Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sixteen Dead From Ebola in Uganda

At least sixteen people have been killed by an outbreak of the ebola virus in Uganda.

Thirty more are in isolation, and over two hundred are being checked for the disease.

 Schools, and other public buildings have been closed, as authorities try to prevent it from spreading any further.

Some areas have even banned public gatherings, making buying of food and other supplies difficult for many.

Uganda has dealt with the virus several times before, in 2000 it killed 224 people.

Baseball Team's Facebooks Hacked

On Thursday, several Major League Baseball teams had their Facebook pages hacked.

Hackers posted fake messages on the pages, mocking the teams and the fans.

Some of the messages were humorous, others vulgar.

The San Fransisco Giants, Miami Marlins, Chicago White Sox, San Diego Padres, Washington Nationals, Los Angeles Angels, Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs were all struck by the attack.

Nationals' fans saw a message saying that the team was leaving Washington DC, to move back to Montreal.

On the Marlin's page was a pit bull giveaway, the breed of dog is illegal in the county where the team resides.

The Chicago White Sox, which Obama claims to support, were seen to post a message endorsing Mitt Romney.

All the teams effected have made apologies, and removed the false messages.

No one has claimed responsibility for the hacking, and authorities have not pointed any fingers.

Teddy Bears Conquer Belarus

Air dropped teddy bears have conquered Belarus.

879 of the invading stuff animals parachuted into Belarus, defying restricted airspace.

President Alexander Lukashenko responded by firing two of his top defense officials.

Lukashenko is known to much of Europe as "The Last Dictator", and the 'air raid' was carried out to show support for human right's activists in Belarus, as well as to embarrass the military.

All of the bears carried signs urging the President to show greater respect for civil and human rights.

The stunt cost the plotters nearly $200,000, but they consider it well worth it.

Their aircraft took off from southern Lithuania, and flew at a height of 150 feet to avoid detection.

Earlier in the year, Belarus formed a joint air defense agreement with Russia.

Some now worry that Russia will use the event as an excuse to put a Russian general in charge of Belarus's defenses.

The President has now made standing orders that any unauthorized aircraft should be automatically shot down.

Turkey Launches Air Strikes Against Rebels

Turkey engaged Kurdish rebels with jets on Thursday.

Aircraft joined ground troops in the fighting near the town of Semdinli, which sits nine miles north of Iraq.

Clashes have been occurring in the area for at least a week.

At least two Turkish troops have lost their lives, and the government claims to have killed thirty-seven rebels.

Turkish troops have repeatedly joined with Iraqi troops in fighting the rebels, who hold areas along the border with the two countries.

Many are concerned that the rebels will take advantage of the chaos in Syria to take over territory there.

Kofi Annan Resigns

Kofi Annan has resigned as the UN's special peace envoy to Syria.

Annan points to the inability of the international community to agree upon how to act, as one of the reasons that peace has failed.

The divisions of the rebel forces in Syria, also got in his way of trying to make peace happen.

Syria's President Assad repeatedly hampered efforts, as he would agree to them, but not act towards peace.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has begun the search for Annan's replacement.

Mr. Annan did not comment on his thoughts towards who would, or should, replace him; he will serve in his post through the end of August.

Cleveland Browns Sold For a Billion

Jimmy Haslam, president and CEO of Pilot Flying J, which has more than 550 travel centers across North America, has purchased the Cleveland Browns football team for one billion dollars.

He purchased the team from Randy Lesner, who's family bought the team in 1999.

Haslam currently is a minority owner in the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he will have to sell that interest before he's allowed to finalize the purchase of the Browns.

The NFL owners are expected to approve the deal, in October.

In the past nine seasons, the team has gone through three coaches, and had a combined record of 47-97, never making the playoffs.

It is unsure what this change in ownership will mean for the team, only time will tell.

NCAA Football Rankings Announced

The first NCAA football poll of the year hardly had any surprising results.

Louisiana State University was given the number one rank, while national champions Alabama were given the number two spot.

Third place went to the University of Southern California, who will be eligible for a bowl game spot, after three years of bans.

Oklahoma, Oregon, Georgia, Florida State, Michigan, South Carolina, and Arkansas filled out the rest of the top ten.

The Southeastern Conference was no surprise as the dominant conference in college football, with seven of the top ten.

Rivalry talk will begin all the more now that the poll is out.

19 Tons of Beef Being Recalled

Nearly nineteen tons of frozen bacon cheeseburger patties are being recalled by Kenosha Beef International Ltd.

The USDA says there have been no reports of injury or illness, and that this is merely a precaution as the meat may contain pieces of gasket material.

