Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Colorado Springs Man Arrested for Attempted Arson

Domonic Krause, 31, was arrested by Colorado Springs police on Monday night.

Police received a call about a structure fire, around 10 pm, at the Fountain Villas Apartments.

They found Krause outside his apartment, where the carpet had been burned.

When they attempted to question him, he refused to cooperate with them, and a struggle ensued.

Upon searching his apartment they found a glass pipe used to smoke drugs, as well as an eviction notice, that he had been given Monday morning.

Krause is charged with attempted first degree arson, fourth degree arson-endangerment, obstructing a peace officer, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Deadly Fire in Aurora

Around 11 pm, last night a fire started in the Fitz Apartments at 1747 North Peoria Street.

Two people were killed, and twenty-five were injured by the three alarm fire.

Ladders had to be used to rescue many of the people, as they became trapped when the fire quickly spread through the halls of the four story building.

Some witnesses took rescues into their own hands, before firefighters could arrive, holding a canopy in the air and catching people with it.

Witnesses reported seeing a man with a gas can running away from the building just before the fire started, causing an arson investigation to start immediately.

As many as forty units were damaged by flames or smoke.

Mexico and Belize Brace for Hurricane Ernesto

Southern Mexico and Belize are bracing for the arrival of Hurricane Ernesto.

With sustained winds over eighty miles per hour the storm could be quite destructive.

It is centered on the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, and resorts along the coast are moving people if necessary.

Some of the resorts are rated with high enough building quality to serve as shelters themselves, guests there are being allowed to stay.

Ernesto entered the Caribbean on Saturday, and caused minimal damage as it moved along the coast of Honduras.

Once it makes landfall, it is expected to take less than twenty-four hours for Enresto to cross into the Gulf of Mexico.

Flood warnings have joined the already issued hurricane warnings, as rains begin to swell waterways.

Philippine Flooding Worsens

Flooding in the Philippines worsened on Tuesday, as torrential downpours continued. Rains are going to continue throughout Wednesday.

Manila saw around twenty inches come down through the day. A landslide in Quezon City killed nine and injuring for others.

Railroads and roads throughout the country are closed due to water being several feet above them, and dams have started to overflow.

Around 130,000 people have been forced to evacuate, and rescue requests continue to come in from trapped people. Fifty-three people are confirmed dead throughout the country.

President Benigno Aquino ordered all government and private offices to close and remain so until the flooding recedes.

Ohio Police Arrest Planned Copycat

Two weeks after the deadly shooting in Aurora, Colorado a man planned to attempt to copycat it in Wakeland, Ohio.

Scott Smith was arrested on Saturday for bringing weapons to a showing of The Dark Knight.

An off duty officer noticed him for acting suspiciously and searched his bag.

In the bag, the officer found four knives, a loaded 9 mm Glock, and two extra clips for the gun; each clip carried seventeen rounds.

Upon searching his home, police found eight more guns, a significant amount of ammo, a gas mask, and a bullet proof vest.

On Monday, Smith was charged with four counts of carrying various weapons, one count of carrying a concealed weapon with no permit and one count of carrying a weapon while having disability.

Seven Cameroonian Athletes Disappear

Seven athletes from Cameroon have disappeared from the Olympic Village, over the last week.

Fiver boxers, a swimmer, and a soccer player have not been since the left, starting on the weekend.

It is thought that they all are going to attempt to stay in England, permanently.

Their visas allow them to stay in country til November.

No word has come yet, if they have sought asylum, but it is definitely expected.

Nearly every Olympics, or international games, see some athletes and or coaches do so.