Thursday, August 9, 2012

Emails and Encrypted Passwords Stolen From Blizzard

Blizzard let it be known that their security was breached on Thursday.

Emails for all users were taken, as well as passwords.

All of the passwords were still encrypted, so they weren't automatically allowing entry into accounts.

The company is sure that their encryption will stand the test, but advises all users to change their passwords immediately, anyways.

Personal security question and mobile and dial-in authentication information were also accessed, but financial information such as credit cards, billing addresses, or real names were not compromised.

Law enforcement is involved, and Blizzard is hoping that the hackers will be caught.

Mitchell Finishes Race With Broken Leg

Twenty-five year old sprinter, Manteo Mitchell, was one of four running in a US team which set a new record for relay, yet he is the one getting the most notice.

Mitchell had the first leg of the 4x400 relay.

Halfway through it he felt a pop, and knew it was bad news.

Facing the decision of quitting, and losing the race for his team, or continuing on; Manteo chose to keep running.

He finished his part, and then limped to the sidelines.

A few hours later it was confirmed that he had run the last two hundred meters with a broken left fibula.

His Olympics are over, but he clearly showed great team spirit, and will now be an inspiration to many.

Bosnian Fires Entering Minefields

Bosnian fire fighters have reached a new danger level.

The two fires they are fighting near Konjic are not just approaching the houses in the town, but an ammunition factory.

To make matters even worse, one of the fires has started burning through a mine field, which was placed during the 1990s war.

Heat from the fire is setting off the mines, making it impossible for firefighters to get close to the flames.

Heavy winds have also hampered the fight, by keeping helicopters and aircraft grounded.

Other fires are burning elsewhere in the country, which is facing historical heat.

Nowhere in Bosnia has seen rain in over two months.

GE Dishwasher Recall

GE has announced a recall of more than 1.3 million dishwashers.

GE, GE Adora, GE Eterna, GE Profile and Hotpoint dishwashers are affected by the recall.

The dishwashers were sold nationwide from March 2006 through August 2009.

Heating elements, in the washers, can fail causing fires.

Several incidents of that occurring have been reported, three caused extensive damages, luckily none have caused injuries.

People are warned to immediately stop using the dishwashers.

The government is telling consumers to not return the machines, but to contact GE so that they can send repairmen out.

For more information on the dishwasher recall, contact GE at (866) 918-8760 or visit GE's website.