Monday, July 2, 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire Nears 19,000 Acres

Residents in Colorado Springs are starting to be allowed to return home after being evacuated due to the threat of the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Several thousand people are still evacuated, and most of those returning are still on alert.

The fire has burned close to 19,000 acres, killed 2, and burned down 346 homes.

1,500 personnel are battling the blaze, which is around fifty-five percent contained.

So far the fire has cost nearly nine million dollars, and it's cause is under investigation.

Fire fighters hope to have full containment by July 16.

Several other fires are burning throughout Colorado, with a total of fifty-six currently burning in the US, most of which are in the Rocky Mountain region.

Efforts have been hampered nationally with the grounding of the military's firefighting C130 fleet, after one of them crashed.

Other parts of the world are struggling with their own fires, most notably Spain, where more than two thousand people and forty-one aircraft are fighting fires there that combined have burned nearly 200,000 acres.

Last Weather Forecast You'll Ever Need

Aaron Justus of CBS 6, in Richmond, Virginia, gave one of best forecasts ever on Sunday.

Keeping a straight throughout, the weatherman warned of volcanic eruption, a global super storm, and even a Godzilla appearance.

But don't worry, all will return to normal, and you'll be glad to have the 100 degree temps and summer weather back.

Fire Fighting C130 Crashes

The military has grounded their fleet of seven fire fighting C130s after the eighth crashed in South Dakota.

At least one of it's crew was killed in the crash, which is being blamed on fatigue cracks in the wings.

The remaining planes will be cleared once they all have been thoroughly checked.

It is a really bad time for the planes to be missing from action, due to the amount of fires across the country.

With the eight gone, only fourteen C130s, which are all contracted to the federal government, remain in the fight.

Nieto Elected President of Mexico

Enrique Pena Nieto was elected President of Mexico in Sunday's election.

A few problems did occur during the voting yesterday, including armed men breaking into a Monterrey polling station and stealing ballot boxes.

In Rincon Chamula troops had to be called out to stop violence between supporters of the PRI and the Green Party.

Reports from there list several as being injured and three dead.

Nieto brings the Institutional Revolution Party back to power after twelve years of the National Action Party.

Before that the PRI had held power for over seventy years.

The PRI is also expected to end up with governors in twenty-one of the thirty-one states.

During the course of out going President Calderon's term, more than sixty thousand Mexicans are believed to have lost their lives in the drug war.

Drug lords gained a lot of territory during the time that PAN ran the country, causing many people to want the old powers back in hopes of returning stability.

Mexico's economy is however growing strongly, with only 4.5% unemployment, and a blossoming middle class.