Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eighteen Killed in Ethiopian Clashes

At least eighteen were killed in tribal clashes, in Ethiopia.

Tribes are clashing over land, that they both claim, and their clashes have gone completely violent.

The dispute is between the Garri and Borana tribes.

Both tribes hold land on both sides of the border with Kenya.

Kenyan officials report that at least twenty thousand refugees have fled into their country, in efforts to escape the violence.

Many have been injured in the conflict, but are wary of seeking medical attention, in fears they would end up in areas which belong to the other tribe.

Ethiopian troops had been intervening, which had calmed the violence, til this latest burst.

Half of US Counties Disaster Areas

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack added 218 more counties to the Department of Agriculture's list of disaster areas.

That sets it so that more than half of the counties in the US are considered to be disaster areas, mostly due to drought.

Between two thirds and three quarters of the country is facing the drought, the worst since 1956.

All kinds of crops are being effected by the heat and lack of moisture, which has also killed dozens across the country.

Costs for many food types will rise due to shortages that the drought could cause.

Postal Service Defaulting

The United States Postal Service has now defaulted on a $5.5 million payment to the US Treasury.

There are not expected to be immediate effects towards service, however the postmaster general, Patrick Donahoe, has asked Congress for permission to make cuts.

Included in the cuts would be the elimination of 150,000 positions, a move extremely unpopular amongst postal unions.

Other measures would be the elimination of Saturday delivery and closure of nearly half of the current processing facilities.

Donahoe says that the measures would allow the USPS to regain long term financial stability.

Such moves would have to be approved by Congress, before they could become reality.

Remembering: Colorado Day

On February 28, 1861 President Buchanan signed into existence the free Territory of Colorado.

The new territory was made up of parts of the territories of Nebraska, Utah, Kansas, and New Mexico.

Volunteers from Colorado fought on the Union side of the Civil War, keeping Confederate troops from disrupting the mining of gold and other resources.

Congress passed an act on March 3, 1875 which outlined the requirements for Colorado to become a state.

August 1, 1876 Colorado is signed into the United States by President Grant, it was the thirty-eighth state to join the country.

Because it was so close to the one hundredth year anniversary of the founding of the US, Colorado became known as "The Centennial State".

Now August 1 is celebrated as Colorado Day, within the state.