cartels, and that the drugs were then being shipped out of state.

Only two people were found to be working the plants, both of whom were Mexican nationals, in the country illegally.

The land was extremely remote, causing police to have to use helicopters to access it.

Peruvian Troops Ambushed by Shining Path

Five Peruvian soldiers were killed, and another five were wounded when they were ambushed over Wednesday night.

They were ambushed by members of the Shining Path, when they entered the rebels' territory, during a night mission.

It has been suggested that the soldiers were under equipped for their mission, as has happened in the past.

The Shining Path is a long time Maoist group, that has taken refuge in the country's jungles.

Peru's government is concerned that the group may have allied with drug producers, who are adding to the rebels' financial ability.

The US government considers Peru to be the largest cocaine producer, in the world.

Police and the military in Peru have been attempting to fight the drug trade, which may have encouraged the alliance between the drug producers and the Shining Path.

Lucky Bobble Heads?

Baseball mythology is getting another night to remember.

Many consider baseball to be the most superstitious sport in the world, and that's probably true.

In Atlanta tonight it is Chipper Jones bobble head night, and the forty year old has already hit two home runs.

For the last couple seasons he's deflected suggestions that it's time to retire, but tonight he's showing why it's not time yet.

Braves fans are definitely wishing for the luck of the bobble head to stay strong with Chipper.

Record Numbers of Breweries at Great American Beer Festival

Exciting news for attendees of the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

2012 will have a record number of beers and breweries.

In 2011 there were 466 breweries and 2,375 different beers.

This year will see that jump to 580 breweries and 2,700 beers, a very significant jump.

The Great American Beer Festival takes place October 11 through 13, at the Colorado Convention Center.

If you're thinking to attend, well you're too late; the forty-nine thousand tickets sold out in under forty-five minutes.

Little Hope Left For Crashed Ugandan Soldiers

All of the Ugandan helicopters that were missing, have now been found.

On Sunday the flight of four helicopters took off from Entebbe, Uganda and were scheduled to stop at Wajir, Kenya for refueling, before continuing on to reinforce African Union peacekeepers in Somalia.

Unfortunately, only one of the four made it safely, the others fell off radar and never arrived.

Searchers found the other three on Monday, one had crash landed, and the other two had crashed outright.

Eighteen officers and crew have been rescued, while three bodies have been found, leaving seven unaccounted for.

One of the crash sites has not been reached yet, due to the inhospitable terrain, and rescuers have little hope for the men aboard that helicopter.

The loss of the helicopters is a heavy blow for Uganda, which has had a history of their aircraft crashing.

Uganda has five thousand troops committed to the freeing of Somalia from warlords.

Member of Occupy LA Who Bit Security Guard Arrested

The member of Occupy Los Angeles, who bit a security guard, on Tuesday, was arrested Thursday.

On Tuesday, Jose Navarro, 20, started a verbal fight with a security guard, at Pershing Square.

When he physically attacked the guard, other security officers rushed to help, but were too late to keep Navarro from biting the guard's ear, and then escaping.

The guard required six stitches to seal the two inch gash to the side of his head, but is expected to recover.

Los Angeles police had searched for Navarro, since the attack, and he was finally spotted Thursday morning at the square.

He ran from police, but was eventually taken arrested after he tried to ram his way through officers who had trapped him in a parking garage.

Seven Americans Killed in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan

Three US sailors and four soldiers were among the eleven killed when a Blackhawk crashed Thursday morning, in Afghanistan.

It is believed that the helicopter may have been shot down by members of the Taliban.

Enemy combatants attempted to take the site of the crash, but a second helicopter was able to repel them til reinforcements could arrive.

The Taliban claimed, via Twitter, that one of their soldiers shot the helicopter down, two hours before it's crash was even announced by the US or NATO.

The US military noted that the helicopters were flying deep inside enemy territory when they were attacked, and that it was possible the one had been shot down.

Two Louisiana Sheriff Deputies Killed

On Thursday morning, a gunman with a rifle shot a St. John Parish, Louisiana deputy who was directing traffic, whilst off duty.

The shooter fled the scene, and other deputies began the investigation.

Their investigation led officers to a trailer park, where they began questioning residents.

As they were conducting their interview, the rifleman came out of the trailer, shooting as he went.

Two of the officers were killed, and another was wounded during a firefight which developed between police and five civilians, two of whom were wounded as well.

All five civilians are under arrest, though the two wounded are in the hospital.

Brandon Nielsen, 34, and Jeremy Triche, 28, were the two deputies that lost their lives; Scott Boyington, 33, and Jason Triche, 30, are the wounded officers.

Louisiana state flags will be flown at half mast until dusk on Friday, in honor of the fallen officers.

CU Moves Against Concealed Carry

The University of Colorado Boulder and University of Colorado Colorado Springs have announced changes to their housing rules.

Students who have a valid concealed carry permit will now have their own housing area.

The rest of campus housing will not allow concealed carries.

New policies were also enacted that disallow concealed weapons to be carried at official ticketed school events, of any type.

Two More Cows Die of Anthrax

A week after fifty cows were confirmed to have died from anthrax, in northern Colorado, two more have been found.

