Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rabid Skunk Outbreak Continues

Since the beginning of June officials in Colorado have found a whole slew of sick or dead skunks with rabies.

So far twenty-two have been found in Larimer and Weld Counties.

Authorities have also found a couple rabid foxes this month.

Both the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment and the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment have warned residents to be on the alert for dead animals, or for living ones acting strangely.

Rabies is a very contagious disease that affects the nervous system in it's victims.

It can also cause those sick with it to become violent.

Banning Children's Side Walk Chalk Art

A homeowner's association in Stapleton, Colorado has banned children from drawing on sidewalks.

According to Innovations and Courtyard Traditions the ban covers, "anything that offends, disturbs, or interferes with the peaceful enjoyment is not allowed on shared spaces".

And apparently a three year old's sidewalk chalk flowers are included in that.

The company says that they have received complaints from neighbors regarding the chalk, whilst the family says they haven't heard a thing.

Family members said they will continue to allow the little girl to continue drawing in a form of protest, until the ban is lifted.

Remembering: The US Constitution

Almost as soon as they were ratified the Articles of Confederation showed their weakness.

On May 25, 1787 a Constitutional Convention began in Philadelphia.

It took less than three months for the delegates to come up with a new constitution that allowed for a strong federal government, but established many checks and balances to restrain it.

The Constitution required that nine of the thirteen states ratify it, for it to become legal.

On June 21, 1788 New Hampshire became the ninth state to do so, and the new government was approved.

March 4, 1789 saw the beginning of the new government under the Constitution, with only eleven of the states having approved it.

North Carolina would do so in November 1789, whilst Rhode Island held out til May of 1790 and only did so under pressure from the other states.

The United States Constitution is the longest living constitution in the world.