All of the meat being recalled is two pound cartons, containing six patties of Sam's Choice Fireside Gourmet Black Angus Beef Patties Bacon and Aged Cheddar.

They were sent to and can be found in Indiana, Maine, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

Packages have the establishment number "EST425B" and "best if used by" date code of 120812B.

Vermont Police Cruisers Crushed

Sheriff deputies in Orleans County, Vermont received a 911 call about a tractor running over other vehicles.

To their surprise the vehicles being run over were their own, outside their station.

Before they could get outside five marked cruisers, one unmarked car, and a transport van had all been crushed.

Everything in the vehicles is likely a total loss as well, with damages amounting to near $300,000.

Newport City Police eventually caught up to the tractor, and arrested the man with charges totaling seven counts of felony unlawful mischief, one count of misdemeanor unlawful mischief, one count aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, one count of gross negligent operation, and one count of leaving the scene of an accident.

The man who carried out the attack was angry over his recent arrest for marijuana possession and resisting arrest.

Windows 8 Release Date Announced

Windows 8 is now being released to manufacturers, so that new equipment with the latest version can be built.

Microsoft announced that it will be made available to the public on October 26.

Developers are now accepting paid apps, for the switch between versions.

The new version was designed from the start to be touch screen based, whether you have a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

It will still work if you don't have a touch screen, but the layout is optimized for that form of use.

Because of this it will look like no Windows version ever has before.

US Aiding Syrian Rebels

It has been confirmed that President Obama authorized US support of the Syrian rebels, at least a couple months ago.

Officially, the rebels have been being given intel, such as Syrian troop movements, non lethal weapons, electronic equipment, and medical aid.

Unclear is when the US actually began assisting them, or if lethal weapons have been granted as well.

For now US officials deny lethal weapons being given, but until now they had repeatedly denied any involvement, so who knows if that can actually be trusted.

Let's face it, if the US is now openly aiding one side of a war, then that in itself could be considered a declaration of war.

Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama has entangled the US in yet another foreign war.

This time in a country which Iran, Russia, and China have pledged to defend against foreign forces.

Obama has placed the US in harm's way, daring powerful countries to keep their promises.

The administration's meddling has once again endangered American lives, by taunting and goading possible enemies.

While the country is distracted by Chick-fil-A, Tom and Kate's divorce, and Edward and Bella breaking up; Obama is attempting to create and embroil the US in WW3.

Why would we want to reelect him?

Alabama and South Korea Recognize Driver's Licenses

South Korea and Alabama have announced that on Friday they will sign a mutual agreement to recognize driver's licenses.

The agreement means that residents of either region, who hold a license, would be able to obtain a license in the other region without additional tests or training.

Commercial driver's licenses are not covered under the agreement.

Alabama becomes the tenth state to make such an agreement with South Korea, joining Maryland, Virginia, Washington, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Oregon, Michigan and Idaho.

Korea's government states that they wish to continue seeking out mutual agreements with other countries, and US states.

Overdue House Cleaning

"You need to pay more taxes so I can go to Paris next spring."
Within the Obama camp we have more and more ethics and corruption scandals coming to light.

First, we have the still ongoing investigations into Eric Holder and the DOJ's cover-ups concerning the breach of public trust known as Operation Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious has led to over three hundred deaths of innocent Mexican nationals and the death of at least one US Citizen, Border Patrol SRT Agent Brian Terry.

We have also had Nancy Pelosi (among others) involved in accepting IPO shares for pending corporate stocks as payoffs from lobbyists. Though not illegal, they were extremely unethical at the very least.

Now we have other corruption investigations drudging up more ethics violations as Obama's first  administration winds down towards its final 170 days.

Representative Laura Richardson of California's 37th US Congressional District has been found guilty of ethics violations and officially reprimanded by US Congress. Ms. Richardson used public funds to pay for her campaign as well as to finance personal affairs that had nothing to do with the office she was elected to fill. The six volumes of the investigation report area available on the House Ethics Committee website. She also attempted to avoid the investigation by refusing to provide documentation. In addition, she attempted to influence witnesses into submitting false testimony. The US House of Representatives is issuing Richardson a formal congressional reprimand. Cuba and Cambodia need more "leaders" like her.

The House Ethics Committee is continuing an investigation into the conduct of Congressman Robert Andrews, Democrat, representing New Jersey's 1st Congressional District. the committee findings are expected to be completed by August 31, 2012. 

