Monday, June 18, 2012

West Virginia Top Democrats Won't Go to DNC

West Virginia's Democratic Party has announced that three of it's top members will not go the Democratic National Convention this year.

Senator Joe Manchin, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, and Representative Nick Rahall will all be skipping the 2012 national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Manchin has already publicly stated that he is unsure if he will vote for Obama, and has voted with Republicans on several big issues.

The senator said that he felt his time was better spent focusing on the people of West Virginia's future, rather than this single election.

Tomblin and Rahall have not given any sort of release as to why they aren't going.

Obama is very unpopular in West Virginia, having barely won the state primary against a convicted felon; he also struggled in Arkansas and Kentucky.

Microsoft's Surface

Microsoft has announced it's own tablet computer, Surface.

It is expected to take on Apple's iPad, and conquer a good chunk of the market for the company.

Surface will run on Windows 8, and is only 9.33mm thick, just big enough to fit a USB port.

An SD card slot will also allow further integration with your save information from other devices.

The 10.6", 16:9 screen has been designed to allow viewing from almost any angle.

It's screen intensity will auto adjust depending on the lighting situation.

Equipped with a kickstand, it also comes with a 3mm thick touch sensitive cover that can double as a keyboard, that attaches magnetically.

Not one, but two cameras are on Surface, so you can show either yourself or what you are viewing, without moving it around.

Dual microphones allow for you to sound like you are with the person you're talking to, and stereo speakers make it easy for you to hear.

The casing is top of the line technology to protect the tablet, as well as having a finish that is easy on the eyes and to your touch.

Surface will start off being available in five colors, with more expected to come.