Monday, July 23, 2012

Philippines and Vietnam Decry China's Sansha City

On Sunday China declared several disputed islands to be one city of theirs, naming it Sansha.

Laying in the South China Sea, the islands are disputed by China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.

China also announced that they will be sending a military garrison to defend the islands.
Philippine President Benigno Aquino compared the moves to that of a squatter saying, "If someone entered your yard and told you he owned it, would you agree? Would it be right to give away that which is rightfully ours?"

Vietnam called the act a "serious violation" of their rights to their territory.

Already this year there have been several verbal battles over the islands.

During one of those times, Philippine and Chinese naval forces nearly clashed.

Clashes in India Kill 19

The death toll in north east India has reached nineteen.

Clashes have been occurring between the Bodo tribes and Muslim settlers.

Armed villagers also attacked a train, that was transporting prisoners who had been arrested in attempts by police to stop the violence.

More than 25,000 people have fled have fled the Kokrajhar and Chirang regions in the state of Assam.

District authorities have authorized a issued a curfew from 6pm to 6am, until order is restored.

Part of the curfew allows for police and other security forces to shoot on sight, anyone who breaks the curfew.

Missouri Declares State of Emergency

Missouri declared a state of emergency, Monday afternoon.

Governor Jay Nixon made the call due to the record heat and severe drought facing the state.

At least twenty-five have been killed so far in the state, by the heat, and nearly a thousand emergency room visits have been reported.

The declaration allows for state agencies to put money into helping local areas with emergency situations.

Last week the US Department of Agriculture declared every one of the 114 Missouri counties to be primary national disaster areas.

That move allows for federal funding to aid farmers in receiving low interest loans.

Sally Ride, Dead at 61

Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, died earlier today at the age of sixty-one.

Ride had been battling pancreatic cancer for the last seventeen months.

She was on the space shuttle for two different missions, during her career.

After her retirement, from NASA, she became a member of the faculty at University of California San Diego and the California Space Institute.

During the investigations of both space shuttle accidents, she was the only person selected to be on each of the panels.

Snoop Lion Debuts

Seems Snoop is tired of being "d o double g", at least for a little bit.

The famed rapper, actor, and marijuana spokesman is going to be using a different name for his next album.

Snoop will be switching from rap to reggae, and for that he'll be going as Snoop Lion.

Already there are separate Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts for Lion.

His reggae band is known as "The Jungle", and their album "Reincarnated" is set to come out by the end of the year.

"La la la" is the first single off the album, the video easily reminds of earlier Snoop songs with smoother vocals and an extremely basic video.

Attacks in Iraq Kill 107

At least 107 people have lost their lives in a series of attacks in Iraq, on Monday.

Nearly three hundred more were injured in the bombings and shootings all across the country.

Iran backed Al Qaeda groups are being blamed for the attacks, but no one has actually claimed responsibility.

The attacks on Monday, as well as ones on Sunday, come during the Muslim holy days of Ramadan, which began Saturday.

Before these attacks, there had actually been a whole two weeks without attacks, in the country.

Many of the attacks were aimed at police, security forces, and or Iraqi military.

In June a total of 237 were killed, and 603 were wounded.

The increase in violence comes as many Iraqis are finally returning home, as they are fleeing the violence in Syria.

Fire Kills Four Along the French Spanish Border

A fire along the Spanish French border has now claimed another life, bringing the total to four dead and twenty-three injured.

The blaze started Sunday, but has already engulfed more than 32,000 acres, due to winds reaching up to fifty-five miles an hour.

Nearly five hundred fire fighters and twenty-two aircraft are battling the flames in the Alt Emporda region of Spain.

Flames on the French side have been completely contained.

Officials have ordered residents in seventeen towns, on both sides of the border, to keep their windows closed and avoid going outside, due to the smoke.

Fire fighting efforts are being made jointly, by the two countries.