Saturday, June 23, 2012

High Park Fire Expands as Containment is Lost

Containment dropped from sixty down to forty-five percent as the High Park Fire grew to over 75,000 acres.

High winds and temps in the hundreds helped fuel the blaze.

In some places fire trucks had to be pulled back or they would've been lost to the expanding flames.

Firefighters see no relief in sight, as the same weather conditions are expected to repeat over the next few days.

Over 1,900 firefighters backed by more than 130 engines, seventeen helicopters, and eleven aircraft have been battling the blaze.

So far the fire has killed one, burned nearly two hundred homes, and cost an estimated twenty-five million dollars, making it the costliest and most destructive in Colorado history.

The fight continues against the Springer Fire, though hopes are to have full containment by the end of Saturday.

It forced hundreds of evacuations as it burned over 1,100 acres. Around four hundred fifty fire personnel are involved in fighting that fire.

Another fire started Saturday, near Estes Park, when a cabin caught on fire, which quickly spread in the area.

Sixteen structures were quickly claimed by the new blaze, as it grew to around fifty acres.

Resorts and campgrounds in the area have been put on evacuation alert, but for now it seems to aiming straight at the town instead of them.

It's proximity to the town has made it a focus, and two helicopters and one tanker were switched from the High Park Fire to it.

Efforts are being made to eliminate this blaze by the end of Sunday.