Thursday, July 19, 2012

Honda and Acura Recalling 321,000 Vehicles

Honda has announced a recall of more than 321,000 vehicles, from all over the world.

They are being recalled because the locks may fail to work, causing the door to open at any time, including whilst the vehicle is moving.

314,000 of the 2012 Honda CR-Vs are being recalled.

From the 2013 Acura ILX 7,300 are in need of being checked.

Letters will be sent out, starting in August, to purchasers of the vehicles in need of inspection.

Dealers will then look at the vehicles and fix them if required.

Syrian Rebels Take Border Crossings

Syrian rebels have seized border crossings along the Turkish and Iraqi borders.

Members of the Free Syrian Army forced their way into, and took the outposts over.

So far they've only taken two of the border points with Turkey, but others are under assault.

Along the border with Iraq they have reportedly taken every single one.

Iraqi troops have confirmed that several of the border crossing now fly the flag of the Free Syrian Army, rather than the national flag.

Ford Recalls More 2013 Escapes

Just three days after Ford announced a recall of over ten thousand 2013 Escapes, they've had to recall nearly twelve thousand more.

Even worse for the company, the recalls are for two different problems.

The earlier recall was due to an error in manufacturing led to extra carpet padding that can get in the way of the brake pedal.

This new one is being made due to the possibility of the engine catching on fire.

2013 Escapes that have the 1.6 liter four cylinder engine, have fuel lines that can crack and spill gasoline, which causes the fire danger.

So far three such incidents have happened, luckily no one has been hurt.

If you've one of the recalled Escapes, dealers will bring a loaner car for during the time whilst yours is being fixed, at no charge.

The Escapes in this new recall were built at the company's Louisville, Kentucky plant between April and July 11, and distributed throughout the US and Canada.