Friday, July 13, 2012

150 Killed in Possible Syrian Massacre

UN observers are reporting that yet another massacre has taken place in Syria.

Syrian forces are accused of shelling, then moving infantry through a village in central Syria, killing as they went.

Reports from UN monitors and human rights groups, say that at least one hundred and fifty people were killed in the massacre.

If they reports are true, it would make this the worst single act in the sixteen month conflict.

Accusations of moving and preparing chemical weapons are also being aimed at the Syrian government.

So far none have been used, but if they are being prepared for use the civil war has gotten even further out of control that had been thought.

Some fear that if brought out, of their storage locations, that the weapons could be captured by Al Qaeda or other terrorist organizations.

Merkel Defends Circumsion as Religious Freedom

Chancellor Angela Merkel defended Jewish and Muslim religious rights on Friday, after a court in Cologne ruled that circumcision was an act of bodily harm on a child.

The ruling came after a four year old suffered medical complications from being circumcised.

It went further to say that children's right to be kept from physical harm over ruled their parents religious beliefs.

After the ruling, Germany's Medical Association immediately ordered doctors to not perform any circumcisions.

Jewish and Muslim communities joined forces to protest the ruling, calling it an "affront to our basic religious and human rights".

Opinion in Germany, over the issue is mixed, but Merkel very strongly stated that circumcision was a right of religious freedom, and therefore should be protected as such.