Saturday, August 4, 2012

121 Structures Burned by Oklahoma Fires

At least 121 structures have been burned down by wildfires in Oklahoma.

Saturday saw temperatures over 100 degrees for the nineteenth straight day.

Thousands have been evacuated, including the entire town of Glencoe.

Thirteen fires are burning across the state, at least one of which was the work of arson.

Oklahoma has asked neighboring states for help, but very little has been sent, as they are all fighting fires of their own.

Conditions have been extremely dry throughout much of the United States.

More than half the US is in the worst drought the country has seen since at least 1956.

Phelps Career Ends in Gold

Phelps and his team took gold in the 400 meter medley relay, barely missing the Olympic record.

It gave Phelps his twenty-second overall medal, and his eighteenth gold.

He has gained six medals in the London Olympics.

Some have called him the greatest Olympian of all time, due to his twenty-two medals being the most of anyone for any sport.

Serena Gains Career Golden Slam

Saturday saw Serena Williams become only the second woman to ever attain a career Golden Slam.

To win a career Golden Slam, a tennis player has to win all four grand slams, and then the Olympic gold medal.

By beating Maria Sharapova in two straight sets, Serena won her first singles gold medal.

Steffi Graf accomplished the feat in the 1988 Olympics.

Fires in Colorado Start up Again

South of Elk Springs, Colorado two fires began on Friday, both were started by lightning strikes.

As of Saturday morning the Wolf Fire was around 1,200 acres and the Divide Fire was nearly 300 acres.

The fires are burning through grasslands, and being spread by winds.

Seventy-six firefighters and a helicopter are battling the blaze.

Ranchers are worried as the area that is burning is crucial grazing land for the cattle.

Conditions have been extremely dry throughout many areas in Colorado as well as the rest of the United States.

More than half the US is in the worst drought the country has seen since at least 1956.

Floods Kill 170 in North Korea

Floods in North Korea have killed at least 170 people, four hundred more are missing, and over 200,000 are homeless.

160,000 acres of farmland, as well as populated areas, have been flooded in a country that already was dealing with major food shortages.

The United Nations estimates that around two thirds of the North Korean population are not getting enough food, and that a third of children have stunted growth due to malnutrition.

Various agreements in the past to get food to the North Korean people have been either rejected by their government, or fallen through after the regime broke the terms.

Due to the situation of the floods, the UN has decided to send food aid, without terms.

Pirates Kidnap Four Off Nigeria

On Saturday gunmen raided an oil barge off the coast of Nigeria.

Two Nigerian navy sailors were killed in the attack, two more were injured, and four foreigners were kidnapped.

The foreigners work for Sea Trucks Group, an international oil services firm and were from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Iran.

Nigeria has been trying to build up their oil industry, recently announcing an all time high of production at 2.7 million barrels a day.

Kidnapping and piracy have been on the rise off the Nigerian coast, with seventeen attacks being recorded so far this year alone.