The first fifty had all been from the same ranch, and authorities had been sure that the disease would not spread.

However, both of the new cows were from two separate neighboring ranches, showing that it did in fact spread.

Workers on the ranches, and nearby ones, as well as students and staff at CSU who were near the autopsy which discovered the anthrax, have begun taking antibiotics to prevent the disease spreading to them.

All the rest of the cows, on the three ranches, as well as others, are being vaccinated as well, to ensure that it does not spread any further.

No cattle left any of the ranches since well before the cows died, so authorities are confident that it could not have spread beyond the area.

Anthrax is capable of lying dormant in soil for decades, until it is ingested by human or animal.

USA Beats Mexico

In the eightieth minute of the game it finally happened.

On Wednesday night the US men's soccer team finally beat Mexico, in Mexico.

Orozco Fiscal made the one and only goal of the game, making history.

Over seventy-five years of playing each other, the US was 0-23-1 when playing in Mexico.

Even more striking for the US, they were playing with a half strength squad.

Team USA didn't even qualify for the Olympics, and Mexico won the gold medal.

Ecuador Grants Assange Asylum

Ecuador's embassy in London continues to be the spotlight of international verbal conflict.

In June, Julian Assange took shelter inside the embassy, in order to avoid being extradited to Sweden to face charges over assault and rape.

Earlier in the week Ecuador announced that they would decide on Thursday whether or not to give Assange asylum.

On Wednesday, the British government responded by sending a letter stating and showing the law allowing it to revoke the diplomatic status of the embassy.

British police further increased their numbers outside of the building, as protestors gathered as well, some of whom have been arrested since.

Thursday saw Ecuador grant Assange the asylum he was after, leaving him stuck inside the embassy, as he will be arrested immediately upon stepping outside.

International focus is growing, with the world wondering if the UK will go through with their threat to take Assange from the embassy, by force.

Minhas Airbase on Heightened Alert After Attack

Heightened security can be seen outside of Minhas Airbase at Kamra, in the Punjab province of Pakistan, where Pakistan manufactures JF 17 jets, in a joint operation with China.

Thursday morning, before dawn the base was attacked by militants that were part of the Taliban.

After hours of gun battle the militants were driven off, after eight of their number were killed; one soldier lost his life as well.

Some of the militants breached security, in the cover of darkness, by climbing a nine foot wall and crawling through barbed wire.

The infiltrators were wearing military uniforms, but had explosive devices strapped to their bodies.

When they were caught approaching aircraft hangers, the battle began, and was joined by militants on the outside.

For over an hour after the battle, small explosions were heard as the military started controlled detonations of bombs that had been planted by the infiltrators.

It is unclear how many were wounded in the assault, or what damage occurred to the base.

A Dozen Killed in South African Riots

South African police opened fire on striking miners on Thursday afternoon, near a platinum mine near Lonmin. No confirmation has come of the number of dead, but it is at least a dozen.

Police had been demanding the miners hand over clubs, blades, and other weapons; but most refused and moved against the town.

Water cannons, tear gas, and stun grenades were deployed against the miners, who then rushed police. The officers responded by opening fire with live weapons, wounding many. After the chaos had settled, there were at least twelve bodies on the ground.

The strike began last Friday, with around three thousand workers taking up arms and refusing to work. Strikers attacked other miners who tried to work on Saturday. On Monday, two workers and two officers were killed by mobs of miners. Police killed three strikers in the fighting.

Arizona Enforcing Laws Obama Orders Deferred

On August 15, 2012, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies conducted their sixty-fourth major raid, since 2008. the raid included arresting four suspected professional identity thieves directly connected to illegal immigration and human trafficking. The business, Sonoran Doors, located at 21002 N. 19th Ave, Suite 130 in Phoenix, Arizona employed several suspected illegal immigrants. A search and audit of their employee records determined many of them were employed on forged documentation and stolen identification information that the four identity thieves assisted the illegal employees in attaining, including helping forge documentation. In Arizona, eighty percent of illegal immigrants detained have been found involved in identity theft, a felony.

Given the connections between illegal immigration and identity theft, Sheriff Joe cautions that Obama's recent announcement to "defer action" on "child and young" illegals is nothing less than an invitation for increased identity theft. Many of these kids will require stolen identity information and forged documentation such as Social Security cards and Drivers' Licenses in order to attend schools and work in sweat shops (including food service businesses such as smaller fast food franchises). It appears that Obama is not only soft on illegal immigration, but willfully complacent (if not indirectly complicit) in identity theft.

After Obama's announcement that the Federal Executive Branch, responsible for implementation and enforcement of laws passed by Congress, will "defer and delay actions against minors crossing the border", Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed her own executive order. Arizona will not play along with the irresponsible complacency.

In fact, Governor Brewer ordered increased enforcement of identity theft and other activities directly linked to illegal immigration. Furthermore, this recent EO reaffirms that illegals will not receive any "public benefits". That includes drivers licenses, food stamps, housing assistance, education benefits, or any other form of benefit. The EO could lead to self-deportation. The only detractor is that illegals can just leave the state of Arizona for a state that is softer on illegal aliens, such as California, Oregon, or Illinois.

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