Thursday, June 28, 2012

Freedom Lost? Time to Fight For It!

Today our country faced one of the most obvious and blatant losses of freedom that it has ever faced. With the Supreme Court voting to uphold Obamacare, personal freedom is clearly shown to no longer be a guarantee of any branch of the US government.

Obamacare could not survive in it's original form as a pledge to help everyone, as the majority of Americans not only did not want it, but are against it. Over time it has become more and more clear how restrictive it is, and there are so many issues with the bill that they may not even have all been found yet. There are lesser known parts such as the ones allowing for mass euthanasia, if a doctor signs off on it. Dr. Kevorkian would move from murderer to hero.  The most obvious has been it's attack upon religious freedom. Obamacare requires religious institutions to do things that are against their belief systems Anything that interferes with religious freedom is entirely against the Constitution, that alone makes this health care bill illegal.

To get around things the administration started saying that it was a tax, and that is what the Supreme Court upheld it as. The US government is now forcing a tax upon an unwilling populace. Let's not forget that one of the tenets of the foundation of this country, one of the reasons rebellion from England occurred, was taxation without representation. The majority of US citizens are against this bill, probably even more when it's worded as a tax, as many of it's supporters were all about "free healthcare". How then is this a representative tax?

No, this country has been betrayed. First by the executive branch. Then by the legislative. Now by the judicial. The federal government has proven it's lack of respect for law and for the voice of the people. They've left the people and states with only the choice to fight back.

Individual states now have no choice but to utilize their rights as sovereign states and pass their own laws which block Obamacare in any form from their borders. The election this fall also became all the more extremely important. With the right people in office, it is possible for Obamacare to be repealed. It is possible to begin the move back towards regaining freedoms.

It is definitely the time to stop allowing the government to slowly take our precious freedoms away. It is most assuredly time to fight for the beliefs that the United States of America was founded on. This country was founded with unalienable rights which are listed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The time is now to remember those rights, to remember your rights, and what we are allowed and called to do to defend those precious freedoms.