Tuesday, July 3, 2012

UK Begins Placing Anti Aircraft Missiles For Olympics

The United Kingdom has begun placing anti aircraft missile batteries in and around the area of London which will host the Olympics.

Jets and helicopters have been redistributed to bases near the area as well.

Security plans also involve the a helicopter carrier staying on the Thames River for the duration of the games.

Many residents in the area have expressed concerns over the placement of the defenses near their homes.

Government officials point out that whilst there is no direct threat aimed at the games, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Ufologists Blame Colorado Fire on UFO Crash

Ufologists are saying that the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado was started by a UFO crash.

Some residents in the area reported that an object was seen falling from the sky, it broke up during it's fall.

NORAD has reportedly confirmed that something fell from space at the time, but has not commented on what it may have been.

Adding to the claims is live news footage of a helicopter carrying water to fight the fires. The footage does seem to show something following the helicopter.

Theorists suggest that the recorded UFO was searching for survivors of the crash of the one which started the fire.

Oddly enough, three days before the fire started objects falling from the sky caused the grounding of aircraft which were fighting the Springer Fire, a little to the west of where the Waldo Canyon Fire burned.

Original reports from that were of a single falling object causing a fireball on Badger Mountain. It was followed by other smaller ones, and for awhile officials reported it as a meteor shower, then later changed their story to saying nothing happened, and then eventually back to a meteor shower due to the wide spread pressing of the story.

The Waldo Canyon Fire burned 346 homes, killed two, and it's cause is still under investigation.

Here is one of the videos claiming to show the UFO. It is taping of someone's DVR recording of the live fire fighting coverage, that was on TV.

Colorado Down to Only 5 Fires

Only five fires remain un contained in Colorado. Fire fighters have contained and put out most of the rest, though some do remain in the final stages.

Rain, cooler temperatures, and slightly increased humidity have helped with all of the different blazes, though winds have continued to be a problem.

Just to the West of Durango, the Lightner Fire is now at eighty percent containment, and all evacuations have been lifted. Full containment is expected on Friday.

At almost 25,000 acres the Little Sand Fire is now forty percent contained. The fire has been burning for nearly two months, northwest of Pagosa Springs. Two hundred personnel are still working on the blaze, which is not threatening any structures.

To the east of Grand Junction, the Pine Ridge Fire is nearing 14,000 acres. Over five hundred people have the fire sixty-five percent contained.

The Waldo Canyon Fire, has reached seventy percent containment, and has been stopped short near 18,000 acres. More than 1,500 are currently battling the blaze. It is responsible for the deaths of two people and the lost of 346 homes. The blaze is no longer burning inside of Colorado Springs itself, allowing for all but 2,100 evacuees to return. Firefighters are aiming for full containment by the twelfth. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Near Mancos, the Weber Fire is now eighty-five percent contained. At over 10,000 acres the fire caused over one hundred homes to be evacuated, but none ended up damaged. Police have stated that the fire was human set, and are investigating.

Colorado is but one of the states facing fires. Across the country at least fifty-five fires are burning. Colorado's were the most devastating and costly, because some of them got into heavily populated areas.

Military C130s Resuming Fire Fighting Flights

The military is going to resume it's flights of fire
fighting C130s.

They had stopped all flights after one of the eight crashed, killing two of it's crew.

Six of the remaining seven are scheduled to rejoin fire fighting efforts.

There was no word as to why the seventh is being held back, but something most likely was found during inspections of each of the planes.

At least fifty-five fires are still burning across the United States, leaving the planes sorely needed.

Andy Griffith Dead at 86

Famed actor Andy Griffith died Tuesday morning at his home in Roanoke Island, North Carolina, at the age of eighty-six.

He was most well known for his roles as Sheriff Andy Taylor, from the Andy Griffith Show, and as the lead attorney in Matlock.

His creation of the Andy Griffith Show gave many other people their own starts, and the show is still regularly rerun on various channels.

In 2005 he received a Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush, it joined his various TV, stage, and music awards.

His wife Cindy released a statement saying, "Andy was a person of incredibly strong Christian faith and was prepared for the day he would be called Home to his Lord."