Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Meth Lab Found in a Walmart

Police in Mentor, Ohio arrested a man after Walmart security called them regarding a shop lifter.

Officers found that he was stealing merchandise and then making a form of meth, all whilst in the store.

The incident occurred less than two weeks after a very similar story took place in St. Louis, Missouri.

There two people were arrested when police were called about a shoplifter, and found them making meth.

In neither case were store employees involved.

Because of the extreme similarities police are warning Walmart and other stores to be extra vigilant for customers acting suspiciously.

High Park Fire Still Growing

Now in it's eleventh day, the High Park Fire is continuing to grow.

It has now burned nearly sixty thousand acres north west of Fort Collins, Colorado.

One person was lost to the fire, and nearly two hundred homes have been burned.

The weekends have calmed down, but temperatures have risen and humidity has dropped.

Smoke from the fire has affected air quality to the point that the Denver metro area was put under an ozone alert.

Around 1,800 fire fighting personnel are involved in trying to gain more than fifty percent containment.

They are being aided by over one hundred engines, seventeen helicopters, and eleven aircraft.

The High Park Fire is the most costly in Colorado history, nearing $15 million in damages.