As November approaches, it is more an more obvious that the house is undergoing an intense cleaning. It's time for citizens to pick up the Bissell Proheat 2X Select Pet Upright Deep Cleaner and add their elbow-grease to the efforts. The Senate and White House need to follow suit.

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Rabies Spreading Through Colorado Skunks

The outbreak of rabies in skunks continues to spread in Colorado. This particular strain of rabies came from the east coast, where it appeared ten years ago.

In June, the state wide total was twenty-two; but now it there have been confirmed reports of forty-nine cases in skunks. Confirmed reports have also been made for three bison, three foxes, a cow, and a cat.

Authorities are concerned by the spread to other species, as it makes it so much more difficult to contain, but believe that it is only being spread by skunks, as so far they've noted no spread from another species.

So far the outbreak has been limited to Larimer, Weld, Pueblo, Bent, and Cheyenne Counties. Larimer County has been the hardest hit, and officials are now worrying that it might permanently establish itself there.

For now, authorities are warning residents to be extra cautious around wild animals, or even domestic ones, especially if they're showing any kind of unusual behavior. They are also suggesting that everyone be sure that they, and their animals, are vaccinated against the disease.

If any unusual behavior or dead animals are seen people should be sure to contact their vet or animal control immediately.

Second Amendment vs. the UN

Earlier this week, the UN announced that it was "shelving" the Small Arms ATT Treaty, at least for the time being. This rings in good news for the TEA Party, US Constitution loyalists, Second Amendment advocates, and American Citizens.

The summit and conference concerning the treaty met in New York City last week. Several member countries, to include the US Ambassador to the UN, expressed deep concerns over Iran being among the countries named to oversee the enforcement of the treaty if ratified. Thus, international support for the treaty waned.

Here in the US, the treaty threatened our national sovereignty as a blow against the Second Amendment. If the treaty had been agreed to and ratified, it would have circumvented our constitutionally protected rights.

Why do we have the Second Amendment in the first place? Don't we have the police to protect us? Guns kill innocent people, don't they? Why do you need a gun? These are several questions domestic supporters of the treaty have uttered. Well, let us go to that first question for the most important reason to own firearms. Our forefathers were subjected to King George's standing army confiscating private property and forcing colonists into servitude at the barrel of several muskets. In addition, the Red Coats tended to confiscate any arms the colonists possessed. They did so for two reasons. The first reason was to leave colonists defenseless and unable to protect their own property. They sought to disarm all colonists so they did not have the means to resist tyranny. The second reason for the confiscations was to further arm the tyrants, using the colonists' own weapons.

After the War for Independence, during the days of the Articles of Confederation, the early Americans feared a strong government that controlled a standing army. Though the Articles permitted the national government to draft and enlist soldiers from the various states, they had no means to tax the states in order to equip, arm, and pay the soldiers. States were asked to donate funds. Those that did usually gave less than what was perceived as their per capita share. Most did not, however. This was their means of keeping the national army from becoming too strong and a vehicle design to assert another tyrannical oligarchy upon the citizens.

In attempting to draft the US Constitution, the individual states would not do so. The base document allowed for taxation in order to fund, equip, pay, train, house, and maintain standing Naval and Ground forces. However, there were no provisions that allowed the states and the individual citizens a means of protection in order to prevent a tyranny. Thus the Second Amendment was added to the US Constitution. Its wording is clear. Because the federal government and the state governments were allowed to maintain militias to protect the nation and the states (state police are considered a militia), the rights to own and carry arms (firearms) by individual citizens are not to be infringed, ever. That includes requiring a permit to own or to carry (even concealed).

Those Second Amendment rights are necessary to our sovereignty. The ATT would infringe upon them. However, the argument made most emphatically during the summit was against Iran, a country known for its disregard for individual rights, being a part of the UN committee. In reality, Hillary Clinton could care less about Second Amendment rights.

The treaty is not gone. It needs to not be forgotten. As long as it remains a possible proposal, it is a threat against out national sovereignty. Other treaties within the Agenda 21 collection remain threats to our sovereignty. Among those is a treaty concerning the care of "the disabled". Another is a treaty concerning international educational requirements (including granting the UN taxing powers to pay for them). Others restrict our ability to conduct preemptive actions, counter-attacks, or defense operations without first garnering a majority vote from the UN. That treaty would take away our US Congress's power to declare war.

Then we have the LOST treaty. The LOST treaty has been around for decades. It has been resurrected among the Agenda 21 treaties. Now that the ATT has been "shelved", you can expect it to re-emerge in the future, like many of the other Agenda 21 treaties are repackaged versions of past poor treaties.

Stay Alert, stay alive. 

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