Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sixteen Egyptian Border Guards Killed

Sixteen Egyptian border guards were killed by masked gunmen, on Sunday.

Israeli troops blew up the vehicles of the attackers, after they drove into Israel.

Egypt has responded by shutting down their border crossing with Gaza.

Both Egypt and Gaza have sent extra security forces to the border.

The attack occurred near the congruence of the Egyptian, Israeli, and Gaza borders.

Egypt and Israel have blamed the attack on Islamist militants.

President Morsi, of Egypt, said that the "cowardly" attack will not go "without a response" and that "those who carried out this crime will pay dearly".

Missouri Set to Vote on Prayer Amendment

On Tuesday, Missouri voters will vote on the proposed Amendment 2, nicknamed the "Prayer Amendment".

The amendment is meant to better define freedom of speech for Missourians, and protect people's right to pray or hold Bible studies.

Opponents say that it simply will only bring more lawsuits, and cost tax payers more money.

Others accuse supporters of attempting to place Christianity above other religions or of trying to end separation of church and state.

Voters seem to disagree, as a recent poll found that eighty-two percent of the state's voters would vote for it.

When it does pass, it will undoubtedly face challenge in federal courts, and eventually the Supreme Court.

Red Cross Attacked in Libya

Unknown assailants attacked the International Red Cross buildings in Misrata, Libya on Sunday.

Gunfire was joined by rockets and grenades and the buildings were severely destroyed, but luckily no one was hurt.

This makes the fifth time in less than three months that attacks have been made on the independent aid agency.

The head of their Libyan delegation, Ishfaq Muhamed Khan, stated that they would temporarily vacate from Misrata and Benghazi.

"We are appalled by this latest act and by the deliberate targeting of our staff: they have put their lives at risk to serve the Libyan people both during and after the conflict," Khan said.

Shooting at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin

On Sunday morning, a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin was attacked by a lone gun man. Seven people, including the shooter, were killed, and at least three more were injured. The injured were taken to Froedtert Hospital, all of who are adult males in critical condition.

One of the wounded was the first police officer who arrived on the scene, he is in surgery, but expected to survive. A second officer then shot the gunman, killing him. Both officers are being credited with keeping the situation from being worse than it could have been.

Investigators are searching the home of the, as of yet, unidentified shooter. They are telling us that he was using a 9 millimeter, semi automatic handgun; and that he had extra ammunition in his BDU pants. Police are planning to release more information and details on Monday morning.

Aleppo Besieged

As Syrian forces eliminate the rebel remnant in the capital of Damascus, they mass on Aleppo. The largest city in the country has seen some of the heaviest fighting in the conflict.

Intel suggests that at least twenty thousand Syrian troops are near, around, and in the city. Artillery, tanks, helicopters, jets, and all the conventional means of modern warfare are at use.

National troops have been fighting in the southern and eastern districts, of the city, for some time. Anywhere that rebels occupy has been shelled and bombarded, killing many civilians. Rebel forces have continued to bring their own reinforcements to the city, making it look like Aleppo could be the crucial battle in the war.

At least twenty thousand Syrians have lost their lives during the seventeen month long fighting.

On Saturday, forty-eight Iranians were kidnapped from Damascus, by rebel groups. Iran is demanding the release of their citizens, calling them pilgrims. The rebels however say that some of their number are members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard.

Lakewood Residents Trying to Keep Deaf School Out

Lakewood, Colorado residents are attempting to block the building of a Rocky Mountain Deaf School, in their neighborhood.

The ten acre plot is currently vacant, and was rezoned in June by the city council, allowing for the school to move in.

Homeowners in the area are against the school coming in, some wishing it to remain open space.

For the Rocky Mountain Deaf School the move would be an important change, as they currently meet in a strip mall.

Residents are attempting to gain three thousand signatures, on their petition, by August tenth.

If they can accomplish that, the city could be forced to put the decision up for a special city wide vote.