Sunday, June 17, 2012

Subway Adding Vegan Sandwiches

Subway restaurants are beginning their plan to attract even more people.

Locations in Canada had already begun selling vegan patties for their sandwiches.

Now locations in Maryland, Virginia, and DC will begin having three vegan sandwiches on their menus.

Vegans will have the three choices of; Sweet Riblet, Malibu Greek and Italian Black Bean.

Previously vegans had been limited to the Veggie Delight, which was just a salad on vegan bread.

Burger King Invading China

Burger King has announced intentions to begin opening locations in China.

They plan to open around 1,000 stores by 2020.

This comes just weeks after the chain announced a planned expansion into Russia.

In Russia they expect to open around 500 locations.

Last year, the company began opening an expected 200 locations in Brazil.

Teenage Ninja Turtles Delayed

Paramount Pictures has announced that the Teenage Ninja Turtles movie will be delayed til May 16, 2014.

It had been scheduled to hit theaters December 2013.

The movie has already taken a lot of heat with Producer Michael Bay's announcement that the turtles would be aliens, instead of mutants.

Bay has responded to the anger, over the change, by promising fans that it'll be worth it.

No word was given on why the delay was taking place.

This is the third movie to be delayed by Paramount, within the last few weeks. G I Joe Retaliation was pushed back nine months and World War Z about six.

50 Mph Winds Striking High Park Fire Area

Braced by winds reaching fifty miles per hour, Colorado's High Park Fire has reached over 55,000 acres.

Nearly 1,700 people, over 100 engines, seventeen helicopters, and eleven aircraft are fighting the fire.

Containment on the fire is nearing forty-five percent, and hopes are to maintain that if not improve upon it, despite the winds.

The high winds have caused near evacuations, and halted the planned returns.

Almost two hundred homes have been damaged or destroyed, and one person lost their life to the fire.

It is being called the most destructive fire in Colorado history, and has cost around ten million dollars.

Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Dead at 78

Saturday Nayef bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Crown Prince died of unknown causes.

A three day mourning period is expected to follow the funeral, on Sunday.

Bahrain and Kuwait have both announced a mourning period of their own.

It was just in October that he had been named heir to the throne.

Nayef had led the Saudi side of the war against Al-Qaeda, since 9-11.

His son, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, will now be the Saudi lead in the war on terror.

Sometime in the next week a new heir is expected to be announced.

Remembering: Breed's Hill

June 17, 1775 General Howe orders his twenty-four hundred British troops up Breed's Hill against entrenched colonials.

General William Prescott ordered his militiamen to hold fire until they could see the whites of the British eyes.

At forty yards they unleashed, and broke the British ranks.

Howe ordered another wave forward, and the story repeated.

The third British wave came as the militia was running low on ammo, giving the British a chance to break into the outnumbered colonial line, and forcing the militia to retreat.

British forces chased them to Bunker Hill, and then gave up pursuit. The redcoats had suffered a loss of nearly one thousand troops including ninety-two officers.

Colonial forces may have lost the strategic position, but the battle only built their morale.

It was the last time that the British would attempt a purely frontal assault against American militias.

For some reason history generally remembers it as the battle of Bunker Hill, where the militia were chased to, rather than Breed's where it was fought.