Tuesday, June 12, 2012

United Airlines Raising Baggage Fees Again

United Airlines has announced an increase on some baggage fees.

Fees on international flights for second check-ins will increase from seventy dollars to one hundred.

The airlines says they needed to do so to reflect changing costs in fuel.

Delta Airlines already has increased fees for their check-ins.

Allegiant Air has gone as far as imposing a fee for carry on bags.

Spirit Airlines joined them, and went a step further charging a fee now to pick up boarding passes.

Review: I AM A CONSERVATIVE by Kurt Schlichter

Kurt Schlichter's book, I Am a Conservative: Uncensored, Undiluted and Absolutely Un-PC, hit the virtual bookshelves last Wednesday. Since then, it has floated around the top 5 in the "Political Humor" section, seeming to bounce between #1 and #2 depending upon how long Kurt has been active on Twitter at any particular moment.

Those who follow Kurt Schlichter on Twitter have come to either adore or despise his quick-witted and sharp tweets, depending upon your political viewpoints. Those who have not met the man may find his tweets a bit brazen and callous at the time. However, after spending just five minutes with him in a pub, you will find that his comments are meant as somewhat tongue-in-cheek commentaries on current events. Don't misunderstand that to intend that he does not mean what he tweets. He does. However, the hyperbole in his voice draws out the humor behind his commentaries. He deftly applies the Alinsky Tactic of humor with a definite conservative ideology twisting it.

Those unfamiliar with Mr. Schlichter may be surprised at his resume. Kurt is a Colonel ("full-bird" O-6) in the California Army National Guard. He is a Gulf War (Desert Storm) veteran with multiple deployments overseas on combat, contingency, and humanitarian support missions. He is also a lawyer practicing in California. Kurt's seeming workaholic nature also includes the job of "Journalist", writing for Big Hollywood (Breitbart.com) and other news outlets. 

The book is mostly a collection of his greatest hits from Twitter. Those right-of-center in political ideology will find the book hilarious while ringing of some truths many wish they had said. Those left-of center may even find a little humor poking fun at themselves. The issues Kurt addresses are real concerns in today's America. Behind the humor is a clear conservative message about individual rights, personal responsibility, and demanding accountability from those who asked us to hire/elect them as leaders. In that, his signature Twitter hashtag, "#caring", emotes a double purpose. While it seems to mean "I couldn't care less", it is obvious he cares deeply for this country, its citizens, and the future of our great republic. 


I am a Conservative:  End all government "job training" programs. All of them. Now. They do more harm than good.

I am a Conservative:  Hey liberals — A "hero" isn't some pinko who organizes a letter writing campaign to promote windmills.

I am a Conservative:  Inspired by your bumpersticker, I say feel free to have your lips "COEXIST" with my ass.

I am a Conservative:  I do not think we should legislate morality — or legislate away the consequences of bad choices.

Excuses are the building blocks of failure.

Have you noticed that no one is ever “sensitive” to the needs of the people who actually produce something besides social pathologies?

I highly recommend this book for anybody willing to take a less serious glance at some of today's most pressing political and social issues. I also recommend  it because I am a Capitalist. Kurt is paying me in beer and lattes to recommend his book. So buy it at the Amazon Kindle Store. There are no excuses. You don't have a Kindle ? On what device are you reading this review? Amazon.com most likely has a free application for reading an e-book available  for your gizmo. 

So, Kurt, now can I get that e-signature on my copy of your e-book? #bored #caring #waitingformylatte #notipforbarista

Kenyan Troops Aim to Take Kismayo by August

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga pledged that Kenyan troops will liberate the Somalian city of Kismayo, by August.

Odinga also asked the international community to lend support for the mission, specifically the US and EU.

Kismayo is currently held by the jihadist group al-Shabab.

Kenyan troops have recently captured the stronghold of Afmadow, and now believe that they can take the key city of Kismayo, through which al-Shabab gets most of it's supplies.

In October, Kenyan troops were sent into Somalia, after a series of raids across the Kenyan border, by al-Shabab militants.

Thousands Protest Against Putin on Russia Day

June 12 is Russia Day, the day when Russians celebrate their Russian identity and freedom from the former USSR.

This year, the day was planned by activists as a time for the people to come together in protest of President Vladimir Putin.

Putin struck first, Monday, when police raided homes of prominent leaders.

Laptops, money, and protest material were taken from their homes, and they were ordered to appear for questioning on Tuesday to keep them from attending the planned protests.

The police actions only seemed to increase the motivation of the protesters, as larger than expected crowds marched in many Russian cities.

At least fifty thousand are estimated to have marched in Moscow alone.

Gould Shoots Down Obamacare, Literally

Ron Gould, currently an Arizona state senator, is running for Arizona's fourth Congressional district.

He is challenging the current US Representative, in hopes of bringing a more conservative voice to Congress.

Gould is pro-life, pro-guns, against illegal immigration, as well as being for eliminating the national doubt.

One of the things he feels the mostly strongly about is Obamacare.

He doesn't like it in the least.

"Government run health care, we don't want it, we don't need it, we can't afford it."

In fact he likes it so little that in his latest ad, he shoots it out of the sky, literally.

Fire Fighters Beginning Containment of High Park Fire

Fire officials have begun to accomplish containment of the High Park Fire, saying they're up to five percent, with hopes to reach 10 by the end of Tuesday.

Cooler temperatures have aided them greatly, slowing the fire's growth to only a few thousand more acres, now totaling less than 44,000 acres.

Some evacuees are being allowed back in, but at the same time other areas are being evacuated.

Five hundred fire fighters are battling the blaze, with expectations of that number reaching close to eight hundred by Thursday.

One person has been killed by the fire, that has damaged or destroyed more than one hundred homes.

Russian and Polish Football Fans Riot

Russian football fans, who are in Warsaw for the Euro 2012 matches, clashed with Polish fans on Tuesday.

City officials had given the okay for the Russians to march in celebration of Russia Day.

An estimated 5,500 Russians were marching through the streets when Polish mobs began starting fights with them.

Hundreds were injured, at least a dozen severely before police could separate the groups.

Police were forced to use rubber bullets, tear gas, and pepper spray against the rioters who began throwing rocks, bricks, and fire bombs back at police.

Fifty-six people were arrested, and Polish State Police listed ten people as dead.

Falkland Islands Announces Sovereignty Referendum

In an effort to end Argentina's attempts to claim the islands, the Falkland Islands government announced a sovereignty referendum.

A specific date has not yet been set, but they plan to hold it during the first part of next year.

The United Kingdom, which currently controls the islands, has pledged to abide by the decision of the vote.

Gavin Short, chairman of the island's legislative assembly stated that the referendum is mostly to show the rest of the world how strongly they feel about being British.

Argentina and some of her South American allies have been imposing a blockade against boats from the islands.

the islands were invaded by Argentina back in 1982, and it took British forces to free the islands.

June 14 will mark thirty years since the islands were liberated.

Yemen Enjoys Major Successes Against Al Qaeda

The Yemeni military had some major success on Tuesday.

Armed forces, joined by armed tribesman, recaptured two strongholds that Al Qaeda had held for more than a year.

It marks possibly the biggest gains against Al Qaeda, since the terrorist organization began capturing areas of Yemen.

Tuesday's attacks seem to have caught Al Qaeda by surprise, and Yemeni troops suffered few casualties.

 Al Qaeda has responded by threatening to attack the capital of Sanaa.

Yemen's fight against Al Qaeda is being financed by Saudi Arabia, whilst the US is training the Yemeni troops.