Saturday, August 11, 2012

Texas West Nile Outbreak

Texas is seeing an outbreak of West Nile Virus.

In Dallas County, nine have died and 175 others are infected causing Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, the county's director of homeland security and emergency management, to declare a state of emergency.

Dallas will be do extra spraying of insecticides in hopes to end the threat.

Both hand held and plane dropped methods are going to be used.

Other counties have seen hundreds of cases of the disease, but they have not yet declared an emergency.

Officials throughout the rest of the state are warning the population to be aware of the increased threat.

Deadly Riot in Mumbai

A riot in Mumbai, India saw two killed and at least fifty-two others injured, many of the injured were police officers.

Muslims were protesting the deaths of other Muslims, who had died whilst rioting last month.

When rioters started burning vehicles, police began beating the rioters with bamboo batons.

After officers started going down, police began firing into the air.

At least a dozen buses, several police vehicles, and three TV vans were destroyed in the riot.

Rioters singled out TV crews and vans, as they say the media was biased in it's coverage of the previous riots.

As of Saturday night, the riots had mostly calmed down, and police had regained control.

Nearly 200 Dead After Quakes in Iran

Nearly two hundred are dead and fifteen hundred injured after two large quakes struck Iran.

The first quake struck about thirty-seven miles north east of Tabriz, with a magnitude of 6.4.

It was followed, eleven minutes later, by a 6.3 that was twenty-nine miles north east of the city.

At least ten aftershocks followed the dual quakes.

Iranian state TV said that six villages had been completely leveled, and that sixty others were at least fifty percent damaged.

People were urged to spend the night outdoors in open areas.

Bears Coming Down

Wildlife officials are reminding Colorado residents to be wary of black bears.

Drought is driving them further down the mountains than normal.

Lack of water, and food shortages are forcing the move to lower altitudes in search of nourishment.

Already, bears and cubs have been seen in many towns in, and near, the mountains.

Residents, and visitors, should be reminded to never get between a mother and her cub.

To avoid attracting them, be sure not to leave food in your car, and keep all doors and big enough windows closed and locked.

Tropical Storm Ernesto Kills Seven

At least seven people have been killed by Tropical Storm Ernesto as it moved inland, on the south side of the Gulf of Mexico.

Five people were killed in the state of Verazcruz, and another two in Tabasco.

Strong winds ripped buildings apart, leaving entire towns without a roof to be found.

Some areas saw as much as seven inches of rain, within twenty-four hours.

Flooding has caused mudslides and damaged even more areas.

Ports all along the Mexican Gulf coast were closed, and shops were forced to find other harbors.

Ernesto has now weakened to the point where it is only expected to bring more rains, and light winds.