Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Girl Falls 3 Stories, Caught by Bus Driver

Stephen St. Bernard is clearly a hero, after his actions Monday afternoon.

The New York city bus driver was on his way home when he saw a seven year old girl on top of an air conditioner unit, outside of a third story window.

He made his way beneath the window, calling to the girl to go back inside, but she slipped and fell.

St. Bernard caught her before she hit the ground, saving her life.

He suffered a torn tendon in his shoulder, but is otherwise ok, and the girl suffered only minor injuries from her thirty foot fall.

The girl was autistic, and her mother was busy dealing with a sibling when the incident occurred.

Police do not expect to be pressing charges.

St. Louis Heat Wave Kills 17

St. Louis has confirmed that seventeen people have now died due to heat related problems.

All of the deaths have occurred since June 24.

Most of the victims have been over sixty.

They city has asked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to create a national heat death reporting system, which they say would allow different jurisdictions to learn from each other.

Health officials warn that once the interior temperature reaches eighty-five degrees that people are in danger.

International Space Station Has Three More Occupants

The International Space Station has three more occupants.

Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, and US astronaut Sunita Williams are scheduled to stay on the ISS for four months.

They joined US astronaut Joseph Acaba and Russian cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Sergei Revin.

Over the next few weeks the space station will be a busy place, as several spacecraft are scheduled to visit and bring supplies.

Japan's HTV3 cargo ship will be the first.

Since the US retired it's fleet of space shuttles, all personnel have been brought up via Russian Soyuz space craft, and supplies have been sent from various countries.

Six Foot Lizard Loose in Colorado

A six foot long Nile Monitor Lizard is missing in the Woodland Park area, near Colorado Springs.

Dino weighs about twenty-five pounds, and escaped from his owner, on Monday.

The lizard is quite capable of making off with a cat or small dog, but people are being cautioned that if it gets hungry enough it could attack a child.

Pet owners and parents have been warned to keep an eye on pets and children when they're outdoors.

Police and animal control are searching for Dino, but it is a difficult job, the lizard could find many places to hide.

Bug Swarm Causes Accident

Snowplows had to be called out in Minnesota, Sunday night.

However, the plows weren't dealing with snow this time.

An area around Hastings Bridge was swarmed by may flies, which covered the bridge.

Four inches of crushed bugs ended up being the result, causing an accident when one driver lost control on the slick surface, before the bridge was shut down.

Swarms of may flies are common near water, during the summer, and their attraction to light draws them to vehicles at night.

Accidents are not common from them, but authorities say they'd never seen a swarm so large before.