Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Underground Religious Sect Discovered

Last week, an underground religious sect was discovered in Kazan, Russia.

More than seventy members were discovered by authorities, with ages ranging from eighty-three years old to eighteen months, and at least one unborn child.

Formed by Fayzrahman Satarov, none of them had been above ground for at least twenty years.

Several of their number had never ever seen the sky or sun, as they'd been born in the eight story basement complex.

No arrests have been made, but investigators are deciding if they'll press charges for child abuse.

The group has been warned that it will be forced to disband if it continues to commit illegal activities, such as stopping its members from seeking medical assistance or education.

Anthrax Kills 50 Cattle in Colorado

Authorities in Colorado have confirmed that fifty cattle were killed by anthrax.

All the dead cows were found on a Logan County ranch.

The ranch has been quarantined, and the Colorado Department of Agriculture has little worry about it spreading to others.

Health officials are a little worried that some humans may have come into contact with the herd, as it is possible for them to become infected.

It's been thirty-one years since there was an anthrax outbreak in Colorado.

Anthrax can develop on it's own, during drought times, so many states in the US are on the lookout for it, due to the worst drought in decades.

The infection can be treated with antibiotics, if caught during the early stages.

First Female NFL Ref Thankful

Shannon Eastin will be making history on Thursday night, as she becomes the first woman to referee a professional football game.

Eastin has been a football official for seventeen years, working in various other leagues til now, as well as in some basketball leagues.

She is getting this chance because the regular football officials are in a lockout with the league, and she was one of the most promising replacements.

A master of judo, she's used to being the first into various areas; but growing up her first passion was always football, and she's glad to work with it.

Her thanks have gone out to the entire NFL, but specifically certain players who have been extremely welcoming to her.

Starbucks Partnering With Square

Starbucks announced on Wednesday that it will be partnering with Square.

Square is a phone app that allows you to pay without pulling out a card or cash.

When you are ready to pay at a location, that uses Square, your name and picture show up on the screen of the register.

By giving the cashier your name, it confirms your identity, the charge is added to your tab, which is then pulled by Square from your account.

The app is even capable of letting you know about nearby locations that are using it, giving you discounts the first time you try a place.

Starbucks is also going to be investing twenty-five million dollars into Square, Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz will be joining Square's board of directors.

Drought Good News For Wine

The drought might be bad news for most people, but for one industry it's actually good news.

Wineries around the country are hoping that the rains will hold off for a few more weeks.

Excess water in grapes dilutes the flavor, especially right before harvest.

For US wineries, harvest comes in September, and rains right before harvest would cause the most dilution.

Thanks to a warmer than usual spring, coupled with the extra hot and dry summer, most US wineries expect to have one of their best years.